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The girl I left- the end.

Empirical Kosholo - 24/Sep/2018

There are no verses in all the motivational books that inspires a man more like “close the door first”, “let me unzip it for you”, “My parents are away in eldoret”. At the end, what happened is that if her body was a braille, then I had r… read


andrewismme - 24/Sep/2018

Time had rolled off in such a fast pace. The journalism club members were busy preparing for the maiden anniversary of the school mag since the celebrated launch. Everyone was upbeat and excited by the niche the mag had curved for itself. Blue chip c… read

Of Mama Mbogas and their Strange Source of Wealth

The Bahatian - 23/Sep/2018

That mama mbogas are a hardworking lot is no contention. Some can invade markets as early as 3a.m to get the best of fresh products for their roadside stalls or to supply where they have landed lucrative contracts. A story is told of a banker who was… read

Auschwitz Lullaby by Mario Escobar

Kerry's Blog - 23/Sep/2018

Title: Auschwitz Lullaby Author: Mario Escobar Publisher: Thomas Nelson Publication Date: 07 August 2018 Genre: WWII Historical Fiction Despite being of Aryan descendent, Helene is not able to get her Gypsy husband and five children spared in Hitler… read

A year in Alaska

GuriixUSJourney - 23/Sep/2018

We’ve been in Alaska for a year now and to be honest it hasn’t been that bad. I’m glad we made the move up here. We experienced our first winter and that was interesting to say the least. First we had to get studded tires for our cars which are… read

Every Woman Deserves a 'Sponsor'

Decent Conversations - 22/Sep/2018 This might appear like the most irrational article I have ever written, but just hear me out for a moment. The number of ‘Sponsor relationships’ have been on the rise with scandal after scandal flooding our media. Focus has… read

Spiced Chicken in Tomato and Honey Sauce

Tharisit - 22/Sep/2018

Laidayyyyyyzzzzzzz! Feeeellllaaaaaz! Hey.. I hope that you have been keeping yourself well. By the title of the blog you can already tell that we.. yes, I.. have a recipe install for you. Mbuutt first, Disclaimer.. Disclaimer.. 1.) I am not a food bl… read

Hospitality Industry a Leading Employer in Kenya

ADVENTURE 254 - 21/Sep/2018

A grim picture has recently been presented in a survey by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS); that of a whooping seven million Kenyans currently unemployed with only 1.4 million desperately looking for work. The dire times have resulted i… read

The last wilderness

Travel by Ray - 20/Sep/2018

My my my! Isn’t this post long over due! I do not even know where to start, how about the …Continue reading →… read

The Hidden Truth About the Power of Your Mind

The Mieles - 19/Sep/2018

Have you ever done something that, for the longest time, you thought you couldn’t do? What happened? I am the one person who truly believes in the power of the mind. I have experienced it and also witnessed others change because they started believ… read


Breakthrough Counselling Centre - 19/Sep/2018

Once in a while, it is normal to feel depressed, lonely and discouraged. However, do not get too comfortable with these feelings when you experience… read

Wedding Shenanigans

AfroMapenzi - 19/Sep/2018

Yesterday as I was running some errands I realized something… Ever since I was a child I was always a flower girl. My mother unfortunately didn’t pass that opportunity to dress me up in colourful dresses, hats and lacy socks. I remember carrying… read

The Predicament, Death of 12 New born infants

Mtoto News - 19/Sep/2018

Constance Ndeleko Human Life must be Protected! Says the Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi ‘Sonko’ after an impromptu visit at the Pumwani hospital on Monday and brought into lime lite the discovery of 12 corps of infants stashed in boxes wrapped toget… read

Will I Never Just be Enough

Hadithi Hadithi - 18/Sep/2018

  He leaned in to kiss her gently and said, “Darling you’re so beautiful. You’re so special. If only we weren’t so different.” He gripped her in his fierce embrace and emerged from his delirious pleasure whispering, “You’re too good fo… read


akenyannomad - 14/Sep/2018

NYEGE NYEGE. An enormous festival. Tonnes of music from different genres. Revelers from all over the globe. Set by River Nile. Think Tomorrowland, only now, right in the heart of Africa. This was my experience last weekend when I boarded an overland… read

The Money That Made Him Poor | Giveaway

Nimu's Lifestyle - 14/Sep/2018

It is best for us to tell our stories to the world. Hey! Hey! Hey! Let’s talk films, to be precise, Kenyan films. There is something interesting about telling our  stories from our own point of view. Now comes in Tony Tini Tone Productions, a Keny… read

Kadogo Economy, What You Did Not Know

Mtaani Kibera - 13/Sep/2018

Kadogo economy was coined from the Kiswahili word kadogo which means small, directly translating to small economy... read

To You, The One I Never Saw Coming.

HumanityInMe - 13/Sep/2018

Dear You, Yes, You! It is always interesting to hear the stories of how people met. I personally love telling ours because the funny thing is I wasn’t looking for you, I just found you. It’s just like people always say, “just when you stop look… read

The Wait

Mama Cekes speaks - 11/Sep/2018

Do I really need to wait? Recently I was in a situation that needed me to wait for a report for a task I had done. This meant that no matter what I was going to do, think, feel, go or even try to do… NOTHING was going to change my situation but I n… read


Clarie's Ramblings - 11/Sep/2018

There is a tiny little matter called bodily autonomy: the idea that your body belongs to you and you can do with it whatever you want. It also means that you get to decide what is done and isn't done to your body. It's why you can't be forced to dona… read