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Why You Should be Blogging With a Purpose

Before you press that key, you must have had a reason as to why you want to write that post in the first place. You must have wanted to promote a product or a service by writing reviews about it, you must have thought that this could be the only way to express yourself, you must have tried to provoke a discussion, about something that you think has been neglected for long. It could be that your business is ready for that digital milestone that you have been wanting to start for so long but have…

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You face sh5 million for publishing fake news

Kenyans publishing fake news risk being fined sh5 million or jail term of two years, the Computer and CyberCrimes Bill recommends. The Bill’s report that is to be tabled before... Read More The post You face sh5 million for publishing fake news appeared first on iFreedoms Kenya.

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Safaricom customers to miss out majority of services as company upgrade systems.

Thika Town Today - 21/Apr/2018

Mobile service provider Safaricom Kenya is carrying out a system maintenance that will leave customers unable to access some of its services starting Saturday noon to Sunday 2pm. Among the services that will be affected will include purchase of dat…

Otile Brown speaks on interesting relationship and wedding with Sanaipei Tande

Mzurii - 21/Apr/2018

Otile Brown who is currently getting it on with Vera Sidika seems to be confusing some people on whom his partner or prayer partner is. Actually there is a new word in toen called BFF. Otile Brown has been getting cosy with Vera Sidika and it seems…

Sweet, Heart Wrenching & Real, October Film Review

Filmi Very Filmi - 21/Apr/2018

On New Year’s Eve, the Radisson Hotel staff are having a party and when Shiuli tries to sit of the ledge, it is slippery and she falls 30 feet to the ground. Her last question “Where is Dan?” haunts him and he ends up playing a crucial role in…

Queen Cakes (Eggless)

Foodie Cuisine - 20/Apr/2018

Wow wow longggggggg awaited recipee. Every body can generate a sweet tooth on hearing the name of cakes. This super easy and super spongy cakes are so easily made at home. So if you have a cake tooth, here is n eggless recipe. Please note this batter…

A day in Helsinki, Finland.


Helsinki is the capital of finland and is found on the shore of the gulf of finland. Helsinki has one of the highest urban standards of living in the world. Which to me is not so different in terms of how expensive it is from its counterparts the oth…

Cool Man

Rugger - 19/Apr/2018

6 Microhistories on My Radar

Kerry's Blog - 19/Apr/2018

The older I get, the more I want to read non-fiction books. Personally,  the 24/7 news cycle exasperates me and in most cases, the headlines are sensationalised and/or clickbait-y.  Granted that you can’t always have books on the most current is…


Harleen Jabbal - 19/Apr/2018

I wonder,  Oh I wonder, Wonder the wonder, No way wonder... Advertisements…


andrewismme - 19/Apr/2018

I’m seated in a banking hall clasping on my ticket number, pensively waiting for my turn amid the slow system hardly ever making any meaningful progress.  We are just about to spot a lingerie lining, lay bare from the flaring petite piece of dress…

A Tourism Approach, In the Best Interest of the child

Mtoto News - 19/Apr/2018

  By Kevin Anyonge The right to education has been globally acknowledged as an overarching right. Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights decrees education as an inalienable human right (UN, 1948) upon which depends the realization o…