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Japan & South Korea

GuriixUSJourney - 10/Feb/2018

I got to visit South Korea and Japan and I have to say I have a new favorite country and city..Tokyo, Japan is my favorite city to visit for now. I can confidently say both countries live in the future. They are so far ahead technologically and socia… read

My personal finance lesson in January

Mpeggyjoy - 06/Feb/2018

Sigh! Happy Belated Birthday to me! Welcome back and Happy 2018 to my fellow financialistas. “People who work hard for money without financial literacy are like a group of women in dry areas walking for miles in search of water and coming home to e… read

A Dangerous Night. (Script 1) 

collinatuti - 05/Feb/2018

It was the greatest event that the Lankozi tribe had ever anticipated. It ambushed their minds, distracting their thoughts as they waited eagerly for the unexpected yet… Read more "A Dangerous Night. (Script 1) "… read


Couchhealthandfitness - 05/Feb/2018

Premium organic chia seeds Ola! my friends, Ever heard of chia seeds? No? Well, this is the sole reason for this post. To enlighten you. They are a healthy food that have many benefits that include: 64% more pottassium than a banana 100% more omega… read

I Hate Saturdays

blurryface - 03/Feb/2018

OK. The actual title should actually be “Why I Hated Saturdays” but for emphasis purposes and drawing your attention and stuff like that. I hoped it did. Although most of you might not even have an idea of what I’m talking … Continue reading… read

2 Movies, 1 Series

Tharisit - 26/Jan/2018

Guys, Extra! Extra! get it while its hot! You know me and how I love to share things that I come across and are definitely worth sharing. So, for today I am sharing 2 movies and 1 series that will definitely be worth your time. Trust me. Check out th… read

Ugandan designer Sylvia Owori unveils lookbook for her latest collection

replay254 - 23/Jan/2018

Sylvia Owori’s 'Crested Crane' collection is as beautiful as the bird. See more here... read

#Art4Leadership: An Afternoon of Music, Great Discussion and Inspiration

The musings of Kajuzi! ;-) - 21/Jan/2018

How Can Art Foster Sound Leadership? A Musical Concert by Dowe Music in Collaboration with the YALI Network. Performance: Dowe Music Led by Douglas Guest Speaker: Maureen Changawa- Community Development Worker & 2017 Mandela Washington Fellow… read

Kenyans In Arusha - 20/Jan/2018

 Of Shitholes and Living Happily Ever After! Quite recently, I visited an institution in Ngaramtoni(Arusha) that houses the Habari Maalum Radio and Television, a Journalism school and a Leadership & Management Training Institute.They also have a… read

How Do We Deal With Emotional Abuse In Relationships?

RolledUpSleevesBlog - 15/Jan/2018

If you do, it’s GOOD, if I do, it’s DONE  How can you always say that I’m wrong  You always want to win  Tears are your ultimate weapon  I was attracted to your confidence at first  But every day I went down on my knees  You magnified eve… read

On Belonging

Tanisha Mehta - 12/Jan/2018

Originally published on the Storymoja Festival blog. Belonging is a funny thing. We spend our whole life searching for it in different places, but it’s never ours to take. It’s always something that must be given to us. Early on in life it’s is… read

STARTUP: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly (A Movie Review)

Rugunya - 11/Jan/2018

Happy New Year!This year I'll start my writing with a first: a movie review! Yes. Over the holidays, I got an opportunity to watch a series recommended earlier to me: STARTUP! - (starring Kenyan-born Edi Gathegi). The show has quite an interesting p… read

douglas waudo - 31/Dec/2017… read

Diary of a promiscuous woman – Why you couldn’t bag me!

My Thought Catalogue - 28/Dec/2017

Thur, Dec 28 People will tell you it starts with that first look. The locking of eyes, as we hold one anothers gaze. Staring deep into me as if digging into my soul and blah blah blah yada yada … They lived happily ever after (child please *rolls… read

My Top 5 Decor Picks


Take your pick… Almost a new year! I hope you all have great plans for the gorgeous and anticipated 2018. I for one haven’t stopped thinking about my top 5 decor ideas. I love trying out new stuff and trends and these definitely picked my thought… read

Divine Love: Immense Joy XXIV

Poetic Justness... Love & Life - 21/Dec/2017

Photo by Filipe Almeida on Unsplash I would be sad if I had not surrendered to your charmthe first time you smiled at me. Our families shall be oneGlorious they behold this unionnever division to be known. Come here the flame of my desire, He w… read

Mi-Fun Company

TK's 2 Cents - 20/Dec/2017

Mi-Fun is the go to company if you’re looking to have the full package of team building services. Run by young and vibrant individuals, they use fun activities to create a culture of oneness which fosters better communication, creativity and an out… read

Be careful what you wish for

Random Thoughts of a Girl in Nairobi - 19/Dec/2017

   I have been learning this recently. It’s so easy to look at the finished product of a process and not appreciate what it took to get there. To forget the cost. To assume that it was easy. In our Christian walk we often ask God to ‘mould’ u… read

**Big Boy**

Cologne. - 14/Dec/2017

For this post I had fun, am dressed in casual smart laid back but comfy. The bag carried the book where I wrote the lyrics. Be unique. read


Nairobi Poetry House - 11/Dec/2017

If I come to you now With all this hurt I carry All these regrets that haunt All emotions that are harsh Every pain I have held onto Could you Take care Of a broken soul If I found you now With all this pain I carry All these thoughts that follow All… read