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Lilian Kaivilu wins 1st place in Merck Foundation Media Recognition Award

Lilian Kaivuli The Merck More than a Mother Media Recognition Awards was launched in 2017 by Merck Foundation. The awards were established to showcase and appreciate outstanding health journalism and to recognize individual professional journalists and students who have produced accurate, informative, and compelling stories about infertile women or couples. Lilian Kaivilu (, won the 1st prize with the story, The wrath of barrenness in Kamba culture walking away with $1000 in…

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Ruaraka land suspects go on a gagging spree

Controversy surrounding the ownership of Ruaraka land has taken a different tangent after companies and individuals involved took to the courts to gag media, social media users and companies. The... Read More The post Ruaraka land suspects go on a gagging spree appeared first on iFreedoms Kenya.

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Jay Z named president at Puma and this means more wealth to his empire

Mzurii - 19/Jun/2018

American rapper Jay Z is not slowing down just after the release of his joint album with his wife Beyonce “Everything is love”. Jay Z has previously revealed that he is not a businessman as quoted in his famous words I’m not a ‘Business-Man…

Africa: Girls, education during pregnancy, after childbirth

Mtoto News - 19/Jun/2018

Africa: Teenage pregnancies in Kenya and their right to go back to school after child birth. According to @hrw…

Thika Technical students strike over unresolved grievances.

Thika Town Today - 19/Jun/2018

Thika Technical Training Institute students demonstrate outside their college gate on Tuesday against what they termed as an unresponsive administration. Thika Technical Training Institute on Tuesday morning went on strike protesting over a number o…


Hadithi Hadithi - 19/Jun/2018

  He knew her routine by heart. She’ll hit the snooze button five times while running her fingers on his back, shoulders and on his arms, drawing images that only she could see. She would plant tiny kisses on his neck then roll on top of him while…


Couchhealthandfitness - 19/Jun/2018

                                                  The above organization is appealing for support through global giving June accelerator to improve safe motherhood in Kenya. The campaign ends on 29th Jun…

The Power of I AM Joel Osteen- My Book Review

Harleen Jabbal - 19/Jun/2018

    This book changed my life, after listening to Joel Osteen speaking to Oprah Winfrey on the Soul Sessions podcast I was determined to read and keep it by my side to keep referring to it.   Yes it is true, what we tell ourselves becomes our stor…

Lunch at Dusit D2 Rouge Deck

Nimu's Lifestyle - 19/Jun/2018

All you need is a good laugh and a support system that will not judge. Hey! Hey! Hey! Can someone please explain to me why it’s so cold? Is this how winter feels like? I’m just so confused ’cause I don’t remember last year being this cold. An…

Fathers Day

Look what i have learnt! - 18/Jun/2018

Fathers day was great fun!!especially in organising for ityoungest is 5 and they had a school trip to Stedmak gardensall he kept saying was a I SAW A LLAMA!! and of course the rest of us were like, llama in Kenya???? are u sure it wasnt a small camel…

Schmidt: the lovable douche-bag that gets me through hell.

Clarie's Ramblings - 18/Jun/2018

Schmidt is such an annoyance, Nick once told Jess, “you are not emotionally, mentally and spiritually prepared to throw these d-bags a party” when she suggested that they throw Schmidt a surprise party for his twenty-ninth birthday. In Nick’s d…


andrewismme - 18/Jun/2018

When Black Bulls lifted the coveted MUST Rugby cup of 2018 during this year’s cultural week held recently, nothing crossed Njagi’s mind that there’d be consequences. The bet they made with Sly was being actualized, meeting Njagi off guard. He…