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………………..In a matter of introspective, who will save the poor gullible Kenyans from the cruel jaws and brutality of the bank tellers who are defrauding them daily in broad daylight………..

Open Source OpinionOpen Source Opinion - 14/Nov/2018

……….In a matter of introspective, who will save the poor gullible Kenyans from the cruel jaws and brutality of the bank tellers who are defrauding them daily in broad daylight. And, most of these poor Kenyans who have fallen prey to the devious… read

How Do You Win on Slot Machines

TechMoran - 14/Nov/2018

Introduction Online gambling has become the favourite pastime for many people across the globe. With new technologies such as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies making it much easier for first-time users to indulge in all the wonders of online casino… read

Aspira partners with Elite Digital to offer consumers financing on iPhones

TechArena - 14/Nov/2018

Aspira has announced a partnership agreement with Elite Digital Solutions, Apple Premium Reseller in Kenya that will allow consumers to buy iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and other Apple products through access to affordable credit facilities and pay late… read

How to access information on non-communicable diseases directly from a mobile phone

Kenyan Story - 14/Nov/2018

You can now access information on non-communicable diseases (NCDs) directly from your mobile phone. This follows the launch of an SMS and USSD service called Fafanuka which is Swahili for ‘to be enlightened’. The announcement was made during th… read

Show Your Employees Just How Much You Appreciate their Effort

Brighter Monday Career and Recruitment Partner - 14/Nov/2018

In our recent HR forum, our theme centered around rewarding and recognizing employees right. This is a spin-off from the previous HR Forum whose theme was employee retention. This is because employee recognition and rewarding are pillars of employee… read

Anni Domingo, Rutendo Chabikwa win Myriad Manuscript Prize 2018.

James Murua's Literature Blog | Exploring African Literature - 14/Nov/2018

Anni Domingo and Rutendo Chabikwa are the winners of the Myriad Manuscript Prize 2018. The prize is a first drafts competition for unpublished writers. UK… The post Anni Domingo, Rutendo Chabikwa win Myriad Manuscript Prize 2018. appeared first on… read

Fake Medic Mugo Wa Wairimu Arraigned In Court Today (Photos)

Niaje! - 14/Nov/2018

Quack doctor Mugo Wa Wairimu was arraigned in court on Wednesday 14th, November 2018 for operating illegal clinics. The fake doctor was arrested on Tuesday 13th, November 2018 by Flying Squad in Gachie, Kiambu County. He was later taken to Pangani po… read

Aga Khan University Hospital to offer Free Diabetes Screening and Awareness

Bizna Kenya - 14/Nov/2018

Aga Khan University Hospital will offer free diabetes awareness and screening initiatives during this year’s World Diabetes Day to sensitize the public about the disease, its treatment, and management. The hospital will hold a free diabetes awarene… read

Out of Town: 18th Lamu Cultural Festival, Nov. 22-25 2018 @ Lamu Island

Nairobi Now :: arts, culture and events - 14/Nov/2018

Dates: November 22-25, 2018 Venue: Lamu Island, Lamu Archipelago Travel: Seven Days in Lamu Archipelago, Lamu County Advertisements… read

Using Technology to Market Your Business - 14/Nov/2018

When it comes to the world of business these days, business owners have to go that extra mile in order to compete effectively with rivals. If you are one such business owner, you’ll agree that competition is very stiff, no matter what industry you… read

Photos: Ibis Styles Relaunches Rooftop Bar – Sky Bar

Kenyan Musik - 14/Nov/2018

The Sky Bar Re-Launch party took place over the weekend at the rooftop bar of Ibis Styles Hotel with an exclusive affair kicking off the weekend –long launch. Located along Rhapta road Westlands, The rooftop bar is the ideal place for a great night… read

Communications Authority Approves Telkom Kenya and Loon’s Internet-Beaming Balloon Project

Techweez - 14/Nov/2018

Google’s internet-beaming project dubbed Loon entered the Kenyan market a couple of months ago. The service, which targets to avail internet access to remote areas via high-flying balloons, secured a partnership with Kenya’s third largest mobile… read

Timu za vijana zaanza kutafuta nafasi ya kucheza fainali ya Afrika

Soka25east - 14/Nov/2018

Mechi za timu za taifa za mchezo wa soka kufuzu kwa fainali ya mwaka 2019 kwa wachezaji wasiozidi miaka 23 barani Afrika, zinachezwa kuanzia siku ya Jumatano. Mataifa nane yatafuzu kushiriki katika fainali hiyo, itakayochezwa nchini Misri mwezi Novem… read

Don’t take your emotional health for granted

Bold Candid Opinions - 14/Nov/2018

For the longest time of my young life, I had always been an emotionally solid brother. I had never experienced any extreme emotional turmoil in my life except for the few tensions within the family especially when the matriarch was administering disc… read

The price of a strong woman

Alfred Mbai - 14/Nov/2018

Do you believe that a man is naturally weak? That while a strong man can handle a strong woman, a weak man may say she has an attitude? Do you believe that men should be taught to apologize for their weakness and women for their strength? While there… read

Why Africa has a Huge E-Commerce Potential

HapaKenya - 14/Nov/2018

A giant shift in economic trends is happening in Africa. As the world’s second-largest continent fights off political instability, technology continues to penetrate deep within its people. More than 93% of Africans own smartphones and 6 out of 10 c… read


Eat,Pray,love and Live - 14/Nov/2018

Hello dear readers, I pray you have all been well.Today i share with you all why i do not date anymore. It is a fun story time video,i hope you enjoy it. Much much love, Ruth Nzioka. Advertisements… read

Black Maxi Dress

Reina Beaty - 14/Nov/2018

  To all Beautiful Queens… read

Meet Danny Dyer: The Fair, Bearded, Global Brand Ambassador Of Grant’s Whisky

Potentash - 13/Nov/2018

Danny Dyer started out working at a number of distilleries in Scotland then went on to work in a range of bars and exclusive clubs across Edinburgh, where he mastered his trade as a bartender and a true ambassador of whisky. Last year, after ten yea… read

Solar power firm Azuri to give customers Insurance cover

BizNews - 13/Nov/2018

Azuri Technologies customers will  receive an income cover when hospitalized and a funeral cover in a new partnership with the solar firm and APA Insurance. The... read