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Happy New Year! 2021: Guess It’s Time To Live!

Have you ever reached a place and decided that; it’s time to live. Living my best life and living my one life. Happy New Year guys and welcome back to my blog. The other day, I decided to watch Bling Empire on Netflix and one particular character c…

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Why Didn’t You Kiss Me?

I stood there before you. My heart pounding. Head giddy. Waiting. Hoping. For what I thought was about to happen between us. My pounding heart was in my hands. I stretched it out to you for you to take it, this heart of mine. It wasn’t in perfect s…


Five Ways to Run Away From Your Business Prison

Doing business can be fun as everyday you are learning new stuff. But on the other hand it can be overwhelming. This is especially if you are operating the business by yourself. As a solo person,you are in charge of the whole operation of the busines…

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2021, Glory to God for this new decade.2020 had us appreciating every day and being grateful to be alive. What an intense year it was. Most of us had never witnessed a pandemic and its impact since we were born. It is safe to say most of us didn’t…


10 Common Sports Betting Myths

In the ever changing betting industry, there are so many myths that punters globally believe. While some of the myths are almost true, the fact is most have not yet been proven to be true or false and this results in the myth creating different theor…


The Panari Resort – Nyahururu

For month's I've been stuck on how to get back to blogging... Do I just post like nothing ever happened? Since I can't figure it out, I guess the best way to begin, is to take you guys to my home... Nyahururu The post The Panari Resort – Nyahururu…

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Stay Away From Negative Environment….

Good Evening Peeps… 08/01/2021#45 Since last year we have been going through a lot, We have lost so many people, Fear has taken over us. Seems we have totally forgotten to live. Hoping 2021 will be the best year for all of you and may…


Jane Weru Biography

Jane Weru Biography: Jane Weru is a Kenyan Executive Director and Founding Member of Akiba Mashinani Trust. #Faqs Jane Weru age? Jane Weru family? Jane Weru nominated Nairobi Deputy Governor? Jane Weru background? Jane Weru education? The post Jane W…



How's your new year coming along? It's been a long while since I was last here; it's been difficult trying to be consistent on this space of mine especially due to work and let's just say life. In fact, today's pictures were taken almost 4 months ago…

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The Dark Night of My Heart

When the angel of death plotted my death, he convinced me to be patriotic. I sat at a makeshift desk and signed attestation forms and, months later, took the Oath of Allegiance.  In Somalia, the world floated cloud-like upon the billowing smokes of…


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Books, a re-introduction | Life Updates - 7 of 7

I’m out here trying to give myself a head start to reading 52 books in 2021. All my cool friends who are book-ish need to share tips of how I can stay afloat. I finished my birthday gift Thursdays by Jackson Biko aka Bikozulu this December, and i…