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The Paper Wave Kenya Honest and Conclusive Review; Legit or Risk

A new money making opportunity by the name The Paper Wave is slowly making waves in the Kenyan market. I ... Read more…


Social Media: The Fellowship of the Vile

While peace of mind is desired by most people, it can be elusive if you are constantly using social media. This is also the case if you follow the mainstream media, where negative news dominates the timelines. I stopped actively following the news fo…


African Champions dominating in the UFC

Israel Adesanya (Nigeria)- UFC Middleweight Champion, Kamaru Usman (Nigeria)-UFC Welterweight Champion and Francis Ngannou (Cameroon)- UFC Heavyweight Champion are three African born athletes that are making Africa proud in the UFC by dominating in t…


In Christ Alone; The Most Sure and Solid Rock

Hello friends, So, there is this song that I heard  last year for the very first-time and it truly brought me to tears as I listened to the lyrics. Every single word just came alive as the Holy Spirit ministered to me […] The post In Christ Alone;…

Creative Writing

It’s ok to offend people

It’s been a minute since I last did an article, sorry I’ve been busy. Wait, not sorry, why am I apologizing? Well, whatever, let’s get to it. Right off the bat, here’s the truth, offending people is probably one of the easiest thing to do; by…


eLimu Success Story: Grace Githua

We caught up with Grace Githua, the Headteacher of Rungiri Primary School. Grace champions the use of DigiSchool Devices such as tablets in her school. Her enthusiasm and passion for using technology in the classroom resulted in Rungiri Primary Schoo…

Creative Writing

I died slowly,silently

I watched you With the wife and children Strolling along the malls She, in a dera to hide the overgrown curves, you called them Laughing with the children at your silly jokes You looked happy, very happy I remembered your words, again, I just want to…

Creative Writing

Some things I know for sure:

So there's that—harrowing grief that stretches and swallows me whole. I feel really small in the face of it and I'm running out of emotional real estate to house it. But there's also progress. Sometimes I think of a pun and it makes me laugh so har…


Anklets: Comprehensive details about women wearing leg-chains you need to know

Leg chains also called anklets, ankle chain, ankle bracelet or ankle string is an ornament worn around the ankle. Today, leg chains made of silver, gold, or beads are used by some women as fashion jewelry. When embracing the subject of leg chains you…



“No, no, wait,” she says, running into the house. She hops onto the porch, and two seconds later, she is leaping across the grass with the Bluetooth speaker in her hand, a beautiful dog by her heels. It’s no surprise that she had to be dramatic…


The LORD is my Shepherd – Psalms 23:1

It’s been a while since I blogged and what a better way to come back and kickstart a series on the LORD is our Shepherd! Psalms 23 is my all-time favourite Psalm. Sometimes, when you don’t know what to pray for or think about, my fallback plan is…


Do Androids Dream of Organic Women?

Most of every man in the new world is the product of the organic male sperm and an artificial female ovary. Debbie was special in more ways than one. The only real woman and the only real person of her ilk, from two real people. She knew most of this…