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Exceedingly Abundantly Above

#SpreadTheGospel - 12/Oct/2019

"Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.." Ephesians 3:20 (NIV)… read

A new Bookmarker is in town, Betsafi with a number of goodies

Reviews Tabloid - 12/Oct/2019

Welcome to BETSAFI a trade name for Downtownbets Kenya Limited. Following exit of betting companies like SportPesa and Betin have brought about entry of new and even better companies in Kenya. Betsafi promises a number of goodies to its members and g… read

iPesa Loan App ; Download, Apply, Contacts

Loans Kenya Blog - 12/Oct/2019

iPesa is a mobile money lender providing quick access to cash through mpesa.The lender gives from kes500 minimum loan to kes50000 as maximum loan amount within minutes.Getting Started with iPesa LoansHere are the steps to follow;Download iPesa from G… read

Lake Nakuru National Park :: Safari Park Hotel Casino

Kenyan Wedding Portraiture Fashion Photographer - 12/Oct/2019

Model: Sophie Moore Location: Lake Nakuru National Park & Safari Park Hotel & Casino Designer : L.K.Bennett charleskeithofficial roberto_cavalli  Photography: Antony Trivet Photography Tour Guide: valary Ominde Instagram | Twitter | Faceboo… read

African Cites: Overwhelmed or Under-prepared?

African City Planner - 12/Oct/2019

There is no doubt that the African Continent is experiencing the highest rate of urbanization globally. Since the early 60s African cities have grown at unprecedented rates and continue to do so. This growth, however, is interspersed with tales of su… read

12 Bucket List Worthy Attractions in Kenya

Travelstart Kenya's Travel Blog - 11/Oct/2019

An array of mountains and ranges so lush that you would be forgiven for thinking they were part of paradise; rivers and lakes so bountiful they could feed a nation; beaches… The post 12 Bucket List Worthy Attractions in Kenya appeared first on Trav… read

Some of my favorite first episodes

Nyaguthii - 11/Oct/2019

It is a widely known fact that I will not any TV show that does not impress me on its first episode. Well actually, this fact is only known by me but I have been gaining a bit of weight and have become a bit wide so…same difference. Anyway, I have… read

This is why everyone cannot be successful - 11/Oct/2019

Inspirational talks are everywhere. They talk about success formulas. A list of do and don’ts that if followed, you equally become a success story. That got me thinking, in an ideal world, can everyone be successful? At the very foundation the answ… read

Where To Watch Kipchoge’s INEOS 1:59 Challenge

WebPro Education - 11/Oct/2019

The last thing you want is to miss the World’s top marathon runner attempt to complete a marathon in under two hours. The INEOS sponsored event will take place on Saturday 12th October. The final start time has not been confirmed yet but it will be… read


Taka Safi - 11/Oct/2019

虎扑10月10日讯北京时间10月10日清晨02:45,一场国际足球友谊赛在威斯特法伦球场进行,德国主场迎战阿根廷。上半场竞赛罗霍失误送礼,格纳布里率先破门,随后格纳布里助攻哈弗茨打入国… read

Radical Plan to salvage Nairobi River and the Athi basin is urgently needed

Our Planet with Anthony Mugo - 11/Oct/2019

Since 16th August 2019 when the Daily Nationpublished the first instalment of the story about the wanton pollution of Nairobi River titled Toxic Flow, many expected the responsible authorities to urgently swing into action to address the tragic situa… read

Malindi Dream Garden

Kenya wildlife safaris - 11/Oct/2019

Shs. 6,500/- bed & breakfast and Shs. 11,000/- full-board per person per night at Malindi Dream Garden. Valid until 22 December 2019 The post Malindi Dream Garden appeared first on Kenya wildlife safaris. read

The Top 10 Internship Abroad Opportunities

Kenyan Backpacker - 10/Oct/2019

What Are The Top 10 Internship Abroad Opportunities? Are you considering an internship abroad opportunity? Many programs around the world offer these types of programs. Each program varies depending on location, price, and popularity. Unfortunately,… read

The 9 Best International Series on Showmax this October

Spreadzone - 10/Oct/2019

Mayans M.C. (Season 2) -Biker Drama Fresh out of jail with a trail of broken dreams behind him, EZ needs a place to belong. Mayans M.C. seems to offer that, … The post The 9 Best International Series on Showmax this October appeared first on . read

Take A leaf from the Seychelles on Environmental Protection

Enviro Wild - 09/Oct/2019

The congestion in major towns causing massive traffic jams is brought about by the increasing personal cars and small public service vehicles. Instead of having 500 cars each day with just one occupant each, why not hop into a bus, reduce congestion,… read

Taking Stock!

My Walk of Faith - 09/Oct/2019

It’s been a little too heavy in here since the last blog so how about we try and bring some … read

Maxi Vibes

Just Redinta - 09/Oct/2019

Settled in after vacation, fully unpacked, commenced work and looking forward for winter. Hello there, October going on fine? I’m still feeling lazy and mostly derailing everything. You how it gets after a long vacation. Slowing catching up with li… read

Spiced 02: Cancer! Why did you take my Love?

Reformation Altar - 08/Oct/2019

I met my wife when she was young, beautiful and tender. As we exchanged our vows, “for better and for worse”, at this moment I was thinking about the ‘better’ I never imagined that we would have a cruel ‘worse’. Dating her, I remember hav… read

The reason why “Kasyoki Wa Mitumba” by Serro went viral

LaMusicJunkie - 07/Oct/2019

There have been a lot of great Kenyan songs released in 2019, but not like this one. I have never seen a song pick up that fast other than Extravaganza or Khali Cartel 3. Which to be fair, featured a cluster of Kenyan music superstars.  But what is… read

Take That Break by Winding Down in Style

The Bahatian - 07/Oct/2019

For some, weekends presents that chance to wind down in style. It could be to hang bingeing with friends, or to taking that excursion that will see them arriving back at their work posts looking refreshed and reenergized. The introverts would rather… read