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The Best of 2020: Have You Listened to these Kenyan Albums and EPs?

LaMusicJunkie - 20/Dec/2020

For a year that felt like gloom and doom, there have been so many Kenyan music projects released in 2020. Too many in fact. So which ones should you listen to? In the spirit of resilience, most Kenyan musicians did not let this unprecedented year mes… read

DON’T LOOSE IT. - 23/Nov/2020

Kaki had arrived at the coffee shop uneasy because she was behind schedule. The pressure was on from the publishers to deliver on her book due for debut early the next month. Since she had not handed it to the editors, the phone had continuously been… read

The Unexpected (II)

#SpreadTheGospel - 10/Sep/2020

The Holy Spirit reminded me of my all time favourite Biblical character, David. read


AfroMapenzi - 08/Sep/2020

Ladies, ladies, ladies. We all have different skin care regimens. Hold up one second. I moved too fast and would like to step back a little. Most of us don’t know what a regimen is. So what is that exactly?  Regimen is a routine that is followed t… read


Dennis Mukoya 'No Chills' Blog - 03/Sep/2020

Devolution was one of the finest products of the novel and progressive Constitution that was promulgated in 2010. Chapter 11 of this Popular Charter heralded a new dawn where hitherto underdeveloped regions finally saw recognition under law and those… read

Thinking aloud

Ricita Chillspot - 31/Aug/2020

When I started my YouTube channel, I knew exactly what I was open to talk about, that is, anything interesting, but then, things that would at least make a difference in people's lives. I'm now realizing that it takes a lot of courage and wisdom to d… read


Wild Destinations Ltd - 15/Aug/2020

Now is probably the best time in your life to go on safari in Kenya, notwithstanding the Covid-19 pandemic. read

Figuring Out the Love Life- Seriously Single

Filmi Very Filmi - 12/Aug/2020

Hot packs, good looks, loads of booze. Yes, that’s the fun you are going to have in Seriously Single before we get to the serious stuff. The film is a breath of fresh air on the dating scene and yes there are happy endings in this one too. This Sou… read