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Who is Supposed to Make You Feel Special?

Your Dad is supposed to celebrate your achievements, show off and encourage you when you’re about to give up. Your … More…


Vaccine politics

For a moment there, I thought that COVID19 would bring the best out of all nations. The arrival of the vaccines brought with it a global sigh of relief. Knowledge that no one in the world is safe, unless we are all protected, I imagined an unpreceden…

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Whose choice was it anyway ?

The National exam results in Kenya were released recently with the usual glitz and glam about it. This is where students who had scored the preferred grade and overall marks were hoisted like flag posts on a public holiday for view. Reporting with li…


Kenya Prison Recruitment 2021/2022 Dates and Centres for Cadets

2020 Kenya Prisons Service Recruitment - 2020 Kenya Prisons Jobs for cadets and Constables. The Kenya Prisons Service wishes to announce to the general public that there shall be a recruitment exercise on Prisons Cadets (Male & Female) in J…


Why Youth Should Take Lead in Climate Action

Africa is home to 17 percent of the world’s population and is one of the most vulnerable areas to be affected by the climate crisis. Rural areas […] The post Why Youth Should Take Lead in Climate Action appeared first on Nyika Silika.


Podcast Corner: Wamathai

Wamathai is a podcast by veteran blogger and co-founder of the Bloggers Association of Kenya, James Wamathai. I think it’s also important to mention that he is one of the... The post Podcast Corner: Wamathai appeared first on Ominde's Words.

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A Theory On Assisted Suicide

Very controversial, right? First assisted suicide is where one intentionally helps a person commit suicide by providing drugs for self-administration, at that person’s voluntary and competent request. A person can give forth a request to have his/h…


Finding the epicenter- A walk through the forest

The Ngong forest sanctuary is right outside my door, and for a while, I had always said I am going to go but didn't quite go. So has it been with the most amazing activities and projects I have always lined up and eventually ended up procrastinating…

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Butterfly Doors

When I joined campus a couple of years back, I was of the idea that I had arrived at this magical place where hot girls would constantly throw themselves at me. I envisioned being surrounded by the hottest of them all, in all shapes, colours and size…


Amazing Lessons about Happiness from The Happy Mind by Kevin Horsley and Louis Fourie

‘A happy life is a prolonged experience of meaning and fulfillment, a longlasting enduring enjoyment of life, not the arrival of a mystical moment or a string of joyful events.’ – Kevin Horsley and Louis Fourie Kevin Horsley and Louis Fourie’…


Nairobi Orchestra Returns! at Kenya National Theatre

Last Sunday, we were treated to a short but sweet concert dubbed, Nairobi Orchestra returns. This eagerly-anticipated gig was sold out, and it’s not difficult to see why. The Sunday… The post Nairobi Orchestra Returns! at Kenya National Theatre a…

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The Money Tree

Previously on You’re Still You… Monday: As told by Waita At the office, I circle Mary’s desk and drape my arm over her chair. With any luck, she’ll like the smell of a freshly pressed shirt and the splashes of Hugo Boss on my neck. I stroke m…