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The View from the 8th Floor

ofsol - 30/Jul/2017

The view from the 8th floor I call it the Kenyan version of Wall Street It is where startups with regional markets meet Not for a discussion But all lost in their business world A shared office They only cross …… read


weekendscore - 28/Jul/2017

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Raise a son. Teach a boy.

Raising Kendi - 27/Jul/2017

Me: There’s absolutely no difference raising Keyo at this time in his life, than it was when I was raising Kendi. It’s just a baby for now, not a boy or a girl. Maybe that will change later, when the world has had time to tell him that he’s bet… read

Debts the world owes

African Poet ,African story teller - 25/Jul/2017

There are things you don’t do when it’s your 25th birthday ,you don’t call your friends for an evening of fun ,the highest number of posts on your Facebook timeline will be experienced with HBD messages ,life is short ,nobody has the patience t… read

Bullying Can Make You or Break You Part 2

madhatterkenya - 14/Jul/2017

This is the second part of Bullying can make you or break you which I wrote a few months ago. Follow the link to read it. For the last six months a lot has been going on in the public domain and social media about bullying in Kenyan schools. One thin… read


#BlackMzungu - 14/Jul/2017

WE MOVED TO :)… read

Rock on-Affirmations:Alis Volat Propiis

Ndotonjema - 12/Jul/2017

This is nothing profound. A life lived well is worth living. Momma always told me that I would be something. Is this something? I’m here, I”m 35 today and I feel like I have a whole lotta somethings but also some nothings. Failed relationships,gr… read

From raw to artificial bone: How Catholic Diocese of Nakuru is contributing to water safety

Kenya Monitor - 27/Jun/2017

By Kioko Kivandi In 1984 Kenya was hit by a severe drought. The country’s food banks were severely stressed just as were its water sources. Writing about it in July that year, Allan Cowell, a New York Times journalist noted that rain clouds would g… read


DannieSpeaks - 26/Jun/2017

Picture this, you are in a loving flourishing( or at least you lied to yourself that it was flourishing)- relationship. You are happy, he is everything that you ever dreamed of since you became aware of boys. He might not be the prince charming you r… read

IAS Youth Ambassadors Programme (Fully Funded to France) | Diplomacy Opportunities

JATELOW - 24/Jun/2017

Originally posted on Diplomacy Opp: The International AIDS Society (IAS) Youth Voices Initiative is organizing a Youth Ambassadors programme to provide…… read


Faithfully Wording - 23/Jun/2017

Originally posted on yellowendoflower: Pain is a powerful thing. It roars and gnaws at you. As it increases, it overpowers you, and as you lay in the depths of despair, you are at crossroads. One side of you wants to fight, and another wants to give… read

My Journey to the Mandela Washington Fellowship

The musings of Kajuzi! ;-) - 23/Jun/2017

Let me start with Good News... I made the cut for the 2017 Mandela Washington Fellowship!!! Yaaayy!!! read

JavaFx Custom Volume Knob Node "Skin 2"

Kenya Developers/Hackers - 20/Jun/2017

I created a new skin for the KnobFx node that i posted last year,below is an image of the new Skin its a really easy implementation ,considering the model of the node was already defined in the first project. "Skin 2" Styling with CSS.knob{ -fx-… read

Miracle Baby

Daddy's Corner - 20/Jun/2017

Beautiful love stories start very simply. Like helping a stranger who later becomes a lover. Our story is very similar.  I bumped into an old high school friend at a bank a few years back.  After a brief chat we planned to hookup for coffee later t… read