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For the Boy child – a visit to Kamiti Juvenile Prison

Living Thinking Sharing - 01/Dec/2017

I have always thought of going to prison, not to be locked up but to visit someone who is. The curiosity of knowing how it looks like behind those high walls and how inmates perceive freedom has always intrigued me. Maybe I have watched too many movi… read

Nokia 8 takes its first bite of Oreo™

A Nairobian's Perspective ! - 29/Nov/2017

Nairobi, Kenya 29 November 2017 - HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, is excited to announce that Android™8.0 Oreo™is now available for the Nokia 8. If you own a Nokia 8, you can enjoy a truly pure and secure version of Android Oreo, packed wit… read

Dear Jessica; On Growth and Moving On

Canduhlittah - 25/Nov/2017

Lake Turkana – Loiyangalani – 2016 28th October 2017 Dear Jessica;  There are certain gross things we do in secret which give us a weird sense of pleasure. Say, for instance, bursting a ‘ripe’ pimple and watching with satisfaction as the whi… read

Innovation: No Two Ways about It When It Comes To Climate Change, Water Issues

Scielife247's Blog - 23/Nov/2017

Perhaps nowhere in Kenya do manifestations of climate change and water issues play out most deliberately than in the northern part of the country. And in most cases, the outcome of such phenomena is regrettably tragic. Destruction to property and los… read



Finding the perfect outfit for a normal date can be somehow difficult, especially when y’all in your honeymoon period and impressing is key. But trust me the real dilemma of what to wear to a sports event date  is the real deal. It may even seem i… read

A love between a father and daughter

Momzyk - 22/Nov/2017

I always thought it was a myth until I witnessed the connection between them, quite contrary to the first year. The day Kyla was born her dad couldn’t hold her, he stood there staring at her, checking if all her fingers and toes where intact as she… read

Video Game Development Industry in Africa: Reflections from Eyram Tawia’s Uncompromising Passion: The Humble Beginnings of an African Video Game Industry - The Narrative Mediator

Vincent Ogoti - 21/Nov/2017

Tawia’s story captures the challenges young video games entrepreneurs face in Africa as they work with new technologies. Due to low access to broadband internet, lack of well-developed technology infrastructure, and uninformed market, the video gam… read


Mpeggyjoy - 21/Nov/2017

"Don't be pushed by your problems.Be led by your dreams" Ralph Waldo Emerson … More THE FINANCIALISTA MINDSET… read


Angeline Jaymz - 20/Nov/2017

Time and time again,Love has been picked, poked, cut open, stitched up, torn open again,Examined and reexamined.It has been weighed against fame, careers, ambitions, money.Alas!It has been found to weigh so much less.Hence, it's failure. So like most… read


littlegreynotepad - 19/Nov/2017

What if for a moment, you hesitate with your wedding vows? You know, when the pastor, the short, fat man whose suit is a size smaller and all his fingers look like thumbs, asks you if you will take her to be your lawfully wedded wife, through sicknes… read

Resistance Coming Home

kaniaru's son - 17/Nov/2017

In a few hours, Nasarites will treat us to what media friendly to them is calling ‘Grand Homecoming’. To the rest of us, this will, as usual, comical irony on wheels (and steroids). This is how: A sea of humanity, mostly young, hungry, jobless an… read

Kenyans In Arusha - 15/Nov/2017

 THE HOLY COMMUNION A kkk outfit In a bid to make my life useful(because it is),I will endevour to become a minister.If not a political one,then a minister of the gospel.If a minister of the gospel,my church will be set on a hill.Its purpose will… read

We are human, the rest come later

The Ideal Self - 05/Nov/2017

‘Szia!’ (Hungarian-Hello) Isn’t is wise learning from our experiences? Let me set the record straight. ‘Csak egy kicsit beszélek magyarul ‘– I only speak a little Hungarian I was working on a certain project recently at a nearby company… read


nawiridaily - 27/Oct/2017

Every day seems like the same day except for this one. It’s raining maize, that’s what they called it here. A flood of blue skirts flocks to peer the windows at the spectacle. Excitement – mostly because the teacher dismissed us a fraction thr… read

Steel The Show


Where : One Vibe , Manyatta SijeWhen: 22nd OctoberTime : 4Pm - 6PmHow much: 300 /=The Host: MC SteelGuest Artists:Nahna Aka Kisumu's SongbirdSwalehmore info at:Twitter: @emcee_steelIG:@emceesteelFacebook: MC STEELTickets: Limited Edition … read

Best Full Size Daybed With Trundle Bed Reviews of 2018.

BestnRight - 18/Oct/2017

If your home space is limited and you have a big family and frequent visitors, having the best full size daybed with trundle bed will give you convenient due to its multifunctional capacity. We have reviewed the comfortable daybed with trundle to ena… read

“I will Pour Out your Worship..”

Paulie - 17/Oct/2017

On the morning of Friday 6th October 2017, I joined a group of fellow Believers in prayer and repentance for our nation, as we have been doing for a while. We began with a wonderful time of praise and worship and then went into individual... read

#IDGC – October 11th

Angelica's Voice - 16/Oct/2017

The girl child is recognized as a vital part of the  building blocks of the future of every nation in every sphere whether social, economic, political or religious. Notwithstanding, girls all around the world especially in developing countries stil… read

Follow your passion, not the paycheck - 11/Oct/2017

Until a month ago I use to have a 8-5 job in a middle size firm, I had a corner office with a view. I moved into that office a year ago after the senior associate left. I remember the first day in the office I had the feeling that I had made it and … read

Chocolate Bounty Bites

Healthy Little K - 10/Oct/2017

My love for coconut and dark chocolate inspired this recipe of a healthier version of the real Bounty bar. Creamy coconut filling covered in chocolate – nothing beats that classic combo.Using only five ingredients, these are really quick and easy t… read