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How to Develop the Right Blogging Mindset

We all know we need to have the right mindset when conducting any business or career. This is a skill that will be able to lead to success in the blogging world. Blogging is an art and using your creativity is required to be able to earn from it. Blogging in today’s world is one other of earning a living on the online space. It can be a side hustle or your main source of income. Either way, one needs to develop the correct mind-set to be able to successfully run a blog. One needs to develop a…

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The Use of Social Media to Determine Credit Score

The need for the ethical use of personal data, especially in the financial sector, needs to be a major topic of discussion as technology advances. This will ensure the “Financial... Read More The post The Use of Social Media to Determine Credit Score appeared first on iFreedoms Kenya.

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Managing Your Blog On a Mobile Device

Holiday in Africa - 13/Dec/2017

A few enhancements we've added to the iOS and Android apps for easier blogging.

Man Utd and Man City Given Extra Time to Provide Account

Kenyanstar - 13/Dec/2017

Manchester United and Manchester City have been given until 6pm on December 15 to provide observations on the alleged fracas following Sunday's derby at Old Trafford. Runaway Premier League leaders City opened up an 11-point gap over second-placed U…

CAF yatangaza ratiba ya michuano ya klabu barani Afrika

Soka25east - 13/Dec/2017

Shirikisho la Soka barani Afrika limetangaza ratiba ya michuano ya klabu bingwa Afrika na Kombe la Shirikisho msimu wa mwaka 2018 huku wawakilishi wa mataifa ya Afrika Mashariki na Kati wakijua wapinzani wao. Mashindano hayo makubwa kwa ngazi ya klab…

What's in a name

Light to Christ - 13/Dec/2017

Curiosity or observation has always been a fort of mine. I guess you could say it makes up for my aversion to talking at length. I prefer being mum so as to see, look and observe. No surprises then, that one day a 'missing cat' poster grabbed my atte…

Benefits of using electric linear motion systems and actuators - 13/Dec/2017

Actuators are mechanisms which control the environment they are present in, by a variety of control methods. These controls can be simple or complex, and can be either hardware or software based as the user chooses. Electric actuators in particular c…

IN PHOTOS: How the farm tour to Kefa Gardens went down

Farmers#Trend - 13/Dec/2017

Hosted by Farm Expose, the event that took place on Saturday 9th of December 2017 was one of the most successful farm tours in Kenya. Farm Expose is a joint venture by Farmers Trend Kenya […] The post IN PHOTOS: How the farm tour to Kefa Gardens we…

Weight Gain Over Time Increases Risk of Cancer by up to 50%

Modern Mom - 13/Dec/2017

A research has shown that adding weight over a number of years increases the risk of getting obesity-related cancers by 20% in women and by 50% in men. The study monitored 300,000 Americans between ages 18 and 65 trying to find the link between obesi…

Safaricom introduces customer voice identity feature to stem fraud

HapaKenya - 13/Dec/2017

Safaricom’s have launched a Voice Biometrics system, known as Jitambulishe, that will  allow customers to use their voices for authentication before accessing customer care services such as resetting M-PESA PIN, and PUK requests. To be functional,…

Sxuirrel raises $176k funding

Incubate Africa - 13/Dec/2017

SA startup Sxuirrel has secured R2.4-million in seed funding from an undisclosed investor. The startup — which is based at Stellenbosch incubator Launchlab where founders Michael John Dipppenaar, Henri Bam and Michael Louis developed a peer-to…

Man Around Nairobi: Martin Kigondu

Potentash - 13/Dec/2017

Today on Man Around Nairobi we feature Martin Kigondu. Having started his journey in the arts at The National Theatre as an actor; Kigondu went on to work with the Phoenix players as a stage manager, actor and eventually director. He has also worked…