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Why Employee Development Should be a Priority

Brighter Monday Career and Recruitment Partner - 11/Nov/2019

Employee development is the improvement and elevation of existing skills in employees. It is a joint initiative between employers and employees because both must get involved to make it successful. The BrighterMonday Best 100 Companies to Work for in… read

Kalonzo Musyoka, Wiper Leaders Name Crops Up In A Murder Case

NewsDay Kenya - 11/Nov/2019

Wiper Party leader, Kalonzo Musyoka was on Monday, November 11, mentioned as a person of interest in a murder case hearing that was held in Meru. According to reports by Nation, the former VP’s name came up when the key suspect in the ongoing m… read

Understanding Satellite TV Encryption

Techsawa - 11/Nov/2019

E-16 Service is Currently Scrambled. That annoying message that is displayed on your TV screen when you boot your decoder, say, on a Friday evening when you arrive home ready to catch that movie or series you had planned for. Too bad; your subscripti… read

[Action required] Your Trial has Expired - Mon Nov 11 2019

Twende Na Mwende - 11/Nov/2019

Your trial has expired. Please update your subscription plan at read

Telkom Kenya’s GBambe Bundle is currently the best monthly data option - 11/Nov/2019

Telkom Kenya is offering 30GB for only KES. 1000 bob. It is the best deal in the market currently, and how it has been divided into 1GB daily makes it even better in terms of long-term use. read

Green Glass Urn

bonarerimaisiba - 11/Nov/2019

green glass urn square bottle reused as with associated bag of cremated human bone home improvement contractor nyc museum image gallery cremation. . . . . . . . . . . . read

The Functions of the Judicial Service Commission in Kenya

AfroCave - 11/Nov/2019

Article 171 of the Kenyan Constitution establishes the Judicial Service Commission. Article 172 of the Constitution stipulates the functions of the Judicial Service Commission in Kenya. The Judicial Service Act (2011) contains more information about… read

How the Illuminati/Elite Tricked You into Buying Useless Things

Unbounded Wisdom - 11/Nov/2019

Since the beginning of industrialization, the Illuminati/Elite owned most of the world’s largest corporations and they strived to make the masses buy lots of stuff from them. They worked on devising methods of attracting the masses to their compani… read

Beers of Kenya. The Ultimate 2019 Guide

Dennis Kioko - 10/Nov/2019

Four years ago, precisely in 2015, I wrote about beer in Kenya in what has gone on to be my most popular post this year with more than 5,000 people reading it. It seems that there is a lot of interest in exploring beer in Kenya, which is understandab… read

How To Increase Your Restaurant/Pizzeria Sales Within 90 Days

Sophlix - 10/Nov/2019

This is how I grew my pizzeria sales from $12,000 to $149,000 a month, and how you can benefit from the same three income and growth drivers in your own business starting immediately. You’re competing in a world of coupons and Groupons where anyone… read

Hot Pink for Winter

Just Redinta - 09/Nov/2019

I am winter ready!! I have been waiting for Winter since forever. There’s no snow in UAE but temperatures reduce up to 15 degrees and some days rainfall. Hello Loves, With that said, it’s time for long walks in the parks, hot chocolate, and real… read

Kenya’s Private Sector Outcry On Hard Business Times Challenges Rosy Global Ranks

CHETENET - 09/Nov/2019

Kenya’s private sector is now asking the senate to assist in reducing bureaucracy and regulations hindering businesses from thriving under the devolved government. Members and officials of the Kenya Private Sector Alliance have said that doing busi… read

Samsung’s extraordinary Galaxy Fold is to be launched in Kenya this coming week

Kenyan Corporate News - 08/Nov/2019

Since Samsung Globally unveiled the Galaxy Fold and created a new mobile category, there’s been much hype about the extraordinary device. Not only is the Galaxy Fold infused with never-seen-before integration of tablet and phone, but it also encomp… read

Archiving Kenya’s Past and Futures, Nov. 12 2019 @ McMillan Memorial Library

Nairobi Now :: arts, culture and events - 08/Nov/2019

Date: November 12, 2019 Venue: McMillan Memorial Library, Banda Street Time: 9 am – 3 pm About This event is led by Angela Okune and Leonida Mutuku. It brings together researchers, archival specialists, open data technologists, and government repre… read

Death Plan

The Ink Drop - 08/Nov/2019

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Death? Have you planned for yours?–Have-you-planned-for-yours-e8snpk… read

Power Nap

Ben Mokamba - 08/Nov/2019

A few months ago, I took a 'power-nap' from writing on this space. A power nap ideally that was supposed to take a week or so, but look, months have elapsed since then. I was supposed to come back with lots of gusto, a rejuvenated mind in which you c… read

Self- Partnered

Nyaguthii - 07/Nov/2019

Celebrities say the darndest things. read

NCBA Is The Bank That Listens To Borrowers

Loans Kenya Blog - 07/Nov/2019

CBA, now NCBA bank after a successful merger with NIC bank is the lender that will listen to potential borrowers as they try and explain the ways in which they are going to make a payment of their loans when due.As per the Kenya Bankers Association (… read

When Speaking Your Mind is a Crime – Pt 2

The Bahatian - 07/Nov/2019

Truth, they say, hurts. And that is the reason the sycophants of the politicians will, in their praise and worship of their master, attack one like vicious dogs let loose. They are like artists who depict their masters in exaggerated details thinking… read

Leave the road,take the trails!

the phy factor - 06/Nov/2019

My travelling bag is set with all the essentials that I needed for my Athens trip, I am standing outside my gate waiting for my Uber, Ayubu, the driver arrives 5 minutes later. He takes my suitcase to the boot and I sit on the back left. As we are dr… read