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“I would rather own a little and see the world than own the world and see a little of it.” ... read

Budget 2020/21: The highlights

Zed The Financialist - 11/Jun/2020

Treasury Secretary Ukur Yatani presented his Sh2.7 trillion Budget for the year starting July 1, outlining the spending plans, including the taxation measures to finance the proposals.Here are the highlights: ECONOMY: Government projects the economy… read

Of Karura and Company | Life Updates - 4 of 7

Writing with your Joan Kabugu - 31/May/2020

This week I was conflicted on what to write, I started off writing a letter to my future husband, it’s still in the mail - hehe…then I started writing about Kigali, Addis and Lagos, too many missing gaps and nostalgia there. Then today I went to… read

Police brutality, racism and tribalism- similarities between America and Kenya

Ricita Chillspot - 31/May/2020

The police brutality we see in America is the same one we see in Kenya. We have seen police use excessive force on Kenyans during this Covid-19 period. It is very unfortunate... read

Sports News Kamba: EPL kusyokethya ingi 17th June, 2020

SHARP TIP NEWS - 29/May/2020

29th May, 2020 By Robert Mutunga(Mwambua Ngozi) Ligi nene ya muvila wa maau kuya nthi... read

People With Ego, Will never Accept there wrong doings…..

The Mehul Blogs - 26/May/2020

Good Evening Peeps… 26/05/2020 #42 Sometimes there are people in this world who we cannot and will not ever be able to please. Sure, we might be trying as hard as we can but that doesn’t mean they’re going to accept our efforts as they sh… read


Nairobi Poetry House - 26/May/2020

There was a time I was hardly ever happy, frowned, I cried, I regretted then I realized, it’s up to me to be happy on my own, by myself, all for me and not for any other person, but me. So she said to her former self all to be re-lived by her prese… read

Quarantine chronicles 1

Look what i have learnt! - 15/May/2020

Its mid May alreadyWe are already 2 months since first case was announced in KenyaToday its drizzling and its FridayI really look forward to Fridays, because the weeks are normally intensive to balance work and duties in the house. Work seems intensi… read

Death Comes to Town

Nyaguthii - 14/May/2020

Do you ever get the feeling that you are being watched? Like there is something there just a little away from the corner of your eye. You could turn at any moment, but you can no longer do it. You have gone accustomed to the fear, and turning would m… read

Your Journey

musyimisue - 28/Apr/2020

Everyone’s journey is different and not on is similar. As we start our lives on this earth it is not the same as your brother or sister or friends. Your life is your own and you will it how you want it to be. The path you are on is meant just for y… read


WALK WITH ME - 23/Apr/2020

By Mical Imbukwa While birthdays are special occasions to many, for some, they just pass unnoticed. Infact sometimes it is face book that reminds them that they were born on that particular day. One pal of mine once asked, why celebrate yourself for… read

God Answered My Prayer

Flashes of Vice - 17/Apr/2020

www.christianity.comAgainst my better judgement, and Mother’s advice, I followed the love of my life to the barracks. Soldiers are never there for their families,she told me. You were never there for me,I retorted, and you’re not a soldier.Every… read

Cargo transportation could heavily contribute to post COVID -19 economic recovery

Kenyan Corporate News - 14/Apr/2020

This article was also published in the Star Freight is key in post COVID–19 economic recovery and also in the Business Daily How cargo will play key role in economic recovery after coronaKenya as a country is currently going through a bruising c… read

No Protection for the Elderly amid Covid-19 Pandemic

Scielife247's Blog - 13/Apr/2020

The extended family unit which provided protection and a sense of security to its elderly members in African societies, is being eroded - if not already. read

Traveling Tips

Travel by Ray - 08/Apr/2020

Are you a first time traveler and don’t know where to start from or how to settle on a destination? …Continue reading →… read


okachformusungu - 03/Apr/2020

Analysis by Musungu Okach INHERITANCE Inheritance refers to what is left by the deceased to the family in material wealth or sometimes power. However, the word could have diverse meanings when applied to works of literature. In this respect, David Mu… read


Filmi Very Filmi - 03/Apr/2020

The acclaimed feature documentary, The Elephant Queen, filmed in Tsavo East National Park and the Greater Amboseli Tsavo ecosystem will screen across Kenya. The Elephant Queen tells a stirring and intimate story about the most majestic and sentient a… read

Goliath: Part Two (The CopyCat)

Thuo Ndung'u Jnr - 06/Mar/2020

Detective Murphy scribbled vigorously on his  notepad that the cheap precinct pen almost broke in half. The crime scene fit Goliath’s Modus Operandi, right from the perfectly skinned bodies pinned to the walls so they were the first thing you saw… read

The Train to Tsavo

Wild Destinations Ltd - 05/Mar/2020

Taking the train to Tsavo seemed like such a neat idea that we decided to test it out for ourselves. We opted to begin from Mombasa and end up in Nairobi, with a night’s stay at the exclusive Finch Hattons Camp in Tsavo West National Park. read

Nairobi Animal Orphanage Tour

Adventures of Clare - 01/Mar/2020

On a Saturday afternoon during the December holidays, I managed to convince my mom to take my nephew for a visit to the animal orphanage. Needless to say, I was also eager to go because I had been there when I was very young and wanted to relive the… read