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A platform promoting road safety, unique art done by Kenyan matatu artists and body fabrication. We also empower and guide youths employed in the matatu industry.

Creative Writing


NawiriDaily is an integration of posts that touch on various topics such as art, spirituality and everyday life.

Creative Writing

Eat,Pray,love and Live

A blog on various life issues depicted in a creative manner with the goal of inspiring,encouraging and contributing something positive to someone reading it,if not entertain.


Afro Art Media

Afro Art Media is an online media platform and ideas lab, celebrating and showcasing the best of African art, design, film, architecture, photographttps:…



Pandashuka writes about anything that is of interest to Kenyans. It documents the ups and downs of daily life in Kenya and the diaspora. It is serious and sometimes not so serious but it cannot be ignored…


Living A Created Lifestyle

A blog that looks at different aspects and facets of life, lifestyle, health and fitness, design, the arts among other things. I am the designer of my life and I write and create what I like, love and design as a lifestyle.


Poolside Notebook

Writing on Society and Culture, ranging from media, fashion, religion, food, to poltics and psychology. provides critical analysis and perspective of issues of the day. At times, writes factual feature stories.

Creative Writing

I am Ng'ethe

Creative Writer & Creativepreneur…



Creating health awareness and having a voice for those who suffer silently.


A Thousand Words, A Thousand Pictures

A picture they say, is worth a 1000 words, I will give you a picture, a thousand words and let you keep change…


Vroom Kenya

cars in Kenya, car news in kenya, motor sport events in Kenya, car brands in kenya, car dealerships in Kenya, car garages in Kenya, car service centres…

Creative Writing

young jugglers

"That voice in your mind. That dream in your sleep. That urge to be heard."…



A Children's Lifestyle Blog…


Emergency Medicine Kenya Foundation

...dedicated to the development of emergency care in Kenya through education and research…


Sync Corp KE

Sync Corp KE gives you one strategist’s perspective on how the digital revolution has impacted the Communications and Marketing industries and how techpreneurs can leverage on these trends.



This blog is run by parents of special needs children. It is an insight or a glimpse of what our daily lives are like. It is not for pity but more for enlightening the general public, to create awareness and to make the world a netter place for our…


They call me Daktari

A topical "every day in your doctor's life" kind of blog…


Apple c

From how we view it. The perception…


Modern Mom

A parenting blog that discusses all things pregnancy, maternity, delivery, babies and toddlers.