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6 Ways To End A Blog Post.

Everyone loves to end their post in the most memorable way but really it does become quite hard to come up with the right way to end your blog post. There’s this habit we have of eating all the food on our plate and then eating the meat last. I am sure that I am not alone right? We do this just because we love saving the best for last. Here are a couple of ways to end a blog post that might help you in your blogging journey: Summarize the post This is the classic way to end your blog post.

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LSK is in court to contest 15% Internet tax imposed by the Finance Act 2018

The Law Society of Kenya (LSK) has gone to court to contest the introduction of the 15% excise duty on telephone and internet data services through the Finance Act 2018.... Read More The post LSK is in court to contest 15% Internet tax imposed by the Finance Act 2018 appeared first on iFreedoms Kenya.

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If You Are Chasing Your Dream, You Are Fucked

Unbounded Wisdom - 17/Oct/2018

This article is strictly meant for all those fucked up folks chasing their dreams. I always give you guys good news, but today I have bad news for you. I believe you’ve put yourself in serious trouble by deciding to pursue your dreams because you h…

Skal Congress to Boost Kenya’s Coast as a Conference Tourism Destination

ADVENTURE 254 - 16/Oct/2018

Pride Inn Paradise Beach Resort Convention Centre & Spa in Mombasa will from today 17th October 2018 host the 79th Skal International World Congress. Dubbed “Congress on the Beach,” the 4-day conference has attracted over 500 participants fro…

Is It For God's Glory

Decent Conversations - 16/Oct/2018

Wine, Sex & Chill | Sex on Your Period

Nimu's Lifestyle - 15/Oct/2018

Taking a stand on the things you love, makes you achieve your hearts desires. Hello! Hello! Hello! Sex for me has become therapeutic and it has gotten to a point that I enjoy every encounter as my entire being is able to be in the moment. When it com…

Twisting Twists, Yummy Twist Outs

AfroMapenzi - 15/Oct/2018

I recently removed the Nyasuba locks I had, and they had really served me well, seeing that they stayed for a record twelve weeks( three months). I honestly don’t see myself putting another protective style, probably until March, April there about.

How to Minimize Your Work When Managing Your Business

EnterprenuerSecrets - 12/Oct/2018

Managing a business and being the person who’s expected to make all the big decisions can be a difficult task sometimes. You should try to remember that just because you’re running the business, that doesn’t mean you have to do everything yours…


akenyannomad - 12/Oct/2018

Gorée Island (Île de Gorée) is a 45-acre island, west of the Senegal mainland, packed with a history that is as colourful as it’s tear-jerking. It’s most famous for bearing witness to the horrors of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. It was one o…


Empirical Kosholo - 12/Oct/2018

NB: This article was originally written in 2017. The sight of a Musi c band arriving from the airport, or a Sports team arriving in the country after a hard match outside the country is ever the same. They walk in with Nonchalant grace, well dressed…

Watch out world, It’s my time

Mtoto News - 12/Oct/2018

Girls are more determined to take their education to higher levels, even though the odds seem to be against them...


andrewismme - 12/Oct/2018

Sly and Eunetta love relationship was a secret that was highly guarded leaving little chance if any, to a chosen few. This included Sly’s ex Chris, Shiku and Njagi. It brew in High school right from Form 1 as they shared the same cubicle. They got…