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Importance Of Social Media in Blogging

There has been a rise in the consumption of digital media that is the likes of social media and the internet etc. every day more and more people sign up for different social media platforms like facebook, twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp just to name a few. The importance of these social media platforms cannot be stressed enough cause they help in a lot of ways and more helpful and meaningful for content creators as it brings them closer to the consumers of content. Social media helps attract inquir…

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Robert Alai Arrested for Highlighting the Handling of Bodies of Dead Police Officers

Blogger Robert Alai was today arrested and taken to the DCI headquarters in Kiambu Road for questioning. This comes after the blogger highlighted the improper handling of dead police officers... Read More The post Robert Alai Arrested for Highlighting the Handling of Bodies of Dead Police Officers appeared first on iFreedoms Kenya.

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Stawi Loan App Now Available For Downloading

Loans Kenya Blog - 20/Jun/2019

Stawi ,the loan app meant to change traders' borrowing style is finally readily available for download from Google play store.  Download Stawi Loan App now Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA) took the necessary step to craft the eagerly awaited stawi a…

How To Check Your Word Count On Google Docs

WebPro Education - 20/Jun/2019

In any write up or composition, the length of the article is a very important metric. Length of articles is usually measured by the number of words. If you’re one of the millions of people using Google docs around the world, then you’re in luck b…

Microsoft launch two new cloud regions in the United Arab Emirates

MCGH - 20/Jun/2019

Microsoft Cloud datacenter regions now available in the UAE to help fuel future economic ambitions as well as deliver increased performance for customers and partners in the Middle East. Today, Microsoft took a significant step in its support of digi…

Shadepro’s journey to ensuring you are covered and your car is protected from the Sun

Kuza Blog - 20/Jun/2019

A little vitamin D is good for the body but what about a lot of it? Sunlight can cause your dashboard, seats and paint to fade over a long period of time. It is important to protect your car as you spent a lot to buy it, so why spend more on unnecess…

It’s All Love For Saumu Mbuvi And Battered Senator Lover

NewsDay Kenya - 19/Jun/2019

Saumu Mbuvi attached a sweet message on an unexpected photo she shared on Instagram. The pair sat pretty together and stared into the camera lens like a bunch of young lovers who were deeply in love. Saumu tried her best to hide the man’s face with…



There are no shortcuts to any place worth going because the journey is more important than the potholes on the road.

Cardamom Matoke Curry

Kane's Kitchen Affair - 19/Jun/2019

My typical matoke starter park is lots of curry powder- tripe(matumbo)- and ginger. However this time, I’ll be adding beef to the dish as opposed to beef. I’ve always had a typical way of cooking things, like a formula, and for some things I stil…

The Imposter

The Scroll - 18/Jun/2019

The Imposter will come upon you quickly and suddenly. She will come often but that won’t stop you from being startled each time she pounces, from feeling winded each time she fades into the background of your life, leaving you to begin building a f…

How to Stand Out and Grab Attention with Your Facebook Images

Kendesk Digital - 18/Jun/2019

Facebook is unquestionably the most popular social media platform in Kenya. As such, many of us have at one time or another embarked on a quest to find ways to create catchy and engaging Facebook... The post How to Stand Out and Grab Attention with Y…

Kenya cleared off Ebola scare

Mtoto News - 18/Jun/2019

By Ann Wambui Children are the most vulnerable people in any disaster or emergency especially disease outbreaks. According to Democratic Republic of Congo government figures, 243 children succumbed to Ebola in DRC since the outbreak reported in Augus…