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Creative Writing

Ben Mokamba

Using the power of creative writing and story telling to impact the community and society.

Creative Writing

Shufaa Yakut

Shufaa Yakut is a blog that displays creative non fiction and short stories. The stories are inspired by people's day to day life especially along the Coast.

Creative Writing

Kiiru Macharia

you'll be all write- Kiiru Macharia is your go-to haven for sarcastic and intelligently - humoured stories on you and yours.

Creative Writing


Mirawu is a platform that tells the stories of people and their experiences.

Creative Writing


When life is too big to be exhausted, too complicated to be described, too much to own and all you can do is share the much you've had; that's MaKosano... Where experience is too sweet to ignore, too complicated to judge, wisdom is too real... it can…

Creative Writing


Community relations, beliefs, culture and lifestyle. Naturally the part of culture that we have found hard to let go…

Creative Writing


just your usual writer not afraid to tackle the dinner party taboo subjects.

Creative Writing

Let's Talk

Blog about the, mostly relatable, life in the Kenyan society…

Creative Writing

57th Corner

The writer is a young Kenyan who writes stories inspired by his experiences and encounters with people. He specifically loves to focus on issues and stories that make us human.

Creative Writing

MercyMe Creations

Bringing stories to life through creative writing.