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Inspiration of the Bible – Lesson 2

The African Pot - 15/Jan/2018

The Bible is a literature of faith. The Jews and the Christians revere it as the word of God since they consider it to be divinely inspired. St Paul in 1 Tim. 3:16 states that all scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching, refutation, f… read


Oshinity - 14/Jan/2018

So . . . I finally made the leap and did my first YouTube video! Yay! I’ve been meaning to for so long and people have asked me to get on with it so here… The post GET TO KNOW ME – MY FIRST YOUTUBE VIDEO appeared first on Oshinity. read

Before Next Year…

thesocialcrazies - 13/Jan/2018

Everyone has a list. Before I turn 20 something else and start ushering in 2019. I like chappatis and how they just melt in your mouth with githeri, avocado & pili pili. @OvacadoMan, you need to try it out. I make carrot chapattis in all shapes… read

How to (Not) Deal with Your Resolutions

blurryface - 13/Jan/2018

Since the earth is 4.54 billion years old; Happy 4,540,000,018 ± 50,000,000! I thought 4,540,000,000,017 ± 50,000,000 would ever end. okay I’m done. (you see, this is why I prefer to write comedy rather than say it out loud. because I won’t … read

Why Did Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) Send Mr.Francis Wangusi home? - 13/Jan/2018

So, the board of the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) on Friday evening sent director general Francis Wangusi on compulsory leave. The explanation given by the board for the action is malpractice in staffing and promotions at the regulator. We… read

How to create a content calendar

Haute Explorer - 13/Jan/2018

Hi! When I first started blogging, I had no idea what an editorial/content calendar was. I often would find myself starring at a blank screen struggling with finding a topic to write about that was more than a few sentences. Sometimes, I would go da… read


andrewismme - 13/Jan/2018

The anger over kids not getting into university speaks to how Kenya education has become a search for papers, rather than true learning which opens many doors at many different levels. Shouldn’t we perhaps interrogate our all-roads-lead-to-universi… read

Profitable For Instructions.

Reina Beaty - 13/Jan/2018

When fixing a car engine, any mechanic will attest, you have to use each and every gadget to facilitate it’s functionality. If the mechanic fails to use certain small bolts for joining different parts of the car engine, the engine will not work. He… read

Kenya’s major tourism highlights in 2017

ADVENTURE 254 - 12/Jan/2018

The year 2017 in Kenya’s tourism was marked by major milestones that had both positive and negative implications on the industry. Jumia Travel looks at some of them and gives a glimpse of what 2018 will look like. Jack Ma Comes to Town Billionaire… read

Lewa Days.

Champagne Violinist - 12/Jan/2018

Hello my loves, I hope your new year has been filled with love and happiness. Sharing with you one of the most gorgeous places on the planet Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. My Magical Kenya is full of magical spaces and places and I got to explore one. Th… read



His face could tell the story of a very miserable man. Where would he get ksh. 20 million to pay for the damages? read

On Belonging

Tanisha Mehta - 12/Jan/2018

Originally published on the Storymoja Festival blog. Belonging is a funny thing. We spend our whole life searching for it in different places, but it’s never ours to take. It’s always something that must be given to us. Early on in life it’s is… read

Going Up in Smoke, Point Blank with Asian Weekly 12th January 2018

Harleen Jabbal - 12/Jan/2018

Three centuries ago, the Persians enjoyed what is known as the hookah. This is a pipe connected to a bowl of water that is heated and the vapour steams the flavoured tobacco, cannabis or hashish. When the hookah spread around the world it was called… read


The Scroll - 12/Jan/2018

I once read a storybook about poaching, I can’t remember what it was called. It was about these three children whose father was a warden in a national park in Kenya, I can’t remember which one. The story begins with them striking a deal with thei… read


Rugger - 12/Jan/2018

♛♚The future of rugby is knocking at our doorstep and the only question is are we ready for what's on the other side of the door. The previous rugby calendar provided a concoction of the best emerging talents mixed together with a blend of experi… read

STARTUP: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly (A Movie Review)

Rugunya - 11/Jan/2018

Happy New Year!This year I'll start my writing with a first: a movie review! Yes. Over the holidays, I got an opportunity to watch a series recommended earlier to me: STARTUP! - (starring Kenyan-born Edi Gathegi). The show has quite an interesting p… read

5 Wholesome Family Activities for a Weekend Getaway in Naivasha

Travelstart Kenya's Travel Blog - 11/Jan/2018

There are places on this planet that are just built for relaxation. Kenya, thankfully, is about 80% made up of those kinds of destinations. Think about it; what’s… The post 5 Wholesome Family Activities for a Weekend Getaway in Naivasha appeared… read

in my skin

chanyado - 11/Jan/2018

I stand at the window. The moon is hidden and my feet are bare. I reach up to my face. At the point where my hairline starts, is a zipper hidden in the coils of my curls. It is made of solid chunky brass, the kind you find on vintage leather jackets. read


emalineachieng -HUMOURITA! - 11/Jan/2018

From the battlefield to the home front For veterans, the toughest part of a return to civilian life often comes at the very beginning. Veterans in their first year after service are particularly vulnerable to mental health risks but often do not rece… read

Can all honourable men stand up!

Girl Sans Doubts - 11/Jan/2018

This court, like the systems our world is currently running on does not work as expected. It is more of a ‘playground where we sat so as to compromise on our differences with one clear winner’ who happens to be the teacher’s pet. I could have g… read