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3 things creative people do differently

What do people always do to stay creative? Blogging requires immense creativity in order to reach the level you need it to. It does not matter whether you are a creative writer or a political blogger, you will need to publish content that everyone or the target audience will find worth the read. Imagine the levels you will reach if you can become more creative. Your content release mode will skyrocket. It’s not about being productive but being creative. We are all wired to think differently bu…

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We are hosting a live Twitter Chat on Digital Security

With technology advances, the risks on what we do online increases. Every day, there are new ways to work, study and even play. New methods of interacting with each other... Read More The post We are hosting a live Twitter Chat on Digital Security appeared first on iFreedoms Kenya.

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Pregnant Avril reveals details about her relationship with her soulmate

Mzurii - 21/Mar/2018

Avril has been working so hard to hide her baby bump from the public and it seems to be working for her as she is yet to make her pregnancy announcement. Avril is rumoured to be seeing producer J.Blessing and they are expecting her first baby togethe…


littlegreynotepad - 21/Mar/2018

What if my love for affordable strawberry yoghurt will make me lose the love of my life? That one day everything will be fine, and we’ll be sending that smiley with sunglasses on and laughing at those guys trying to hit on her. The next she’ll wa…

Fill me up.

Reina Beaty - 21/Mar/2018

Luke 5:4-10 When He had stopped speaking, He said to Simon, “Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.”But Simon answered and said to Him, “Master, we have toiled all night and caught nothing; nevertheless at Your word I will…

U turning to what really matters

The African Pot - 21/Mar/2018

I have been a scholar of religion for the last 10 years. Some of the things that I struggle with to date are definition of certain terms. Like for example church. What does it mean to be Church especially in today’s world? Something else I really s…

African Tuesday (MMU) in pictures


Here’s day two of the Multimedia University Cultural Week 2018. African Tuesday. So you guys are good, right? Let’s walk into what brought us here right way.… Read more "African Tuesday (MMU) in pictures"…

8 Things to do When Planning a Friend’s Baby Shower

Mummy Tales -A Kenyan Mom's Blog - 20/Mar/2018

So, I think I grew old. Why? Because I stopped attending baby showers. Or let me comfort myself and say that my friends grew old because they stopped having babies…

A Nairobi Pedestrian Goes to Archives

Owaahh - 20/Mar/2018

Stuck in Nairobi on a random Saturday waiting for her mum, Gloria Mari explores Kenya National Archives and meets Ferdinand. There's also the king who had a daughter with four breasts, and the fascinating Murumbi collection. The post A Nairobi Pedes…

Life is a profession we are all unqualified for


Here is the thing. We get judged. For being ourselves. How do you get judged for being the truest person you can be? Sometimes it seems like the world is an entire consipracy against humanity. I am coming from a place of self-meditation. I have been…

38 Simple Learnings After 38 Countries (Each In a Single Sentence)

Curious.Discovery - 20/Mar/2018

As I type this, I'm juggling a great number of memories. I'm confronting an rickety-old carousel that's hurling memories at me.That time in late October 2014 when I took a 30+ hours bus ride from Maracaibo, Venezuela to Bogota, Colombia with a stopov…

Diary of a Call Girl Pt 2

mwatuwetu - 20/Mar/2018

"Baby stay with me. We can have 4 more rounds of this tonight. I want to take you to heaven."…