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CS Magoha cancels 2020 KCSE and KCPE, reopening pushed to next year - 07/Jul/2020

On Tuesday, a day after President Uhuru Kenyatta announced the lifting of the cessation order for Mombasa, Nairobi, and Mandera counties, CS Magoha announced that basic education institutions will resume next year. This comes after parents and other… read

Schools in Kenya to reopen in January 2021, Education Ministry announces.

Mtoto News - 07/Jul/2020

Primary and secondary schools in Kenya to reopen in 2021… read

Beating COVID: African Startups Share Business Model Tweaks & Funding Plans

WeeTracker - 07/Jul/2020

The global pandemic has undoubtedly been a nightmare. Just as the humanitarian toll The post Beating COVID: African Startups Share Business Model Tweaks & Funding Plans appeared first on WeeTracker. read


AfroMapenzi - 07/Jul/2020

It has been quite a journey. A journey that I found myself in when my skin started reacting and overreacting. It was a journey of persistence, patience, and a lot of tender, loving care. I haven’t talked about all things skincare on my blog, but I… read

We Are The Weather by Jonathan Safran Foer

Kerry's Blog - 07/Jul/2020

In We Are The Weather, Jonathan Safran Foer reflects on the climate crisis from a deeply personal level. The book’s title implies that collective individual actions on a socio-political level that will translate in reducing the impact of climate ch… read

It rains on that side too

MaKosano - 02/Jul/2020

Once, there was Njaanuary. But that was before Rona. And the way January does us, with an ego of a man, I think it’s seated at some dark corner praying “Lord, let this not extend to December. I’ll be deemed irrelevant.” His sister karma is l… read

Characteristics of a Great CV to Help You Stand Out

Brighter Monday Career and Recruitment Partner - 01/Jul/2020

Do you think your CV can stand out from a pile and catch the attention of a hiring manager? If the answer to that question is a no or a maybe there’s quite the work to be done. Your CV should represent you fully to a hiring manager and give you an… read

Do not marry a politician and other kitchen table things.

Clarie's Ramblings - 01/Jul/2020

For Catapult, I wrote about our mothers, the terrible marriages they are in and the things they tell us bout surviving those marriages. “I wondered if part of surviving your husband’s betrayal is assuming that of all the women, you had to have be… read

Decade of Restoration

#SpreadTheGospel - 30/Jun/2020

We cannot bring back previous years and we cannot anticipate a tomorrow we do not know about. So what should we do? Enjoy NOW; it is a gift hence why it's called PRESENT. read

Of the pious religious lot

The Bahatian - 28/Jun/2020

It remains to be seen when coronavirus pandemic is declared contained worldwide, places of worship will be same as before. But given the way many Kenyans are religious to the core, there’s no doubt pews will overfill and aisles overflow as majority… read

Waithaka presents Odes by Queens: The first all-female Kenyan album

LaMusicJunkie - 27/Jun/2020

We met on Instagram. 28th September 2017. Since it goes down in the DM, I hit him up asking if he could send me a Kwame song to play on my radio show The Music Junkies. He quickly obliged. Since then we’ve been talking online, him sending me his n… read

WHYGURU IS MY GURU - 27/Jun/2020

I can’t say I was astonished by the turnout of events yesterday when the Senate cleared Governor Whyguru of all wrong doing. She wasn’t obviously going anywhere with the solid backing of State Howz and Baba Rao himself. The very able Senate team… read

Keeping the Flame Alive During Quarantine.

the phy factor - 25/Jun/2020

Ola my beautiful people!!! Its been so long since i engaged with you here,i hope everyone is keeping safe and sane at the same time? Personally am doing quite well,i am a chef now,ha ha well am not really a… Continue reading →… read

SEX, LOVE & GOD: The Holy Trinity

KINASISI - 24/Jun/2020

“Love shouldn’t be in the market place. it’s immensely valuable, but it has no price.” -Osho Someone, a reader, female, sent me an email. That was a month ago or so. I read it in the evening, after supper. Everyone was home, we sank in the li… read

Vulnerability is all about being Human

Decent Conversations - 23/Jun/2020

Take off the mask. Put your guard down. Enough about hiding your insecurities. Today I want to talk about vulnerability. Yes! Vulnerability.I have found that many of us look at vulnerability as a weakness and we all dread the thought of being open to… read

Wouldn’t take nothing for my journey now- Book Review

Harleen Jabbal - 23/Jun/2020

I first heard about Maya Angelou on an Oprah Winfrey show and then recently watched her documentary on Netflix. All … More… read

So this online meeting …

Mama Cekes speaks - 20/Jun/2020

So here we are and the corona virus pandemic as still on going and very far from being over. Some of us have not been adversely affected by this situation. Am some of you reading this, have had no issues at all and work has had some resemblance of no… read

TECNO Pouvoir 4 Is Now Available In Kenya At KES 14999/-

Techsawa - 12/Jun/2020

TECNO Mobile unveils the Pouvoir 4 for the local market gaming and video creator community Combining a larger than life 7-inch display with AI powered cameras and an extraordinary battery life that can last four days straight, Pouvoir 4 becomes the l… read



“I would rather own a little and see the world than own the world and see a little of it.” ... read

Budget 2020/21: The highlights

Zed The Financialist - 11/Jun/2020

Treasury Secretary Ukur Yatani presented his Sh2.7 trillion Budget for the year starting July 1, outlining the spending plans, including the taxation measures to finance the proposals.Here are the highlights: ECONOMY: Government projects the economy… read