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Abel Muhatia: on lighting other people’s candles and his blogging journey

We had a chance to interview blogger Abel Muhatia to feature on our weekly blogger profile and we got a lot to share with you on his blogging journey. Abel is a whole piece of inspiration that you shouldn’t miss. Besides blogging, Abel has been an active activist for the vulnerable. His latest campaign being impacting school-going children and shoeless and vulnerable members of the society. In his words, he says, “this gives me happiness. I would give my last coin even when I most need it ju…

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State of the Internet in Kenya, 2019 Report Launched

The Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) in Partnership with FHI 360 and Internews has launched the State of the Internet in Kenya 2019 Report. The report, fourth of its kind, documents significant events in the digital space in Kenya in the past year. The report noted that 2019 was a relatively good year for the […] The post State of the Internet in Kenya, 2019 Report Launched appeared first on iFreedoms Kenya.

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Making a Difference to Improve a Child’s Wellbeing- BPS

Mtoto News - 27/Jan/2021

The 2021 Budget Policy Statement (BPS) is a Government policy document that sets out the broad strategic priorities and policy goals to guide the National Government and the County Governments in preparing their budgets for the subsequent financial y…

A Raft Of Stiff Rules Has Nigerian Crowdfunding Startups In A Choke Hold

WeeTracker - 26/Jan/2021

For businesses that have crafted a value proposition out of getting people to The post A Raft Of Stiff Rules Has Nigerian Crowdfunding Startups In A Choke Hold appeared first on WeeTracker.

Scanning you online – HR speaks

Mama Cekes speaks - 21/Jan/2021

The latest craze we have so far is this word PRIVACY and its driving very many people up the wall. As a Human Resources ( HR) practitioner, one of the things that we have continued to do now more than ever, is to find out the applicants digital foot…

COVID-19 Funding Opportunities For Businesses in Africa

Zed The Financialist - 20/Jan/2021

1. Coca Cola Foundation The Coca Cola Foundation awards grants and sponsorships in three priority areas: Empowering women: economic empowerment and entrepreneurship Protecting the environment: access to clean water, water conservation and recycling E…

Shiko’s story

mamlipsete - 14/Jan/2021

I have written a story here on parents’ toxicity but the toxicity in the characters in my story is nowhere near Shiko’s upbringing. Shiko is…

Mwea National Reserve

Travel by Ray - 14/Jan/2021

Happy new year! Or is it too late? It’s been a long minute i trust the months have treated you all well, the new year too. Somewhere in the last quarter of 2020 i promised a post, one of those where i drift from my usual and do a post on a Reserve…

Just a trial to see what this story feature on wordpress does

venturablogs - 08/Jan/2021

Just a trial to see what this story feature on wordpress does…

Stay Away From Negative Environment….

The Mehul Blogs - 08/Jan/2021

Good Evening Peeps… 08/01/2021#45 Since last year we have been going through a lot, We have lost so many people, Fear has taken over us. Seems we have totally forgotten to live. Hoping 2021 will be the best year for all of you and may…

Opportunity: Applications Open to Participate in the Copyright X Programme, Until Jan. 12 2021.

Nairobi Now :: arts, culture and events - 05/Jan/2021

Dates: Until January 12, 2021 About The training is offered by the GoDown Arts Centre in partnership with BKC Harvard – Harvard University. For more information and to apply, visit;…

Letterhead to heaven

MaKosano - 31/Dec/2020

 I began writing this at 11 pm, I have an hour to cross over into a new year. I’m praying my eyes should sail me through midnight, and these kids in my neighborhood should keep on blasting those fireworks made from steel wire, I’m convincing mys…