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Will I Never Just be Enough

Hadithi Hadithi - 18/Sep/2018

  He leaned in to kiss her gently and said, “Darling you’re so beautiful. You’re so special. If only we weren’t so different.” He gripped her in his fierce embrace and emerged from his delirious pleasure whispering, “You’re too good fo… read


Nairobi Poetry House - 02/Sep/2018

How can flesh give so much pleasure Yet destroy at the same time The meeting of skins At a most vulnerable state of mind When sanity abideu not by the rules How can fast breaths be so musical Yet damage at the same whisper The silencing of a thrust A… read

New look

Kits Bridal - 01/Sep/2018

The post New look appeared first on Kits Bridal. read

#ipkenya Weekly Dozen: 31/08

IP Kenya - 31/Aug/2018

Ethiopia: Gearing up the postal sector to drive development [UPU] Egypt: Mo Salah accuses Football Association of ignoring image rights [BBC] Ghana: ARIPO launches Masters in Intellectual Property at KNUST [Going Places] Nigeria: ‘White gold’ –… read

who else is there?


Originally posted on 300 words a day: What makes you stay? When you are part of a group and public opinion shifts, what makes you stay? How much attention do you pay to the way people are talking? If lots of people are talking positively about your g… read

My Clothes

Mindful Edward - 23/Aug/2018

Nowadays we have let the most in animate of things influence us on our daily decisions against each other, we need to learn and teach ourselves to see the best of each other not only from our outward appearance but also from the person inside….  … read

Best Friend

Flashes of Vice - 19/Aug/2018

Love was a problem for me. It was a complexity I tried to convince myself that I didn’t need; a combination that had been denied to me by my vocation. In my third year of theology at the seminary I was yet to hear the voice of God calling me to ser… read

Jumia to offer 60 per cent discounts in back to school campaign

Hallelujah Kenya - 14/Aug/2018

School candidates for KCPE and KCSE will from next week get a chance to purchase mathematical sets, calculators, log books and other school essentials for up to 60 per cent off during the Jumia Back to School Campaign. “We understand the stress pa… read

When things do not go the way you planned…

WinnieM Cares - 03/Aug/2018

This week has just been one of those weeks… I usually try to start off every week with a week to-do-list which I break down into daily tasks throughout the week. It helps me stay accountable and make full use Read More ... read

Five tips to improve your KCPE score

eLimu - 31/Jul/2018

  Have you marked your calendar? October 30, October 31 and November 1. It’s stressful when people are telling you, “These are the most important days of your life!” but don’t let the pressure of KCPE get to you. Follow… The post Five tip… read

The Hive Live: Episode 10 – Stinging News, Best Movies of 2018 so far, Ideas for Local TV Shows

FlickHive - 30/Jul/2018

Listen to “Episode 10” on Spreaker. Pick Your Topic. Stinging News (Movie Pass troubles, Disney and Fox Merger, Mission Impossible) – 01:29 Best Movies of 2018 so far – 11:23 Pitch an Idea for a local TV Show – 21:17… The post The Hive Li… read

Apply: $250 Mini Grant For Youth Changemakers | Diplomacy Opportunities

JATELOW - 27/Jul/2018

Originally posted on Diplomacy Opp: $250 Mini Grant For Youth Changemakers Are you a change-maker between the ages of 13-25 years? Are you based in Nigeria, Kenya, Benin Republic or Cameroon? Do you have an issue that you care about in your communit… read


The Scroll - 23/Jul/2018

You will take ages to decide and when you finally do, you will never stop wondering whether you chose well. You will stall. You will keep everybody waiting. You will get angry because nobody asked them to wait in the first place. They brought themsel… read

Anger is temporal madness but may be Grace in disguise

The African Pot - 20/Jul/2018

This article on anger is timely. I actually think that this piece should read by all. This is especially because like Fr says anger is a human feeling. The most interesting part for me is where he says that anger can be used as a tool of dominance an… read

Bentley GT

Rugger - 18/Jul/2018


an ode to violence? (yes, really)

My Side of the Street - 15/Jul/2018

              violence begets violence i am haunted…by violence i see it everywhere, i mean everywhere in movies, news, the papers…obviously in language, in mentalk, in football…possibly violence is so so normal it is so so masculine its… read

What Happened- My Book Review

Harleen Jabbal - 10/Jul/2018

    “When the votes were counted, we hoped the symbolic glass ceiling would be shattered forever. I had been thinking about what I wanted to say for a few weeks. My speechwriters Dan Schwerin and Megan Rooney had been working with Jake Sullivan a… read

Kenyans In Arusha - 05/Jul/2018

Trailer: Irene Koki Mutungi is Africa's first female Dreamliner captain.She is set to take-on Kenya Airway's inaugural flight to the States,and might carry Kenya's president along.But is there something that she needs to learn beforehand,especially… read

Fluffy Pancake Sundays!

Momzyk - 24/Jun/2018

I started a family tradition in 2017, “Pancake Sundays” and surprisingly we haven’t missed a Sunday since. After so many trials and errors, I finally accomplished the fluffy consistency I was looking for. Here’s what you need: 3/4 cup milk 2… read

Beware before you share: Kenya finally enacts “revenge porn” Laws

Sheria Mtaani - 16/Jun/2018

  President Kenyatta recently assented to The Computer Misuse and Cybercrime Act 2018. The main objective of the  Act is to provide for offences relating to computer systems; to enable timely and effective detection, prohibition, prevention, :Respo… read