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The Meaning of Loss and the Process of Grief

Harleen Jabbal - 03/Oct/2020

The word loss is easily identifiable with loss of business, money or usually financial issues. The other time it comes … More… read

Coming Up for Air

Kerry's Blog - 19/Sep/2020

  Life in Kenya seems to be returning back to “normal”. Well, apart from homeschooling-working parents who are juggling many priorities and the obvious 9 pm curfew.   With current events, I am seeking refuge in my beliefs, art and creativity. L… read

Little sorrows

Clarie's Ramblings - 12/Sep/2020

And then there are cracks. Moments that should ordinarily be a quick tear when I encounter something that moves me but my body malfunctions and my grief flows out in barely contained guttural screams. It’s contained quickly. But it’s still a swol… read

The Unexpected (II)

#SpreadTheGospel - 10/Sep/2020

The Holy Spirit reminded me of my all time favourite Biblical character, David. read

World’s First Elevator Pitch “Up in The Sky” launched by Tiktok in Conjunction with the Gritti Fund

WALK WITH ME - 09/Sep/2020

The bar has been raised for Kenya’s bold and innovative entrepreneurs as Tiktok, the leading destination for short form videos joins hands with The Gritti Fund, the world’s first purpose driven and happiness focused investment, in the launch of t… read


AfroMapenzi - 08/Sep/2020

Ladies, ladies, ladies. We all have different skin care regimens. Hold up one second. I moved too fast and would like to step back a little. Most of us don’t know what a regimen is. So what is that exactly?  Regimen is a routine that is followed t… read


Dennis Mukoya 'No Chills' Blog - 03/Sep/2020

Devolution was one of the finest products of the novel and progressive Constitution that was promulgated in 2010. Chapter 11 of this Popular Charter heralded a new dawn where hitherto underdeveloped regions finally saw recognition under law and those… read

Thinking aloud

Ricita Chillspot - 31/Aug/2020

When I started my YouTube channel, I knew exactly what I was open to talk about, that is, anything interesting, but then, things that would at least make a difference in people's lives. I'm now realizing that it takes a lot of courage and wisdom to d… read


Wild Destinations Ltd - 15/Aug/2020

Now is probably the best time in your life to go on safari in Kenya, notwithstanding the Covid-19 pandemic. read

Why I Struggled to Celebrate International Youth Day this Year?

Decent Conversations - 14/Aug/2020

Photo | CourtesyIf you have interacted with me in person or through digital platforms you know I am an avid advocate of issues affecting adolescents, youth and women. Any efforts going into these cause I will cheer on with my heart and soul. This ye… read

Figuring Out the Love Life- Seriously Single

Filmi Very Filmi - 12/Aug/2020

Hot packs, good looks, loads of booze. Yes, that’s the fun you are going to have in Seriously Single before we get to the serious stuff. The film is a breath of fresh air on the dating scene and yes there are happy endings in this one too. This Sou… read

Keeping the Flame Alive During Quarantine.

the phy factor - 25/Jun/2020

Ola my beautiful people!!! Its been so long since i engaged with you here,i hope everyone is keeping safe and sane at the same time? Personally am doing quite well,i am a chef now,ha ha well am not really a… Continue reading →… read


okachformusungu - 16/Jun/2020

Introduction Characters are the voice of the author in any works of art. In plays, they come alive and may take different forms depending on the director of the play. In the play Inheritance, David Mulwa creates vivid characters some of whom we may h… read


Nairobi Poetry House - 26/May/2020

There was a time I was hardly ever happy, frowned, I cried, I regretted then I realized, it’s up to me to be happy on my own, by myself, all for me and not for any other person, but me. So she said to her former self all to be re-lived by her prese… read

Quarantine chronicles 1

Look what i have learnt! - 15/May/2020

Its mid May alreadyWe are already 2 months since first case was announced in KenyaToday its drizzling and its FridayI really look forward to Fridays, because the weeks are normally intensive to balance work and duties in the house. Work seems intensi… read

Death Comes to Town

Nyaguthii - 14/May/2020

Do you ever get the feeling that you are being watched? Like there is something there just a little away from the corner of your eye. You could turn at any moment, but you can no longer do it. You have gone accustomed to the fear, and turning would m… read

Your Journey

musyimisue - 28/Apr/2020

Everyone’s journey is different and not on is similar. As we start our lives on this earth it is not the same as your brother or sister or friends. Your life is your own and you will it how you want it to be. The path you are on is meant just for y… read