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Turn the lights on

BY BETT The downside to growing older is that you begin to get stuck in your ways. As though life is some form of quick-drying cement and time plants your feet firmly in it, forcing you to lay the groundwork […] The post Turn the lights on appeared…


The death of Majd “Jude” Alshoufi: A Peacebuilder

A friend died on Friday, April 2, 2021. He was a talented young man with a promising career in peace and psychology. I have tried to process his death, but nothing in my training or life experiences has prepared me for this tragedy. Jude and I corres…

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How I feel, Thank you!

I’m smiling. Smiling so hard and yet i’m alone in the house. I wonder what is making me smile, turns out I am just generally happy tonight and also because I just turned a year older. You know that feeling of when you feel young, but your years a…


APA Insurance Tops Insurance Category at FiRe Awards2020

APA Insurance scooped the top prize in the insurance category in this year’s Financial Reporting (FiRe) Awards 2020. The annual awards are aimed at promoting excellence in financial reporting through enhancing accountability, transparency and integ…


THE WORLD IS A BEAUTIFUL PLACE- 6 personal travel experiences.

There is a terrible bug surrounding solo travel. As a matter of fact, travel in general. It’s name is fear. I’m a victim of it. You can drop me anywhere in Africa (well, save for the North), and I’ll be good. I know how to maneuver where I see…

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Down by the river

Then that policeman cocked him gun at me. I do not know guns, so I do not know what model he was carrying. Must’ve been an AK47, but don’t take my word for it. That shit does not sound like it does in the movies. The post Down by the river appear…



Originally posted on HUMOURITA. With lots of Laugh.: ?“Thank you for your interest in receiving a greeting from Donald J Trump and Melania Trump for your special occasion. Please allow up to six weeks for processing of your request.” Reasons for…


Policy framework guiding E-Waste Management in Kenya

Kenya has developed several policies and legislation to guide e-waste management. Legislation The Kenya Constitution 2010 gives the right to every Kenyan to a clean and healthy environment under Article 42. Article 69 obligates the government to elim…

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What Have You Turned Your Child Into?

  “I will kill you!” he breathed, angered that he could not reach her. She ran to the back of one……



NO EXCUSES Allow me to reintroduce myself… Ladies & Gentlemen get ready to be entertained,no excuses wear your glasses,buy more bundles and preview this subtle post of mine.Are you a lifestyle enthusiast, do you want all that life has to offer…

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It feels like all the air fans in the room are silent because I can only hear two heartbeats in the room. I wonder if our babies will have dimples that deep. His voice is deep, tantric and making it hard to focus.

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No matter how peaceful and united a polygamous home seems, there’s always a simmering cold war behind the scenes. The younger wife will call an under-the-bed meeting with all the windows and doors closed and warn her kids not to eat at the older wi…