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okachformusungu - 21/Jan/2020

A PLAY BY DAVID MULWA ANALYSIS BY MUSUNGU OKACH, H.O.D Lit, Literary Theorist, Teacher of English & Literature ABOUT THE AUTHOR David Kakuta Mulwa was born just when the Second World War was coming to a close in April 1945. A child of a priest fa… read

Tastes of Salt

Nyaguthii - 20/Jan/2020

I make no noises Tears are silent And i have forgotten Why they fall… read

Budget Historic Tour Circuit In Malindi - 20/Jan/2020

Away from the white paradise beaches is a rich cultural history that surrounds today’s Malindi. Located in Kilifi country, it’s… read


Dennis Mukoya 'No Chills' Blog - 17/Jan/2020

How did we get here? I wrote this on a Previous Blog in May 2018 – In most of 2017, Kenya mirrored the behavior exemplified by Abunuwas cutting a tree branch he was sitting on. After the January 30th 2018 swearing-in ceremony for the People’s Pre… read

Are You Sure?

Kiiru Macharia - 16/Jan/2020

You have just finished your KCSE exams. Four years of your life have been evaluated in just three weeks. You find yourself quite broke but you are comforted by the fact that you can now wake up after the sun has risen. Hmm, I should get me a job or s… read

Is everyone really necessary?

Mama Cekes speaks - 16/Jan/2020

Did you know that there are people who know nothing but trouble? People whose lives are engrossed in so much pain that they know no other life. Those that cannot imagine the thought that they do not have a story to tell you. Those who feel that they… read


KINASISI - 15/Jan/2020

Sometime, somewhere, I traded battle stories with some boys. Our voices dissolving in the wind like distant radios. I don’t remember their faces, not the tone of their voices, but I am sure they were boys. Their names are lost too, buried in a time… read

Shoot Your Shot!

the phy factor - 10/Jan/2020

Ola my peeps.Happy New Year!!! I hope everyone got their New Year’s resolutions, yea we are people, we all need to have resolutions every start of the year, Who will we be if we didn’t have resolutions? It’s a sin… Continue reading →… read

Adult Acne Tips 18

Almasi Skincare - 10/Jan/2020

Adult acne tips part 18 contains Kenyan diet tips, skincare tips, hair care tips and stress management tips to help your treat acne and prevent breakouts. Adult Acne Diet Tips Eat Vitamin A rich foods every day like red bell peppers, mangoes, carrots… read

Cheers to the new decade!!

Look what i have learnt! - 09/Jan/2020

its 2020!!to God be the Glory!!I can distinctly recall the turn from 1999 to 2000....the millennium and the craze that computers would crash etc etc....I had  a friend in IT who had to spend the night at work just incase the worst happens! ai ai aiA… read

Review: Beyond Guilt Trips

Kerry's Blog - 08/Jan/2020

Title: Beyond Guilt Trips: Mindful Travel in an Unequal World Author: Anu Taranth Publisher: Between the Lines Publication Date: May 2019 Genre: Travel, Non-Fiction Travelling abroad harbours the promise of adventure and experiences but are traveller… read

Vivo Y19 With A 5000mAh Battery To Be Unveiled In Kenya

Techsawa - 08/Jan/2020

Vivo East Africa is gearing to unveil its latest product the Vivo Y19 to expand its Y-series portfolio in Kenya. The device is said to have decent specifications, with a 5000mAh battery, a FullView™ Display, and an AI Triple Rear Camera setup that… read

From the Dirt

kisauti - 08/Jan/2020

11:00am. That’s the time we’re seated in the living room with my niece and my mom watching In Pursuit of Happiness starring Will Smith and my mom starts telling us the hardships they have endured with my dad while raising us. She’s sixty two bu… read

Follow Your Heart

Harleen Jabbal - 07/Jan/2020

Try sitting quietly and eventually you will be able to hear your heartbeat. Sometimes it is fast, ok maybe mostly it is fast because you are anxious, excited, angry or in a hurry. But what if it slowed down to a steady and happy rhythm? That is what… read

Factors to consider When Choosing Back to School Fabrics for your Children

Pinkray Fashions - 06/Jan/2020

After an outstanding and challenging festive season, a routine back to school January period is back again. This time it demands stingy spending during December festive season while keeping an eye on saving for school uniforms, shopping expenses, bus… read

Give Foreign spouses rights to work in Kenya

Immigrationkenyanews - 02/Jan/2020… read


musyimisue - 31/Dec/2019

Here comes the end of not only a year but a decade. Here comes the end of the year 2019. This year just said “but did you die?!” so loud I almost burst an eardrum. At the end year of 2018, you went down on your knees and prayed for a good year bu… read

When hard reality strikes

The Bahatian - 29/Dec/2019

Grasping with a job loss is always the hardest part for many. Consider the long process of looking for a job, including underselling one’s worth just to be employed. The sad reality in Kenya is that you’ll hardly find a company advertising for va… read


WALK WITH ME - 27/Dec/2019

By Mical ImbukwaBeing a lady in a male dominated work place, how will you handle sexual harassment in case it happens? This question caught me off guard. I had never encountered it in any of my previous interviews. All they ever wanted to know was wh… read

My heartbeat and I, we got this.

Clarie's Ramblings - 25/Dec/2019

I am excessively aware and terrified of my heartbeat. The strength of it; the fragility of it;the aliveness of it; the finality of it. How it sums up the seemingly shrinking but yet expansive ordeal that my life has been this past year. Whilst people… read