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KENYA MORE - 11/Jun/2019

A Mijikenda hybrid girl: Esther NeemaAmidst Water and Land, is a grand history of Strong women who raised me. A history of a woman, Mekatilili, who led men and women in standing against colonization. A history of women who were the very rock that hel… read


I amTroye - 08/Jun/2019

Wassgood fam! Hello from the other side. I haven't been writing for the past one or so years and I'm guilty as charged, I deserve all the critic. I've been busy with school and life. Moreover, it's been pretty overwhelming for me to find inspirations… read

Introducing Dorcas.

Kriscalf Exposed - 06/Jun/2019

“…I don’t even know if church was the place for these kinds of ideas, but I detected a new story with this one. There had to be…” (Previously) As the service progressed, I concentrated to an extent, I am sure it was not 100%. However hard I… read

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump in Texas

emalineachieng -HUMOURITA! - 02/Jun/2019

Statement from First Lady Melania Trump on Gold Star Families  Issued on: May 31, 2019   Thanks to the families who joined  the White House  in honor of our Nation’s fallen heroes. The American people grieve alongside all the families who have… read

When health workers strike

Tabitha on Health - 31/May/2019

The human cost of health worker strikes varies and the evidence is often not what you may imagine it to be. The post When health workers strike appeared first on Health Kenya. read

Combining climate action with agri-business key in transforming Africa

Our Planet with Anthony Mugo - 30/May/2019

An emerging school of thought about implications of climate change sheds light on a dimension of the phenomenon that is rarely given due attention - opportunities brought about by climate change. Proponents of this perspective, such as Dr Richard Mu… read

Sports Illustrated adorns a Kenyan flair feat. Halima Aden

replay254 - 28/May/2019

#ShatteringPerceptions Halima Aden joins the rookie class of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit and returns home to Kenya writing history again by becoming the first Burkini-wearing Model beautifully recreating a high fashion Burkini shoot... read

Gap year.

Tracy Gesare - 28/May/2019

While Malia Obama takes a gap year (rolls eyes to another dimension) I am bored out of my hair roots selling flowers. Selling flowers to people who do not give two flying hoots about anything but kale. Maybe sweet potatoes too but mostly kale. I am n… read

Is it just me?

Tharisit - 26/May/2019

Is it just me or things are just hella expensive nowadays?Recently my throat was starting to show signs and symptoms of a cold. So I remembered how the other day someone blessed me with a cup of dawa… Then it hit me. I should make my own dawa. In m… read

Rise of the New Faces in Theatre

Sanaa Post - 26/May/2019

    ROLL THE DICE A review by Simyu Barasa. ‘Alea iacta est’, The dice is cast. These were the words of Julius Ceaser when he crossed the Rubicon River, signalling that with that deed, the point of no return has been crossed and the games have… read

Press Release : A Revolution in the Financing of SMES

Kenya Info Hub - 22/May/2019

In a move signaling a revolution in the financing of micro, small and medium scale enterprises (MSMEs) Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) Governor Dr. Patrick... The post Press Release : A Revolution in the Financing of SMES appeared first on Kenya Info Hub… read

Inauspicious Introductions

Tanisha Mehta - 21/May/2019

Wedding season is upon us, and woefully for those of us who are not directly involved in the festivities (family or close friends), it’s the season of trying on our clothes only to realise how much damage December actually did. Another damage broug… read

5 ways to Manage Generation Z in the Workplace

EDUCATION - 15/May/2019

First off, generation Z or the so called Millennial’s represent the workforce generation born between mid-1990 – 2012 Raised in a digital world and with a liking for internet, technology, freedom, and establishing social connections, these group… read

Passover, the sacred feast

Ayub Macharia - 07/May/2019

Passover softened pharaoh After prolonged defiance After death of first borns Of animals and humanity (Exodus 12:1) Four hundred years captivity Eighty years prior God prepared liberation For Israel Moses was born In tormentors times Hebrews boys con… read

Getting There, No matter What!

Joy Quint - 06/May/2019

Happy Monday people! I know it has been a while! I have had the most interesting first quarter of 2019 and from the title, you can already tell that it’s a journey of sorts. First of all, I started a prayer group on Whatsapp called ” War Room 201… read

KUCCPS 2019/2020 Inter-Institution Transfer Applications – Guide - 04/May/2019

KUCCPS 2019/2020 Inter-Institution Transfer Applications The Placement Service online application system has opened for inter-institutional transfer applications. The 2018 KCSE examination candidates who have already been selected for courses in uni… read

The Morning After

Ben Mokamba - 04/May/2019

When you lie in bed at night, do you think about the same things that I do? Do you oftenread more The Morning After… read

Out of one, many

Rugunya - 28/Apr/2019

This weekend I was privileged to share moments with entrepreneurs under the MRF program. It's always good being around entrepreneurs, there's a lot of "notes to compare." I must also say I'm really inspired by the number of young people who won't ju… read

29 thoughts about turning 29 - 18/Apr/2019

29 years ago on a Wednesday night, my sweetest mother pooped me out, am forever grateful for her intention to birth me and bring me into this world. Today being my birthday, I feel blessed to be seeing the sunset of my 20s and reflecting back on the… read

Best Easter Travel Deals 2019

Travellers Relish - 10/Apr/2019

It’s that time of the year when we celebrate the longest weekend. When we can travel, party or just take a well-deserved rest. If you are anything like me, a wanderlust, I bet you areContinue Reading The post Best Easter Travel Deals 2019 appeared… read