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Creative Writing

Community relations, beliefs, culture and lifestyle. Naturally the part of culture that we have found hard to let go…


TheAfrinado is a lifestyle website curating life, arts, culture, music and business for a specifically African audience. It was founded in 2016 and since then has amassed a growing readership from all ages and backgrounds. We strive to give a pla…



"Sharptip News KAMBA - Mauvoo Undu Mailye", is a general news blog which covers all round news including News Features, sports, health, education, political, agricultural, gender-based, cultural, environmental and human interest stories in Kamba dia…

Creative Writing

just your usual writer not afraid to tackle the dinner party taboo subjects.


Latest Education News, Updates, and Free Teaching/Learning Resources.


Pinch of Zest

Pinch of Zest is an online food blog where we share our tried and tested recipes for anyone to try at home. We offer in depth details and our own personal opinions on all recipe posts, articles and techniques into our various cooking ways.


The Business Watch

The Business Watch is an online platform that breaks down information on various subjects into a simple consumable mode. Our writers have the power to sieve through the noise to bring out the meaning.


Sammy Que N

All about God, Love and Life…



Mwalimus Mind is a general blog that covers education and social commentary. The blog tells stories that seek to offer insight on a broad range of issues.


Kenyan News Trends

Kenyan News Trends is your preferred current & business, technology, life & style news site.

Creative Writing

57th Corner

The writer is a young Kenyan who writes stories inspired by his experiences and encounters with people. He specifically loves to focus on issues and stories that make us human.



This is a blog that can be suitable for multiple audiences. With content ranging from mental health topics, to creative writing pieces to self-care, the blog can meet most at their needs. Life is a lot. This blog will get you through such days.



An Engineering blog discussing emerging technologyissues in the 21st century and championing for inclusion of women and diversity in STEM especially in the Engineering profession.



HeyNomadic is the ultimate luxury travel and culture resource for the modern global citizen…


Salt n Light

Christian Lifestyle Blog…

Creative Writing

MercyMe Creations

Bringing stories to life through creative writing.


TechSpace Africa

Techspace Africa is an independent online magazine that publishes in-depth and latest tech news, Gadget news and trends.


HabariLeo News

Habari Leo is a trustworthy news source looking to tap into the ever-growing internet space that has revolutionized the global media and communication fields in recent times and will no doubt be a very fundamental digital news medium in shaping the l…


Enid Kathambi

EnidKathambi is a personal website focusing on Personal Finance and Business Finance topics. The goal is to help individuals manage their personal & business finances better & learn how to become investors to help them build wealth. Occasionally, I w…


Lake Region Bulletin

Lake Region Bulletin is a multimedia digital platform that focuses mostly on content from the Lake Region Counties in Nyanza, Western and Rift Valley regions.