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There’s a baby crying really loudly.

There is a wild ass baby in my block that starts screaming every night between 1:30 and 2 am like clockwork. The post There’s a baby crying really loudly. appeared first on Akello.


Lemon Loaf

Looking for the perfect cake to accompany your hot beverage? Well look no further, this lemon loaf is the perfect tea/ coffee cake. Rich and flavourful, drenched in lemon syrup and topped off with some glaze. This is the ideal cake for when you could…


Falsely accused of sexual harassment; Boishaod under siege

By Jaymo Wa ThikaI have followed a certain debate online that has gotten me so interested. It was talking about so many innocent men languishing in jail on false accusations of sexual harassment, rape or defilement. The argument was that so many men…


Your weekdays are about to change with these fresh shows from M-Net

What happens at 23:30, stays at 23:30. There will be action, drama, suspense, thrills, and so much more! M-Net 102 is now the home to some of the freshest content with five exciting international series, one airing each day. Ranging from the highly a…


Overcome The Flesh

Have you been struggling to be better? Have you been making tons of resolutions year after year? It is time to overcome the flesh, don't you think?


Finally,… Fell in Love

I walked into the room. Nothing could have prepared me for this moment. Dazzling best describes her. Seven feet across the arabica brown wall, four above wood ash grey floor, resting in perfect symmetry between the terrace and the counter, I admired.


Covid 19 Passport On BBC Africa…



If you’ve ever considered, but haven’t yet been convinced, to try out one of the myriad of facial cleansing devices in the market today, I’m here to give you 5 reasons you should use a… The post 5 REASONS TO USE A SONIC CLEANSING BRUSH appear…


Amaranth, a wonder crop that can fetch over Sh300,000 per acre in 45-120 days

In 2018 the government of Kenya moved to stem over-reliance on maize and subsequent consumption of ugali by introducing a policy to push maize millers to blend maize flour with other local nutritious grains to curb malnutrition. Among the grains whic…


Do Not Destroy

It’s early evening on Wednesday, 26th November 2008. I have just tucked the little ones in, and settled into our family room, to watch a bit of TV as I wait for hubby to come home. One of my favorite evangelists, Angus Buchan, is on...

Creative Writing

Good Kid, M.A.A.D Schools

Hurry is not of the devil; hurry is the devil – Psychiatrist Carl Jung Up until this point, it’s been a hurry. In the beginning, the rush was instigated by our peers, who were a constant fixture throughout our schooling life. Now, as life is unra…


Ramadhan and Food Waste | How to Practice a Zero Waste Ramadhan

One of the major impacts of Coronavirus pandemic currently is hunger. A huge percentage of people from different social classes have lost their jobs. In a nutshell, food waste does not make sense especially during this time where many Muslims still s…