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How To Check KRA PIN Using ID Number Blog - Get KRA Services Online Today - 18/Feb/2019

Learn How To Check KRA PIN Using ID Number online today at Portal. Know your PIN number quickly and easily today. Many people out there do not know their KRA PIN Numbers or sometimes have forgotten their KRA PIN… Read More The post How… read

The Essential Toiletries Kit for Travel

fashionablestepmum - 18/Feb/2019

It’s a  great day here in Johannesburg and the sun is shinning in all its glory. Unlike many travellers, I don’t travel light. I like to have all my products and essentials with me incase I need them. I packed all my essentials for this trip but… read

Our Hair Must Grow in 2019!!

AfroMapenzi - 18/Feb/2019

Have you been thinking about growing your hair this year? Are you struggling to grow it out? Would you like a solution to that effect? If your answer is yes, stay tuned because this post is for you. When I started my natural hair journey, it seemed i… read

Kabarak University, Kenya student team iCropal qualify for Microsoft Imagine Cup EMEA Regional Final

MCGH - 18/Feb/2019

Each year Microsoft hosts its student Imagine Cup competition. A competition where student developers showcase their innovative solutions built on Microsoft’s technology. Starting with online finals, national and regional finals. Then on to the wor… read

I Ate A Whole Jar of Peanut Butter!

#SpreadTheGospel - 17/Feb/2019

It’s a nutty situation! read

Loan Bee App

Loans Kenya Blog - 17/Feb/2019

Loanbee app gives fast small loans to Kenyans of between ksh100 and ksh40000 through their smartphones.Get Started with Loanbee AppYou will need an android smartphone and an Mpesa account. Go to Play store and download the loanbee app Create your ac… read


LYFE CHAMI - 15/Feb/2019

Life is Precious. I have heard this phrase many times and I have seen and felt a couple of instances to conclude that it is indeed precious. Life is valued so much by people, am sure even animals do so because they do fight to survive too sometimes. read


4sightsite - 14/Feb/2019

Valentine for those who knows is supposed to be a day of love.Red love. A day meant for more than four legs in a bed.A day where hearts speaks not the bodies. But for the majority who happens to be clappy happy ,it is the day they preserve for superf… read


musyimisue - 13/Feb/2019

14th February, dia de los enamorados. The day that people show their utmost love for their partner. Get the all sorts of present, take them to fancy dinners, go for a short vacation! The lady gets to dress up, be all pretty and be showered with love… read


okachformusungu - 13/Feb/2019

1.Tradition Tradition is people’s beliefs and practices which in this case has been passed on from one generation to another. In the book, the author explores the tradition of the Maa people. Using the Nasilian community, the book looks at the soci… read


Funtravelkenya's Blog - 12/Feb/2019

LANTANA GALU @LantanaGalu is one for the lovers of fine travel. It is situated on the tranquil side of Diani Beach and set in lush tropical gardens and along one of the most exclusive and pristine beaches of the Kenyan coast. With villas facing the o… read


funtravelkenya's Blog - 12/Feb/2019

LANTANA GALU @LantanaGalu is one for the lovers of fine travel. It is situated on the tranquil side of Diani Beach and set in lush tropical gardens and along one of the most exclusive and pristine beaches of the Kenyan coast. With villas facing the o… read

Justice Pending for Teenager’s death due to FGM

Mtoto News - 12/Feb/2019

Teenager's body still in morgue after FGM… read


Hadithi Hadithi - 11/Feb/2019

‘Do I have something to say? Yes I do. But where to start is where am not so sure.’ Thoughts that I have whenever I try to picture myself in a therapist session. Its funny how I want to heal myself without having to let someone in. The walls that… read



I actually realized that it is a new year and I have not been around for quite a while now. Nevertheless, I know that we recently ushered in the second month of the year; February. I can already feel that the ambiance has shifted into […]… read

Love Chance

Thuo Ndung'u Jnr - 08/Feb/2019

She looked up from her drink, catching him staring directly at her. She smiled, successfully dispelling his minute long theory that she could not be any more beautiful. He was in love... read



They say that what you wear simply explains who you are.. read

Fetching Water

thesocialcrazies - 07/Feb/2019

Fetching Water is an art. It can’t be done by just anyone. It’s an art pouring water in a glass but leaving a small gap so it isn’t over-filled. Also, balancing it as you snake your way through guests to deliver water. That’s why when you don… read

Nostalgia…6.0: “when i got into a facebook relationship”

blurryface - 06/Feb/2019

Ha! Shele! The days of yonder… May 2012. Can’t remember the exact date. After buying credit ya 50, I ran back to the house, dived into my bed and whipped out my Samsung Champ. My Facebook account was at its … Continue reading →… read

In the eye of the storm

kaniaru's son - 04/Feb/2019

Being Monday and the start of the week, I find it appropriate to speak about the place of faith in my journey with illness and as well as conclude this story. Faith is defined as complete trust in something or someone. Religiously, faith is deep conv… read