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How I Lost $230 In My First Online Writing Job

Fanne Mwambi | Fanne's Files - 17/Mar/2018

Disclaimer: The Articles in this section are extracts of my work in The People Daily Newspaper. Get your free copy every Wednesday here Who Said Being a WAHM (Work At Home Mom) Was Easy? Nothing comes easy. This phra… read

Mexican Rice

Foodie Cuisine - 17/Mar/2018

Wow one of my Favourites, if you guys like super spicy and Hot Food. Mexican dishes serve the best Hot Chilli Food. Here is presenting a simple recipee that gives that mexican taste. Ingredients 1 Big Bowl Sliced Cabbage 2 carrots grated thin 1/2 cup… read


akenyannomad - 16/Mar/2018

I’m keen on island exploration, especially those that we do not often hear about, thus my decision to explore the islands on the Kenyan side of L. Victoria. I traveled with fellow Kenyan traveler and vlogger Rioba, who, by the way, did the Southern… read


Maridadi Lifestyle - 16/Mar/2018

Before we talk about my hair type,let me get this quote from Americanah out of the way,it sets the stage for what I consider is a travesty that has gone on for far too long but thankfully is almost obsolete as more women are now getting to fall in lo… read


Eat,Pray,love and Live - 16/Mar/2018

How can someone achieve their goals faster while remaining focused? Before we discuss this however we should understand the starting point which is  we need a plan, a plan that we intentionally work on daily and  as we seek to replace our bad habit… read

Fan's Favourite

Rugger - 15/Mar/2018


Diplomat’s Delight- Darkest Hour, Film Review

Filmi Very Filmi - 15/Mar/2018

Gary Oldman is an excellent actor but to convince you that he is Winston Churchill seemed the impossible he made possible. The lanky actor became overweight and old with the hair and makeup but his acting talent remained flawless behind the layers of… read

HOW TO TAP INTO THE WRITER’S LIFE WITH JUNE GOULD. (Women’s language has stamina) ~June Gould.

emalineachieng -HUMOURITA! - 15/Mar/2018

in "How to Tap Into the Writer's Life," June Gould assureS us that everything—if our eyes and ears are open, and if we put ourselves into a focused mood or mindset—can inspire a piece of writing. read

Find the Bible that’s best for you.


We've been working hard to make the Christian Standard Bible (CSB) available in the formats and editions that will best serve you and your community. Today, well over a hundred formats and editions of the CSB are already in print, with more editions… read


Look what i have learnt! - 15/Mar/2018

My dearest boy!!Today is a big dayyou turn 12, one more year and you are a teenagerThe expected date of your arrival was actually March 22nd and so since the office gives 10 days before expected date, I was done with work and now decided to tag along… read

Books Set Outside The Western World Vol. 2

Kerry's Blog - 15/Mar/2018

Hello from cold and wet Nairobi! The rainy season is finally upon us and there is nothing better than snuggling with your favourite hot drink and a good book.  As a reader over the last two years, I have been keen on diversifying the stories that I… read

Good Wives Club

The Hooting Owl - 15/Mar/2018

Previously in Njambi & Kagwe’s World… I clench my fists to quiet the trembling. I try to take a deep breath but my lungs refuse to fill up with air. My stomach feels like a gaping crater. I press my palms to my cheeks. I have to do this. I ha… read

The Best Travel by Air Destinations in Kenya

Travelstart Kenya's Travel Blog - 14/Mar/2018

Travellers are always discoverers, especially those who travel by air. There are no signposts in the air to show a man has passed that way before. There are no channels marked.… The post The Best Travel by Air Destinations in Kenya appeared first o… read

Where to go Camping in Nairobi this Easter

ADVENTURE 254 - 13/Mar/2018

Nairobi, being the economic powerhouse of East Africa, is defined by an ever-changing skyline brought about by the architectural marvels; setting the trend for the new business hotels such as Ibis Styles. As such, camping in Nairobi may sound as an o… read

Teaching literacy to youth in Dadaab

eLimu - 13/Mar/2018

According to what statistics you use, Dadaab refugee camp is the fifth or sixth biggest city in Kenya. In the middle of 2017, its population was 250,000 and Norwegian Refugee Council (an international humanitarian organisation that focuses on displ… read


4sightsite - 13/Mar/2018

In a country which prides itself as top producer of coffee but majority of citizens consume beer and tea,so is the country politics which goes against the grain, as a handshake between two political supremos-Uhuru and Raila- is given more  weight th… read


andrewismme - 11/Mar/2018

A best friend is someone you’re not only going to love all your life, they are also your biggest critic and strongest supporter. They are your late-night mentors, daylight umbrellas, and midday co-conspirators. You feel secure with them, but more i… read

GRWM |Darling Kenya Product Launch

Nimu's Lifestyle - 07/Mar/2018

Step out of your comfort zone baby, that’s where all the fun is. Hello, One of my goals of this year was to step out of my comfort zone and last week Thursday, I had the opportunity to do so with Nurtured Knotts at the Darling Kenya product launch… read

Political correctness malignant, let’s help

Kenyan Incarnate: Wakenya Vifane - 06/Mar/2018

It’s politically correct to respond that you are doing good or just fine when a friend asks how are you? It’s especially more correct to do so when you are exactly the opposite of that. Political correctness. This is the type of era we are living… read

Addressing Violence Against Women and Girls through Football In Western Kenya

Shaboard - 06/Mar/2018

According to estimates from civil society groups and data from the United Nations, western Kenya has one of the highest proportions of violence against women and girls, with 45% of women having experienced violence since... The post Addressing Violen… read