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Finding Fulfilling Work you Will Look Forward To

Many people have been through the corridors of employment, but few have been there because they look forward to working every morning. What we don’t realize is the fact that the only time we will enjoy working is when we are doing what we are passionate about. We all want to have that’s spring in our steps when we go to work because we can’t wait to get started. You want workdays to never end because you dread the two days that you will spend relaxing. You go as far as coming to work very…

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Justice Isaac Lenaola threatens to sue Dennis Itumbi for defamatory posts online

Supreme Court Judge Isaac Lenaola has threatened to sue State House Head of Digital Media Dennis Itumbi for allegedly defaming him online through his posts under the hashtag #WakoraNetwork and... Read More The post Justice Isaac Lenaola threatens to sue Dennis Itumbi for defamatory posts online appeared first on iFreedoms Kenya.

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Balancing Job Role and Salary Scale

Brighter Monday Career and Recruitment Partner - 25/Sep/2017

A good salary is definitely one of the best ways to attract talented people and keep them on board. Although it is not the only tactic, it plays a big role. Paying too little will definitely make it hard to attract and keep the right talent on board.

Kenyan or Christian first?

Living Thinking Sharing - 25/Sep/2017

The Friday night when President Uhuru Kenyatta was announced the winner of the presidential election was a conflicting night for me. Even before the certificate was given, I heard screams and cheers of celebration on the street outside our apartment.

Barclays Kenya adopts new accounting rule

NewsDay Kenya - 25/Sep/2017

Barclays Bank of Kenya has set the pace by becoming the first local bank to adopt the new accounting law dubbed the International Financial Reporting Standard 9. The new accounting guidelines under the International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS…

Exhibition: The Nude II, Sept. 30 – Oct. 24 2017 @ One Off Contemporary Art Gallery

Nairobi Now :: arts, culture and events - 25/Sep/2017

Opening: September 30, 2017 Venue: One Off Contemporary Art Gallery Until: October 24, 2017 About This exhibition includes works by Peterson Kamwathi, Leena Shah, Tabitha wa Thuku and Yony Waite, along with previous ‘Nude’ veteran exhibitors Oliv…


Nairobi Poetry House - 23/Sep/2017

The following conversation takes place between 18th February 2070 and 3rd March 2070… tik! tok! tik! tok!… Fi‘ty (50) Season 1 Episode 1 18th feb 2070 He: heey She: hi He: mambo She: poa, how’s you? He: am good. Just at home thinking what…

Viewer Discretion is Ill-Advised

Owaahh - 22/Sep/2017

In her first musings for, Mari Gloria talks about why censorship has no place in modern society.  The post Viewer Discretion is Ill-Advised appeared first on Owaahh.

22 Must Visit Green Spaces in Nairobi [Part Three]

Nyika Silika - 22/Sep/2017

The final part is through Langata road towards Magadi Road. Have a look at part one and part two to get the full list. 15. Nairobi […] The post 22 Must Visit Green Spaces in Nairobi [Part Three] appeared first on Nyika Silika.

How Fake News is Destroying Credibility, Point Blank with Asian Weekly 22nd September, 2017

Harleen Jabbal - 22/Sep/2017

When the US Elections were being held last year, the then presidential candidate Donald Trump made lots of noise about and still does, for example recently on June 13th he tweeted “The Fake News Media has never been so wrong or so dirty. Purposely-…


littlegreynotepad - 22/Sep/2017

Today I’ll only spend Kes 50. I’ll only pay 30 to work and 20 back, then I’ll sit tight and hope the matatu won’t play Maina Kageni’s show in the morning, he’s a brilliant radio guy, very smart and he can sell ice to an Eskimo, and make y…

HFC Launches Online Banking - 21/Sep/2017

Nairobi: September 21, 2017: HFC - the banking subsidiary of HF Group - has launched an innovative Online Banking platform as part of its full service banking strategy and aims to enhance customer experience."The new online banking platform is part o…