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People With Ego, Will never Accept there wrong doings…..

The Mehul Blogs - 26/May/2020

Good Evening Peeps… 26/05/2020 #42 Sometimes there are people in this world who we cannot and will not ever be able to please. Sure, we might be trying as hard as we can but that doesn’t mean they’re going to accept our efforts as they sh… read

Airtel Africa Is Inches Close To Becoming A Billion-Dollar Company

WeeTracker - 26/May/2020

It was not so long ago when the Africa unit of Bharti Airtel’s The post Airtel Africa Is Inches Close To Becoming A Billion-Dollar Company appeared first on WeeTracker. read


Nairobi Poetry House - 26/May/2020

There was a time I was hardly ever happy, frowned, I cried, I regretted then I realized, it’s up to me to be happy on my own, by myself, all for me and not for any other person, but me. So she said to her former self all to be re-lived by her prese… read

5 Online Courses for an Excellent Post-Covid-19 Career

Brighter Monday Career and Recruitment Partner - 26/May/2020

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most companies and organizations have switched to remote working. Unfortunately, some companies have had to lay off their employees due to the hard economic times. Essential services industries, on the other hand, are st… read

Covid-19: Socio-Economic Impact on Households

Mtoto News - 25/May/2020

By Constance Ndeleko Survey by Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) The objectives of the survey was to assess the socio-economic impact of Kenya especially during this pandemic, measure its impact on their health, labor market, transport cost… read

Is my career covidified too?

Mama Cekes speaks - 25/May/2020

As I mentioned earlier, am going to dwell for a while on the effect of covid-19 on the many aspects of our lives. So the last time I checked, I called myself a career woman. I am an averagely educated woman with a reasonable work experience and so I… read


Dennis Mukoya 'No Chills' Blog - 25/May/2020

                                          Kenya under the throes of Covid-19 It has been said that the true worth of a General is known on the day of war. As a country we have been beset by many challenges sin… read

NEW MUSIC: Sauti Sol’s ‘Insecure’ Talks Body and Relationship Issues

Nate's Crest - 22/May/2020

Over the past few years, Kenyan afro-pop group Sauti Sol have mastered the art of visual and vocal harmony, often misjudged for the manner in which they address their subject matter, largely perceived as some form of social structure discordance, but… read

Reawakening the literary passion and the negative ethnicity

The Bahatian - 22/May/2020

For long, I’ve been an avid literature lover. Back then, I could read huge tomes as a pastime. Books and I were constant companions. That was long before the advent of smart phones that seems to have slowed the pace as I shifted to consuming digita… read

Lockdown Galore.

Lucas Marang'a - 22/May/2020

The storm does not differentiate the house. It's the foundation that matters. read

Falling Skies

MaKosano - 19/May/2020

                                                      She hands me a cigar. For a second, our eyes lock; mine in hesitation, hers… I felt they were just invasive, crawling me. “Try it” she goes. “It’s Parliament… read



Before I ask you to sit with me, I must be able to sit with myself, Before I ask you to accept my pain, I have to accept the pain myself, Before I ask you to love me, I have to be madly in love with myself. read

Renew your Thoughts | Life Updates - 3 of 7

Writing with your Joan Kabugu - 18/May/2020

The last few years I’ve been listening to a number podcasts, my favourite is How I Built This by Guy Raz. He’s such a great interviewer...I like how Guy Raz gets the story out of people, even the most intimate ones. I think once he made someone c… read

Quarantine chronicles 1

Look what i have learnt! - 15/May/2020

Its mid May alreadyWe are already 2 months since first case was announced in KenyaToday its drizzling and its FridayI really look forward to Fridays, because the weeks are normally intensive to balance work and duties in the house. Work seems intensi… read

Tecno Camon 15 Premier, My Thoughts

Techsawa - 14/May/2020

The Tecno Spark 5 is a 32MP Front camera pop up smartphone with a Full HD display. Those are the main specifications that you might have heard about the Camon 15 Premier. Well there is a lot more going on in the most premium version of the Camon 15. read

Death Comes to Town

Nyaguthii - 14/May/2020

Do you ever get the feeling that you are being watched? Like there is something there just a little away from the corner of your eye. You could turn at any moment, but you can no longer do it. You have gone accustomed to the fear, and turning would m… read

In Other Words by Jhumpa Lahiri

Kerry's Blog - 11/May/2020

Original Title: In Altre Parole Translator: Ann Goldstein Genre: Non-Fiction,, Translated, Memoir In Other Words, chronicles Jhumpa Lahiri’s love affair with Italian. She discovers it at 25 when she goes on vacation with her sisters. She dabbles in… read

Effective COVID-19 Messages For Children....Episode 2

Decent Conversations - 08/May/2020 Kenya’s first case of Covid-19 case was reported on 12th March 2020 and the numbers have continued to rise drastically with 607 confirmed infected persons, 127 recoveries, and 29 deaths as of 7th May, 2020. Many more citizens are get… read

Education vs Business- Where has the Empathy gone?

Harleen Jabbal - 07/May/2020

The world is facing possibly one of the worst pandemics and never has the entire planet gone through such “lockdown” situations. These are unique times, these are the times of crisis, these are also the times of creativity, innovation and most of… read

5 Indoor Games That Will Boost Your Financial Literacy During This Quarantine Situation

Zed The Financialist - 29/Apr/2020

Learning financial management through simulations featuring real-life situation is perhaps the best way to pick up the subject. read