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Amica Sacco; Loans, Paybill ,Contacts

Loans Kenya Blog - 01/Dec/2019

Amica Savings and Credit Cooperative Society is the Sacco built to provide the very best financial services that brings the real solutions to people.The Sacco currently has 17 branches spread in Murang'a, Kiambu and Nairobi Counties.Amica Paybill num… read

World AIDS Day

Mtoto News - 01/Dec/2019

By Khadija Mbesa World aids Day 1st Dec 2019 theme; Ending the HIV/AIDS epidemic: community by community. Only half of the children living with HIV/AIDS have access to the lifesaving treatment. HIV/AIDS is a public health treatment to the future gene… read

Kalasha Awards 2019 Winners, Full List

CHETENET - 01/Dec/2019

The 9th edition of the prestigious Kalasha Awards went down very well yesterday, November 30, 2019, at the Safari Park Hotel in Nairobi. The event which brought together government leaders, corporation officials, company executives, film and media pl… read


Dennis Mukoya 'No Chills' Blog - 30/Nov/2019

According to the Biblical book of Revelations Chapter 21:8 – The fearful, faithless, abominable, murderers, whore-mongers (pimps), sorcerers, adulterers, idolaters and  liars will meritoriously have their part in the lake that burns with fire and… read

Kilifi New Year 2020’s East African lineup is just what we needed

LaMusicJunkie - 30/Nov/2019

I have been to Kilifi New Year twice. Both times it was magic. I was so enchanted by the bush beats and bass in 2018 that I had to go back for the 2019 countdown. But I have a feeling this year’s edition will be the most epic one.  In case you’r… read


musyimisue - 30/Nov/2019

This will be a little different than my usual blogs. Of late most of my blogs have been about mental health and I decided why not have a break and do a travel blog for today. I always wanted my blog to be a mixture of lifestyle and mental health but… read

Abu Dhabi

StyleScript - 29/Nov/2019

Hey guys! So last month my friends and I took a well deserved vacation to Dubai. It feels like it was just yesterday. A very adventurous trip might I add. So much happened i.e missing our flight. That is a story I’ll tell on my next post, it was qu… read

Kinds of Gels to Apply During Rainy Season

Pinkray Fashions - 28/Nov/2019

Rains are the real blessings awaited and witnessed by all populace across cultures and tribes in the world, due to its impacts on agriculture, food security, and the general aspect of sustainable and clean water supplies. However, rainy days provide… read

Judas Kiss

the phy factor - 28/Nov/2019

“She hooked up with Carl, my carl!”Idah sobs uncontrollably as I reach out for some wipes from my bag. We are seated on a bench, at the rooftop. After some minutes of crying, blowing her nose and cursing, yeah and also regretting why she ever dat… read

All Hail Sauti Sol, Khaligraph, Nikita Kering and Rash Band for Winning at AFRIMA 2019

Spreadzone - 28/Nov/2019

Africa’s crème de la crème in music gathered at the Eko Convention Centre of Eko Hotels and Suites for the All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA) last weekend, held in Lagos, … The post All Hail Sauti Sol, Khaligraph, Nikita Kering and Rash Band for… read

Just for today …

Mama Cekes speaks - 27/Nov/2019

Today I feel vulnerable I want to cry I cannot tell you why Don’t look at me today I may not hold my tears at bay My heart is pumping hard My feet cannot hold me to the ground I can see the pulse on my inner palm I just cannot keep calm My hands…… read


Look what i have learnt! - 26/Nov/2019

10 year challengeso social media has this challenge where one posts pictures that are 10 years apartDecember 2009 I was a mother of one toddler and another one had just turned one - and I had my hands full with them. The first one was the playful kin… read


WALK WITH ME - 25/Nov/2019

By Mical Imbukwa Each morning I wake up and YouTube has video suggestions for me. Sometimes I even get distracted from my real purpose of the day because I want to catch up with my favorite youtubers. I have watched The Africa Tigress grow and I must… read

Time to Bloom

Ben Mokamba - 22/Nov/2019

Have you ever wondered what defines ‘being young’? Is it an age thing, as in, can we say, for instance, that if you’re between the ages of 0-30, then you’re young? If that’s so, then what happens as soon as you hit 31? Do people automatical… read

Spiced 05: Do Platonic Relationships work anymore?

Reformation Altar - 21/Nov/2019

“There is no way a man and a woman can just be friends”, today you will hear such statements within our social groups. It’s quite interesting how different people have different postulations on this matter. I would like to deconstruct both scho… read

The New Landladies in Town

The Bahatian - 21/Nov/2019

Perhaps he was renowned for the simple life he led. If there was any frugal person under the sun, it was him. Unbeknown to many back then, he was also a miser. For, despite being in a good salaried government job, he denied self and his family the lu… read

Going Bananas Is Not My Thing. It's My Mind's Thing

Curious. Discovery - 19/Nov/2019

Listen to the post by clicking play or going here...or listen and read at the same time! :)I like to think of myself as a fairly normal person. Sure, I laugh a little too loudly, utilising too much of the wide-mouth angles. I agree, I use gestures a… read

How Do You Handle A Child With Sibling Fever?

Momzyk - 13/Nov/2019

Looks like we’re at it again with self-harvested terminologies. Aren’t we all familiar with “Baby Fever”, when highly reproductive individuals envy that which others possess? The manifestation of holding a baby and drowning in the newborn sce… read

Hello Old Friend

kisauti - 13/Nov/2019

Over the past couple of days I have been feeling discomfort in my crown jewels. I made the mistake of going to the hospital of Google. ‘Testicular torsion is an emergency condition. It happens when the spermatic cord, which provides blood flow to t… read

Death Plan

The Ink Drop - 08/Nov/2019

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Death? Have you planned for yours?–Have-you-planned-for-yours-e8snpk… read