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Why Being Consistent is Key to being a Successful Blogger

Getting the courage to open a blog sets you on the path to being a blogger but being consistent determines whether you make it or not in the blogging world. As a blogger, you have to want it bad enough. If you don’t, then why start blogging in the first place. Being consistent doesn’t mean posting one post a month. Why should your readers wait once every month to read your thoughts, views and opinions? Your blog is not a monthly magazine where readers choose to buy a particular magazine to r…

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Robert Alai held for ‘incitement to violence’

Blogger Robert Alai yesterday spent the night at the Kamukunji Police Station in what his lawyer calls ‘incitement to violence’ allegations. Hi lawyer, Edward Oonge who secured his release today... Read More The post Robert Alai held for ‘incitement to violence’ appeared first on iFreedoms Kenya.

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New Video: Dazlah Kiduche- Naomba Furaha

OmmyDallah - 21/Aug/2017

Mombasa based singing sensation Dazlah Kiduche has just released his latest video. The Video is titled “Naomba Furaha” and has been shot and directed by Lamar. Watch it below The post New Video: Dazlah Kiduche- Naomba Furaha appeared first on Omm…

Jazz Attitude 2.5 with Guinean Kora Master Sekou Kouyate ft. Shamsi Music, Tetu Shani & Yellow Light Machine, Aug. 27 2017 @ the Alchemist Bar

Nairobi Now :: arts, culture and events - 21/Aug/2017

Date: August 27, 2017 Venue: the Alchemist Bar – Westlands Time: 3-9 pm Tickets: KES 1000, Advance: KES 500 (Available only till Tuesday on About JAZZ ATTITUDE is Nairobi’s newest Premier Jazz Series that fe…

Your Best Friend

thesocialcrazies - 20/Aug/2017

‘Who are you with??’ Sue screams into my ear. Her screeching voice hurts especially since I got pierced again. The hairs on my neck stand since I imagine her standing next to me in a very tough pose. I don’t understand why she’s all up in my…


mwatuwetu - 20/Aug/2017

May this book encourage you to share your poetry you said, Love I know what you mean, It’s just, Every time you call and I hear you breathe, I can’t put in words the way I feel, The world will have to wait, My poetry is now real.

Q & A

Momzyk - 19/Aug/2017

Hi guys, So I thought I would take this opportunity to respond to questions I’ve been getting from social media. I finally got the time to compile and share them with the wider audience, and of course for Kyla’s reference. What does “Momzyk”…

Our lives, our music

Wells of Wealth - 19/Aug/2017

Music has been with humans for a very long time.  It is more than entertainment. It has been used by humans of all generations to motivate, soothe, and comfort. It does not only create an emotional experience but also a spiritual one. Music has the…

Sexual Purity

Reina Beaty - 19/Aug/2017

For the past two weeks God has been directing me on purity and i could not ignore his promptings  to pray for unmarried young men and women, to stay pure despite pressures from the world to fornicate which is ok! as per the worldly standards. I know…

Online vs Classroom Learning: Pros And Cons

Brighter Monday Career and Recruitment Partner - 18/Aug/2017

Online or traditional learning, which is best for you? Gone are the days when learners had to sit through classes and set their schedules around their classes. Modern ways of learning have brought with them lots of flexibility in how and where people…


EDUCATION - 18/Aug/2017

    I’ve been looking for a job for the longest time ever without success. In honesty, I feel like bad karma has conjured something sinister against me. Here is a typical jobless story, whenever I apply for a job I don’t get a reply; and when I…

Add A Simple Payment Button To Your Premium Or Business Site

Holiday in Africa - 17/Aug/2017

With our new PayPal integration, you can start selling in seconds.