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Twende Na Mwende - 06/Dec/2019

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How Technology Has Changed The Role Of Chief Finance Officers Today

CHETENET - 06/Dec/2019

Today’s CFO’s role has changed by far and if you happen to ask any finance executive, gone are the days when Chief Finance Officers were involved in overseeing accounting practices. And while new sources of revenue and reducing costs remain const… read

Man Tears

the phy factor - 06/Dec/2019

Born and bred in Kirinyaga county, Julia is a pretty and intelligent woman, also she drinks man tears. It’s true, you know why? She no longer believes in true love, well she did at first but not anymore, now, she just bangs and goes, more of hit hi… read

Bus With 46 Passangers Submerges Trying To Access Mombasa Road

NewsDay Kenya - 06/Dec/2019

Makueni County Police Commander, Joseph Napeiyan updated that 40 out of the 46 passengers rescued from a PSV, which had been submerged in swollen River Kyamela, Makueni County, were students from Lukenya University who were heading to Nairobi for vac… read

Alekey Marshal Talks On New Hit Single “Mamacita”

Spreadzone - 06/Dec/2019

Kenyan star Alekey Marshal released his latest “Mamacita” music early last week. The powerhouse has been conjuring airwaves with his unique voice since the song’s release. We pinned him down … The post Alekey Marshal Talks On New Hit Single… read

Excessive Gestational Weight Gain Associated With Postpartum Weight Retention

Modern Mom - 06/Dec/2019

 A recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has linked excessive weight gain during pregnancy with long-term body fat and the retention [...] The post Excessive Gestational Weight Gain Associated With Postpartum Weight Re… read

Safaricom Mali Investment, How it Works, Withdraw, Join, Sign Up - 06/Dec/2019

Safaricom Mali Investment, How it Works, Withdraw, Join, Sign Up MALI is an investment product that allows M-PESA customers to invest in Unit Trusts,for as low as KSH 100 and… The post Safaricom Mali Investment, How it Works, Withdraw, Join, Sign U… read

Little now allows you to call a Driver to drive your car for you - 05/Dec/2019

Little Can now has option for you to call a driver to drive your car incase you are having issues or perhaps going for a night out. This is the first of it's kind feature in Kenyan taxi apps. read

Sometimes Man has to go naked for others to be clothed

ATIENO OUGO - 05/Dec/2019

We sometimes want to make it look all perfect and figured out, yet that’s not the case. One of these fine days as I was scrolling through my Facebook timeline, I came across this phrase and I my entire mind was blown away. I mean how true is this? read

The Rusinga Cultural Festival #Rusingafest2018 - 05/Dec/2019

The Rusinga Cultural Festival is one of Kenya’s must attend cultural events where the Abasuba culture is showcased over a… read

My article on the foreign spouses of Kenyans getting the rights to work in the Daily Nation Page 18 ( Hard copy) and online as below: Give me your thoughts on this:

Immigrationkenyanews - 05/Dec/2019… read

Out of Town: Lamu Cultural Festival, Dec. 12-16 2019 @ Lamu Archipelago

Nairobi Now :: arts, culture and events - 05/Dec/2019

Dates: December 12-16, 2019 Venue: Lamu Archipelago… read



A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not on the branch but on its own wings. Believe in yourself! read

Nguuni Nature Conservacy.

Dodu Nims - 04/Dec/2019

It’s Wednesday 1:46pm, according to what I promised myself, to post a blogpost, every wednesday… read


KINASISI - 04/Dec/2019

A year ago, or so, a friend asked me to write about a particular game we played in high school. I told him I would do it, but I had no plans for such. At the time, I had done a couple of stories about my high school. Guys raved over those tales, shar… read

Baby Maria

Online Fundraising in Kenya - 04/Dec/2019

“Standing by good men and women. I’ve always said we don’t celebrate good people enough. We don’t make them feel the love, despite the lengths to which they go to make our world a better place. This time we’ll make Read More... read

What I wore to Masaai Mara- Day One

Just Redinta - 04/Dec/2019

Hello Loves, A vacation in a vacation was in my bucket list. Initially I thought we would go to Zanzibar with mum and kid sister. But, mum had something urgent to do in Nairobi, and because of short notice the prices to Zanzibar were quite high so we… read

Hidden Historical Information You Weren’t Taught In School

Unbounded Wisdom - 04/Dec/2019

I hate academic history because it’s crap. It made us believe that we are the most intelligent civilization to ever live on this earth, and it avoided providing us with enlightening information about the highly evolved ancient civilizations that li… read

Characteristics of a Great CV to Help You Stand Out

Brighter Monday Career and Recruitment Partner - 03/Dec/2019

Do you think your CV can stand out from a pile and catch the attention of a hiring manager? If the answer to that question is a no or a maybe there’s quite the work to be done. Your CV should represent you fully to a hiring manager and give you an… read

Global teacher prize winner Peter Tabichi is appointed Primary Schools Hygiene ambassador

Kenyan Corporate News - 03/Dec/2019

Peter Tabichi, the Kenyan science teacher who won the US$1 million (Ksh 100million) Varkey Foundation Global Teacher Prize 2019, has been appointed as the Dettol Superhero Brand ambassador for 2020. The Dettol Soaperhero program is a student led scho… read