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The future belongs to those who are burning up with passion; those who are fully loaded with fuel; those who are unstoppable. Bulldog Determination by James G. Maina The organization I work for recently started giving books (read-gifts) on Women’s… read

Glovo announces 4 new partnerships in continued expansion push

Tech Guy - 16/Jul/2019

Global delivery firm Glovo has announced a new wave of strategic partnerships with local and international brands, a move aimed at expanding their market footprint within Kenya The partnerships, signed with Java House Africa, Zucchini Greengrocers, O… read

Tribal Print, Ankara Kimono.


Woooh…She’s Finally Back and It’s gonna be big and Better…Let’start of easy. What’s your take on Ankara wear? .. a) Cliché b) Unique c) I don’t mind wearing it Well Truth be told i used to be the Cliché kind of category person. Then F… read

He was a man of the people

Bold Candid Opinions - 10/Jul/2019

He was a man of the people whose fame outweighed Chief Nanga’s (only a few people will get this). He wasn’t just famous, he had a golden heart which endeared him to people from all walks of life. *Kip (not his real name) was a man crafted for eve… read

Here’s Why Personal Loans are Probably Still Your Best Bet 

The Lady on a Budget - 09/Jul/2019

People take out personal loans all the time for a lot of different reasons. It’s a popular type of loan, especially for amounts under $1000. Besides being easy to get, there are a number of other good reasons why they’re…Read More→… read

Lessons for the Living

Fanne Mwambi | Fanne's Files - 09/Jul/2019

I wrote this piece, barely a week after my dad’s death. I’ve healed a lot since this time, but the lessons I picked up are as fresh as a new cut. Coincidentally, it falls on the same page of the book I’m reading, “The Alchemist” The words o… read


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Milestones | Celebrate them, let them go and keep moving

My Side of the Street - 01/Jul/2019

  It has been a heady graduation weekend for me. The ceremony. The podium experience as I received my BA degree in Counseling and Psychology. Fellowship with family and friends. Posting of photos. The euphoria of it all. Yet, I need to close this no… read

Moong Dal Vada

Foodie Cuisine - 01/Jul/2019

Yuppie, dal bhajia of only green grams, they taste delicious. Imagine no binding compound needed for these. So let’s start. Ingredients 2 Cups Split green grams Water to soak Salt, Pepper and chopped green chillies to taste Oil for deep frying Meth… read


Drum Major - 29/Jun/2019

I am not much of a birthday person.I rarely post HBD on peoples walls on Facebook since I find it too plastic.But then there are birthdays that I cant dare forget for the sake of my peace. The post BIRTHDAY CHECKS appeared first on Drum Major. read

Men need to be on the forefront to Stand Against Gender Based Violence.

Kenyan Incarnate: Wakenya Vifane - 25/Jun/2019

Patriarchy has and is enabling toxic masculinity. The macho men. The egoistic men. The narcissists. The pedophiles. The rapists. The murderers. The psychopaths. It’s the wrong and misleading narratives passed on by so called ancestors, elders and e… read

How a Fun, Simple Game Changed My Perspective About Games.

Wendi Art IT - 22/Jun/2019

Image Source. My mother is my inspiration in many ways. As a child, even the seemingly simplest of things she did seemed grand to me.  I bet you've watched those sci-fi movies where someone types accurately and at a super fast pace without lo… read

We Are Three!

The musings of Kajuzi! ;-) - 22/Jun/2019

Three years ago today, a colleague of mine pulled the Mrs. so and so card on me and it took a while to register that she was actually referring to me. So i politely batted my eye lids and asked her if she could refer to me with my REAL names please! read

True wealth!!

Look what i have learnt! - 21/Jun/2019

Today (Friday June 21) I heard an inspiring sermonIt was based on the fruits of the Holy SpiritThat we spend so much time and energy trying to get material things (money, fame etc), yet at the end of our life.....what really matters was another form… read


Ebulani Photography - 20/Jun/2019

All Posts Are there days you just feel as if you have been dragging yourself through the week? Well this week felt like that and it is only January. It has been a busy week if only I could clone... The post TEA IT IS! appeared first on Ebulani Photog… read


Hallelujah Kenya - 19/Jun/2019

Bolt, the leading ride-hailing platform in Europe and Africa, is set to launch its operations in 3 major urban centers in Kenya, setting the stage for a continued push to expand its market footprint within the country. Bolt’s launch in Kisumu, Kaka… read


Original Cave - 18/Jun/2019

Claim Your $1Timebucks is a pay to click site, here you can earn by watching advertisement, videos, answer daily poll, play games, play quiz, install apps.TimeBucks: Pays with real cash, Payments sent weekly via PayPal so you can buy stuff instantly,… read

Who are You?

Harleen Jabbal - 14/Jun/2019

Let me describe you, Black or brown, Any will do, Blue, black or brown, I have no say or do, You are what God made you, Black long hair, Tucked respectively, but, Followed by mischievous black wine eyes, A cheeky viscous smile, A strong neck but a st… read

Kenya’s Equity Bank Forrays Into Ethiopia

Nate's Crest - 13/Jun/2019

One of Kenya’s top three largest banks, Equity Bank, has officially announced the set up of a Commercial Representative Office in Ethiopia‘s capital city, Addis Ababa, as it prepares to commence operations in the Horn of Africa nation. Equity Ban… read

The Narrow Escape that Never Was

Decent Conversations - 13/Jun/2019

Courtesy: nytimes.comGrowing up there was always something to look forward to. Do not get excited, it never was that serious but just ‘a narrow escape’. At every stage I look forward to the next available ‘escape’.I am told as a toddler, I lo… read