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Thanking the Universe

MwalimusMind - 24/Nov/2020

Today I will write, my head is clear, and I feel peace within me for once in a very long time. Words gushed out when I thought about how far I’ve come, The consideration of every pillar that held this building in its formative stages. The ones that… read

Virtual Art Festival: DASH – Festival I, Nov. 24-28 2020 @ This is the Nest Socials

Nairobi Now :: arts, culture and events - 24/Nov/2020

Dates: November 24-28, 2020 Medium: @ThisistheNest Socials (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) About We are excited to announce our first ever virtual art festival called DASH! Join us from the 24th of November on our socials for excitement and lushness f… read

21 teens arrested in alcohol-filled birthday Party

Mtoto News - 23/Nov/2020

Inside the house at Mountain View Estate in Nairobi where police officers arrested 44 teenagers aged between 14 and 17 years. Photo Courtesy /PD/PHILLIP KAMAKYA By Collins Orono Police officers have arrested 21 teenagers at an alcohol-filled birthday… read

DON’T LOOSE IT. - 23/Nov/2020

Kaki had arrived at the coffee shop uneasy because she was behind schedule. The pressure was on from the publishers to deliver on her book due for debut early the next month. Since she had not handed it to the editors, the phone had continuously been… read

A Safaricom Split Is A Telco’s Dream And A Fintech Startup’s Nightmare

WeeTracker - 23/Nov/2020

Talks of splitting up Kenya and East Africa’s dominant telco, Safaricom, previously gathered The post A Safaricom Split Is A Telco’s Dream And A Fintech Startup’s Nightmare appeared first on WeeTracker. read


MaKosano - 23/Nov/2020

I got this call from Davis on Thursday evening about 8 pm. I was a bit hesitant to pick the call, the timing didn't seem right or there was just a way the phone rang louder than usual, like 'you have to pick this!' “Where are you Osano?” That sou… read

Top 5 Fraud Schemes During the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020.

Zed The Financialist - 21/Nov/2020

*This Message is Supported by Zed The Financialist The official 2020 Fraud Week supporter in Kenya.*… read

Warui the Village Chief

The Maverick - 20/Nov/2020

When the narrative Ochunglo Times hit the airwaves, people changed their outlook on village life. From being a preserve of the naïve and the uneducated to a place where you can retreat and realign your compass to the true north. Village life is swee… read

How to Stay Relevant with an Updated CV

Brighter Monday Career and Recruitment Partner - 18/Nov/2020

If you are happily employed or have been at your job for years, your CV is probably as updated as the last time you applied for a new position. Even with a good job, it is essential to stay relevant with an updated CV. Who knows, your manager may ask… read

Up Mt. Kenya | Life Updates - 6 of 7

Writing with your Joan Kabugu - 17/Nov/2020

Looking down Lk.Michaelson is like being sucked into an abyss of bliss, the shades of blue combined are indescribable in words, the pictures try but still fall short, some things are to be experienced, period.The shot above was not mine, rather borro… read


venturablogs - 16/Nov/2020

This is the 100th blog post I’m publishing and to be honest, it is wild! I can’t believe it. Publishing 100 blog posts is such a big deal to me. It doesn’t necessarily mean that these are the only posts I’ve ever written. There are a number o… read

When I became a victim of con artists

The Bahatian - 14/Nov/2020

My first encounter with con artists was in 2015 along the Kenyatta Avenue in Nakuru town. At the time, the first governor of the fast growing town that is aspiring for a city status had not began removing hawkers along the corridors of the buildings… read

It is OKAY NOT to be OKAY

Mama Cekes speaks - 13/Nov/2020

Am back , it been a minute, been away being having conversations and will share some of them. People out here need you too.  She says this :  As I wake up every other morning, am reminded that I need to thank God to be alive. They say that life is… read

5 Good Reasons Why Every Kenyan Deserves to Watch Softie the Film

LaMusicJunkie - 08/Nov/2020

I didn’t think it would be that deep. I decided to watch it in the cinema with my friends simply because it was a Kenyan movie. But I was not ready for the impact it would have on me, or us. Yes, Softie is no ordinary Kenyan film. And I say that as… read

Stay Motivated Even When No One Believes In You Or Your Dreams…..

The Mehul Blogs - 06/Nov/2020

Good Evening Peeps… 06/11/2020#44 Have you ever felt like no one believes in you? especially when taking on a larger than life task that seems impossible. Without support, it makes it easier to quit and go back to a normal life. But you… read

Reworking My Vision Board

murugiblog - 05/Nov/2020

For the last couple of years, I have diligently had a vision board. Shortly after I read Rhonda Byrne’s book “The Secret”, my world almost came to a standstill as I figured out that the law of attraction was all about the faith I possessed. As… read

Daigas Edge

Travel by Ray - 02/Nov/2020

The phone beeps, i pick it. It’s a whatsapp text from my dearest friend, my partner in destination hunting. The message is a link and from the featured photo i recognize the property. ” Its in Laikipia”, I respond but before I can get the rest… read

Favourable title

Robbed Thoughts - 01/Nov/2020

In life, as quoted by some wise person somewhere, you get to meet an assortment of characters. Some will make you happy, others sad, and others will… Read more "Favourable title"… read

The hidden gem PART 2

mamlipsete - 23/Oct/2020

We would now seriously involve Maama in our reading. She was elated, she read all the books we brought from school, all, especially Dafu and mine. Saumu’s a,e,i,o,u was too easy for her. She in turn urged me to improve my spelling. “Environment.… read



My thighs were trembling from the pleasure I felt. You stroked my hair, suckled my nipples, gently caressed my body as you assured me of your everlasting love for me. read