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When Your Best Laid Plans Go Wrong

The Bahatian - 17/Mar/2020

Anything can go wrong when you think you’ve everything figured out to the last minute detail. And when you’re having that feeling that you’ve dodged a problem or avoided a bad situation, you suddenly find yourself in thick of same, or somehow b… read

Tecno Camon 15 Pre-Order Will Get You A Back Pack And A Voucher

Techsawa - 16/Mar/2020

The Tecno CAMON 15 pre-order is ongoing in selected TECNO MOBILE stores and here is some good news. To qualify for a pre-order, the client will pay Ksh 2000 as a deposit for the phone and get a backpack. When buying the phone, the client will pay Ksh… read

Of dirt, and Grace Part Two

the Scribbler - 16/Mar/2020

The decibel levels were getting higher as the night grew grey hair. Higher than Chinese loans to Africa coupled with ludicrous amount of interest rates. The tension was palpable. The night was still albeit with the ensuing melee. Gay skies making mos… read

Re-positioning Drugs against Malaria Show Promise – Is the Late Professor Calestous Juma’s Vision Finally Coming True?

Scielife247's Blog - 13/Mar/2020

The time taken to develop a new drug, up until its introduction into the market takes no less than a dozen years. And, it is an expensive affair whose cost is approximated to be between $100-800 million. read

Welcome to The New Experience at the New MUZE Club

LaMusicJunkie - 12/Mar/2020

It’s finally back. After 5  long months of separation, MUZE club has once again opened its doors for us. I know many music junkies wondered if our new home was gone forever – and whether we’d ever reunite. But things are slightly different thi… read

Nairobi Premiere: The Legend of Lwanda Magere – A Kwame Nyong’o Short Film, Mar. 21 2020 @ Karen Village Arts Centre

Nairobi Now :: arts, culture and events - 12/Mar/2020

Date: March 21, 2020 Venue: Karen Village Arts Centre Time: 7 pm Entry: Free… read

Goliath: Part Two (The CopyCat)

Thuo Ndung'u Jnr - 06/Mar/2020

Detective Murphy scribbled vigorously on his  notepad that the cheap precinct pen almost broke in half. The crime scene fit Goliath’s Modus Operandi, right from the perfectly skinned bodies pinned to the walls so they were the first thing you saw… read

The Train to Tsavo

Wild Destinations Ltd - 05/Mar/2020

Taking the train to Tsavo seemed like such a neat idea that we decided to test it out for ourselves. We opted to begin from Mombasa and end up in Nairobi, with a night’s stay at the exclusive Finch Hattons Camp in Tsavo West National Park. read

Psycho 101

the phy factor - 05/Mar/2020

Do ladies still slide into each other’s inboxes and DMs saying “leave my man alone”?. Honestly, I talk about wanting a “boyfriend” but I don’t even know what I’d do with one. Like what, do you just kiss him and… Continue reading →… read

Layering Necklaces: All You Need To Know

StyleScript - 02/Mar/2020

We’ve been wearing necklaces since we hunted mammoths, with every culture and civilisation hanging symbols and precious stones around their necks. There is currently a trend to layer necklaces, which is a great opportunity to get creative. If you h… read

Nairobi Animal Orphanage Tour

Adventures of Clare - 01/Mar/2020

On a Saturday afternoon during the December holidays, I managed to convince my mom to take my nephew for a visit to the animal orphanage. Needless to say, I was also eager to go because I had been there when I was very young and wanted to relive the… read

My little thinker!!

Look what i have learnt! - 21/Feb/2020

So they say that the age 6 to 8 have imaginary friends and its very normal!..and in fact its a symptom of developing social intelligence in the childSo this is well and good and I have watched as my kids go through this phase.....then enter LO number… read

Tranquili-TEA: Chesumot Tea Estate

Funtravelkenya's Blog - 21/Feb/2020

We all have moments where we feel prouder to be Kenyan than in our normal day to day life. Not that we are not proud to be Kenyans, but those moments just makes it sure we are at 100%. One of the moments for me has always been when I travel past the… read

Tranquili-TEA: Chesumot Tea Estate

funtravelkenya's Blog - 21/Feb/2020

We all have moments where we feel prouder to be Kenyan than in our normal day to day life. Not that we are not proud to be Kenyans, but those moments just makes it sure we are at 100%. One of the moments for me has always been when I travel past the… read


kisauti - 19/Feb/2020

I went on a date last night. We had met twice before and there were sparks. We had planned to meet on Christmas but I never showed. This date was my way of making up and perhaps making out after. I looked forward to it; maybe there would be fireworks… read

The Witch

Junior Elders - 17/Feb/2020

I was in church the other Sunday. I know this sounds like I’m not a frequent guest to the house of the Lord, but I’ve been to church more times this month than I was the whole of last year. Progress. Anyway, you’ve already known that I was in c… read


Slychronicles - 16/Feb/2020

Beach The beach is among the favorite locations to visit for most coastal region visitors, and for good reasons. It is an ideal relaxing area with the right ambience to enjoy some fun games like beach volleyball, castle building and burying each othe… read

Ol talet/Oloika cottages

Travel by Ray - 10/Feb/2020

As Rodolfo Vosta once said “many people are so poor that all they have is money.” This is one of …Continue reading →… read


Nyaguthii - 06/Feb/2020

I have stared at you more than once from the corner of my eye I have found myself smiling because you did I have watched you sip your drink, wipe your brow, turn the page and your eyes grow I have wondered about that About you What are you reading? W… read


musyimisue - 04/Feb/2020

Love has to be one of the best feelings and can also do the most damage to a person. With love comes affection, safety, happiness, peace and care. Love carries with it all sorts of emotions which can either make ones life better or worse. Well, every… read