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How to Edit your Work for That Professional Look

You rarely get it right the first time. If you find someone who can, let me know. I’d like to have a few words with them. Bloggers read their works up to five times to get it right, sometimes even more. For those who write books, they have their publishing house editors to help them with that. For a blogger, it’s upon you to do it yourself. Is it possible to edit your own work? Yes! Absolutely! Let tidy up that draft then, shall we? Read it out loud Pretend you are reading it to an audience.

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How private data was used during the 2017 Kenyan election

Tactical Tech’s Data and Politics research teams set out to investigate how personal and individual data was being utilized in modern digitized political campaigns. By working with various stakeholders in... Read More The post How private data was used during the 2017 Kenyan election appeared first on iFreedoms Kenya.

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What you probably missed at Burrito Bar’s Ultimate Launch Party

LaMusicJunkie - 17/Aug/2018

It’s rare to find a pure R&B party in Nairobi. Sure, there are Friday hip-hop nights at Alchemist Bar and Kenyan reggae music every end of the month at Jukwaa Lounge. But not raw, live R&B music. The kind where it’s just a singer and thei…

Can We Control Spread of Fake News?

Decent Conversations - 17/Aug/2018

Courtesy: In the digital age we have had to battle with so many challenges and one that remains as challenging as wildfire is fake news. Fake newscan be viewed as news articles, stories or information that has been published witho…

Journey To Ngong

Junior Elders - 16/Aug/2018

Head Boy I, like a few people my age, shockingly, still love their books in paperback even with the obvious advantages of e-books. We want to feel our books as we flip the pages, highlight sentences we wish we wrote, draw emojis on them and give stri…

PS is for Protective Styling

AfroMapenzi - 15/Aug/2018

I have been thinking about this topic for a while and I am sure it will help someone out there. So when we talk about having a PS, what does it mean? This means protecting our hair, especially our ends from the harsh conditions out here like weather…


Mtoto News - 15/Aug/2018

By Constance Ndeleko  Well, what do you understand by the term basic education? (POLICY BREIF JULY 2018,WORLD VISION) Even though the program is outlined with our education system in Kenya, it is not well defined in the constitution in depth. It con…

Luxury Tree Houses that Will Bring to Life Your Childhood Fantasies

ADVENTURE 254 - 15/Aug/2018

Remember that backyard escape with your siblings to a tree house? Or a lazy solo afternoon of quiet to read, relax and reflect on the events of your youthful days? Oh, how sometimes we wish to relive those moments where we can just forget, even for a…

Accommodation for Gents at Ruth Kagia Hostel

Embu Yetu - 15/Aug/2018

Dear Students, Kindly note that from September 2018, Ruth Kagia Hostels will be Hosting gents in the hostel. We also will provide Free WiFi connection all day every day. Payment should be made to EMBU...

All the Colors We will See

Kerry's Blog - 14/Aug/2018

Title: All the Colors We Will See: Reflections on Barriers, Brokenness and Finding Our Way Author: Patrice Gopo Publisher: Thomas Nelson Publishing Date:  August 7, 2018 Genre: Non-Fiction, Memoirs & Biographies, Christian All the Colors We Wi…

The Secret To Successful Conflict Resolution in Relationships.

The Mieles - 13/Aug/2018

Conflict resolution in relationships is fundamental to having a strong, stable and healthy relationship. Conflict is the one thing that is constant in every relationship and normally starts with very small things like which movie to watch or which r…


andrewismme - 13/Aug/2018

She is among few Kenyan bloggers bagging some tidy money out of outstanding writing skills. Her blog site is a meeting place for the big boys in the advertising space. Getting traffic for her site is a goal she has gracefully concurred. Her style of…