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Traveling Mommy 


It’s been 13 months since my last post and with great reasons. Strategies have fully changed and now I have one main question. . . Is my destination baby friendly? I wish to share my passion of spending time exploring... Continue Reading →… read

The Evil Chemist.

collinatuti - 04/Oct/2017

“In a small African village, there lived an old apothecarist. He was mostly known for his bellowy voice. It almost shook the ground as he spoke. His… Read more "The Evil Chemist."… read


KENYA MORE - 26/Sep/2017

At the roof top KICC (View of the entire Nairobi city) My love for Nairobi, has often been marred by my partial desire for the leafy green of the highlands and the oceanic blue of the coast. If it is not for the everlasting colors of nature that win… read


mwatuwetu - 20/Sep/2017

Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, Ephesians 3:20 KJV This is such a beautiful word, a wonderful promise. It is so full of ho… read

Detox Diary: My Vegetarian story

Tracy Gesare - 18/Sep/2017

The first day you go vegan, in the same way that I did, you might hate life instantly. read


my blog my space - 16/Sep/2017

For the last 6 months, we have been treated to lot of vitriol, hate and too much venom all in the pretext of campaigns and God knows what. The mainstream media has always done what it does best . Screaming the bad news and sweeping the good news unde… read

Nurses Strike: Is health care at the primary level in Kenya collapsing?

Barbzy Unscripted - 11/Sep/2017

Health services in Kenya’s public health facilities remain paralyzed that is now entering into its 100th day due to the ongoing nurse strike. The nurses have paralyzed health services demanding the full implementation of the Collective Bargaining A… read

the secret pain of grief

My Side of the Street - 10/Sep/2017

Just over a decade ago I attended the funeral of a man I had worked with on a teen talk …Continue reading →… read

A right to vote,not a right to fight.


“If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything”-Malcom X. This statement best personifies us, the Kenyan people. I would be at pains to explain what we really stand for. Barely do we read from the same script as people of one Nati… read

Before My Body Fails

Mindful Edward - 05/Sep/2017

Imagination precedes science, and reality is not as obvious and simple as we may think. That’s why we need to appreciate the present moment as this moment will never come again. Before My Body Fails Before my body fails I want to Live in the presen… read

The Institute of A-grade machines

Stella22 - 04/Sep/2017

I always hated my high school, which was a boarding school. But you can’t really hate concrete walls and grass. You can only remember  experiences lived within those walls and hate the memory of them. I have always been a very logical person- many… read

The Institute of A-grade machines

Stella22's Weblog - 04/Sep/2017

I always hated my high school, which was a boarding school. But you can’t really hate concrete walls and grass. You can only remember  experiences lived within those walls and hate the memory of them. I have always been a very logical person- many… read

1st DIY shift dress


Trying to find a shift dress that suits your body type perfectly is such a hectic affair especially if you are the specific type like myself. I’ve always had a thing for free, loose kind of dresses because of the comfort and absolute freedom that c… read

Close the loop-defend our environment

Sustainable Waste Management - 29/Aug/2017

Every where I read its all about the plastic ban from posts on wassup to facebook to newspapers, its all so very exciting that  we are talking about the environment good or bad its on our mind. I recently took media group to see the immediate impact… read

Four Principles to Make Profit Online

Professional Blogging in Kenya - 25/Aug/2017

Profit, doing something that works is driven by the capacity to see an opportunity for what it is. Opportunity in the internet world and the brick and mortar world both run by the same rules because the same people offline are the same people online. read


EDUCATION - 18/Aug/2017

    I’ve been looking for a job for the longest time ever without success. In honesty, I feel like bad karma has conjured something sinister against me. Here is a typical jobless story, whenever I apply for a job I don’t get a reply; and when I… read


vinniewatz - 07/Aug/2017

HOW TO KNOW THAT SLAY QUEENS ARE NOT REALLY QUEENS, BALLOT BOXEverything in Kenya right now is perambulating around the coming elections on 8th August 2017. There is a sundry of reactions among the electorates and aspirants ranging from tension, anxi… read

What are the most versatile shoe colors?


We all need a pair or two of shoes that we can wear with almost anything. There are shoe colors that can be really constricting and there are those that you can wear with practically anything in your wardrobe. It is… Continue reading →… read

Can You Be a Christian and Not Go To Church?

The Auxiliary Diary - 04/Aug/2017

Originally posted on rethink: People are leaving the church, millennials are leaving the church. That’s a reality we need to face. Many in my generation have left the church for a variety of reasons. Some good, some bad. Regardless the religious la… read

Holidaying in Zanzibar: Stone Town and Nungwi

Dennis Kioko - 02/Aug/2017

Sunset, from Nungwi, Zanzibar Zanzibar offers one of the most enchanting holiday destinations in East Africa, and even in the world. It’s also pretty accessible with a well served international airport. At the moment, getting there from Kenya costs… read