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Mtoto News - 13/May/2021

So,how was your childhood like? Did you make any career plans or were you told whom to be when you were growing up? read

Beyond Q1 Numbers, Jumia Charts A Course From e-Tailer To Internet Company

WeeTracker - 12/May/2021

It happens like clockwork. After every 3 months (at least since 2019), Africa’s The post Beyond Q1 Numbers, Jumia Charts A Course From e-Tailer To Internet Company appeared first on WeeTracker. read

Money Management For Single Moms

Zed The Financialist - 12/May/2021

Budget Your Monthly Expenses You might feel at a disadvantage on a single income solely dependent on you, but budgeting help you plan in both long-term and short-term. The ability to see the amount of money going in and out can help determine your ne… read

All You Need- Positive Mental Health

Harleen Jabbal - 10/May/2021

It is now over a year since the pandemic Covid-19 was declared and we are still living in trying times. … More… read

Hello my peeps, am back

Mama Cekes speaks - 04/May/2021

I know I have not written in a while. Why you may ask? Truth be told, I was in hell and come back – it is not a nice place.  You may wonder, what is she talking about since hell is only after death or so we are told in our religious teachings. But… read

Freiburger Film Forum – Festival of Transcultural Cinema, May 6-16 2021 @ Home

Nairobi Now :: arts, culture and events - 04/May/2021

Dates: May 6-16, 2021 Medium: Online Some of the featured Kenyan films include: The Letter, Coachez, If Objects Could Speak and Tales of the Accidental City. About With 30 films stretched over 10 Days, the 2… read

Men like Hamo.

mamlipsete - 04/May/2021

Following my recent letter to Jemutai, a number asked me to write one to Hamo too . I was accused of being a woman not supporting woman. I am of the opinion that writing a letter to Hamo would be sheer waste of time. Hamo needs no attention at all, I… read

Nairobae(an excerpt from Equipoise)

Clarie's Ramblings - 04/May/2021

Andy wavers  between the Citi hoppa and KBS bus; which one he should board? It is 10pm on a cold Thursday night and Kencom is relatively empty. Behind him, a homeless man laying out cardboard, settling in for the night. Andy considers giving him his… read



I don't cry because we've been separated by distance, and for a matter of years. Because for as long as we share the same sky and breathe the same air, we're still together. read

The Stories I won’t tell my children

MaKosano - 22/Apr/2021

                                                          I try to imagine how free my daughter will be with me to ask me that question “Dad you remember your first girlfriend?” That would send a smile on my face. I… read

I see colour

venturablogs - 31/Mar/2021

Exploring this wordpress stories feature with a little message that might be useful to you ???? read

FROM: Prince Babar TO: You

Robbed Thoughts - 25/Mar/2021

FROM: Prince BabarTO: YouDATE: 24TH MARCH 2021RE: URGENT PROPOSAL Hello, I hope this finds you well. My name is Babar. I am from a big community in… Read more "FROM: Prince Babar TO: You"… read


Travel by Ray - 18/Mar/2021

Being grateful for things in your life is something that is overlooked when the negative things start piling up. It’s astounding what happens when we focus on the things we are grateful for instead of the negative things that are happening all arou… read

5 Easy Ways to Make the Best First Impression

Decent Conversations - 16/Feb/2021

Image | CourtesyWith the digitization of every aspect of life, most people are slowly losing their interpersonal skills. These skills have been proven to be critical for those seeking career advancement or business development.Interpersonal skills be… read

When the dead almost answered me from the hereafter

The Bahatian - 16/Feb/2021

I’m subscribed to four mobile services providers and had been a customer to the largest telco in the country for over a decade now. And I mean I had been using the same SIM card for that long, with the exception where I had lost my handset and repl… read


WALK WITH ME - 05/Feb/2021

Every great course must involve a risk. A mother conceives and goes through three trimesters, some a bit problematic, but she carries the pregnancy to term. Going into the delivery room is a risk, for some make it out while others hemorrhage to death… read

Stay Away From Negative Environment….

The Mehul Blogs - 08/Jan/2021

Good Evening Peeps… 08/01/2021#45 Since last year we have been going through a lot, We have lost so many people, Fear has taken over us. Seems we have totally forgotten to live. Hoping 2021 will be the best year for all of you and may… read

Books, a re-introduction | Life Updates - 7 of 7

Writing with your Joan Kabugu - 31/Dec/2020

I’m out here trying to give myself a head start to reading 52 books in 2021. All my cool friends who are book-ish need to share tips of how I can stay afloat. I finished my birthday gift Thursdays by Jackson Biko aka Bikozulu this December, and i… read

This is Goodbye

Kerry's Blog - 29/Dec/2020

  Dear  Friends After much thought, it is time to end my blogging journey on Kerry’s Blog. I began Kerry’s Blog over 10 years ago with the intent of sharing my bookish musings. Essentially that has not changed. I love discussing books with anyo… read

The Best of 2020: Have You Listened to these Kenyan Albums and EPs?

LaMusicJunkie - 20/Dec/2020

For a year that felt like gloom and doom, there have been so many Kenyan music projects released in 2020. Too many in fact. So which ones should you listen to? In the spirit of resilience, most Kenyan musicians did not let this unprecedented year mes… read