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Do you know Your Data is an Advertisers Precious Stone?

  Application developers have made it  an unmentioned requirement to access users data. When a user installs an application on phone, it is compulsory for him/her to allow information access before the application is enabled to fully function on their  devices. However, you find that, most of this applications are a must have. For instance, in  the current digital era. The youth are always yearning to be at par with everyone else in other parts of the world. Applications such as Whats App,…

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Peter Wanyama sues Nelson Havi for alleged defamation on Social Media

Kenyan Lawyer Peter Wanyama has sued fellow lawyer Nelson Havi for allegedly publishing defamatory content against him on Social Media platforms. Havi apparently did this through various posts published on... Read More The post Peter Wanyama sues Nelson Havi for alleged defamation on Social Media appeared first on iFreedoms Kenya.

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What is the Equalisation Fund in Kenya?

AfroCave - 24/Aug/2019

Article 204 of the Constitution establishes the Equalisation Fund in Kenya into which should be paid one half per cent (0.5%) of all the revenue collected by the national government each year calculated on the ... Read more Source…

Talent is not enough

Mtoto News - 23/Aug/2019

By Constance Ndeleko Children in Kirinyaga county showcased their fashionable styles during the one week training in FUNtastic Talent Show organized by TAPKidsAfrica at Sifa Gardens, Kutus. After the one weeks training the children were ready to disp…

CBK Reminds Public On Deadline For Old kes1000 Notes Use

Loans Kenya Blog - 22/Aug/2019

The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) is sending an early reminder to the public on the deadline for the use of the old kes1000 bank notes which is on 30th September 2019. CBK recommends employers to pay employees using the new kes1000 notes as from now on…

Yoga and kitesurfing haven- Watamu Tree House

Travel by Ray - 21/Aug/2019

  The perfect African safari sometimes means incorporating unique and memorable experiences into ones itinerary, thinking out of the box …Continue reading →…


Slychronicles - 21/Aug/2019

Road trip lovers, do I have a treat for you or what. Need a place where you can have a road trip experience, and have some quality time away from the commotion of the city, all in a days time? Think Leleshwa Getaway. Leleshwa Getaway is located in Ka…

When we change the beginning of the story, we change the whole story

Kuza Blog - 21/Aug/2019

In Kenya like many developing countries providing holistic ECD interventions remains a major challenge for children under eight years. Yet, a child’s development is greatly shaped by the environment they grow in. They need a stable environment that…

The Amazing Kisumu City….

The Mehul Blogs - 21/Aug/2019

Good Evening Peeps 21/08/2019 #32 If only I had a way to describe Kisumu – Kenya’s third-largest city, pleasant and laid back, with an indefinable air where time seems to standstill.  Conveniently tucked on the eastern shores of Lake Vic…



No one wishes to have dark days, sleepless nights, grumpy mornings and this endless dark tunnel with no sign that it will ever end. Depression is not a choice.

How to create a successful pitch as a content creator.

Nancy Okutah - 21/Aug/2019

By Janet Machuka How Content Creators can do or create a successful pitching to their clients: 1. Centre the Customer: Put the users at center stage and talk about how your brand empowers them to live their best lives. 2. More Conversations and less…


KINASISI - 21/Aug/2019

“I would leave the club at 3 a.m. Go to my hostel, smoke marijuana, do classwork and read, sleep a bit then head out to lectures. After lectures I would eat, sleep till the sun comes down, head out to club again. It was around and round circle, ham…