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Eat,Pray,love and Live - 18/Sep/2019

In the recent past I have been sharing various videos and blog posts that are to help women find insight on the dangers of indulging in the worldly ways (Romans 12:2) by wearing make-up, wearing apparel that pertains to a man, putting on jewelry, pu… read


Wild Destinations Ltd - 18/Sep/2019

We still have 4 months of travel left in 2019, and I wanted to share with you, my top picks for the remainder of the year. ANGAMA MARA LODGE, MAASAI MARA GAME RESERVE From your first stay at Angama Mara, it will become your ‘home away from home’. read

Blessings & Blood

Nairobi Poetry House - 15/Sep/2019

I never seen a man cry That hard In my life But That night he cried His self out His head on my lap “That child ain’t mine she lied to me she fckn’ lied to me” He wailed… “I am with child your child” I said Advertisements… read

Bad absence

kaniaru's son - 04/Sep/2019

Hello guys, It’s been almost forever since I told you of stories, events, happenings and shit in my life, head and interactions!! Lots has happened, including growing up!! I have also been reading a lot of other people’s work and it’s amazing w… read


Shufaa Yakut - 03/Sep/2019

“I don’t know where they have hidden This man. Some people say he is kidnapped, others say he might be attacked by gangs and killed or something. The last time he was seen in when he went out for fajr prayer, in his favorite white kanzu and new s… read

Conquering the third-highest mountain in Kenya

Funtravelkenya's Blog - 30/Aug/2019

” It’s the toughest climb ” , they said , ”Satima will have you giving up half way,it’s tough, it’s difficult”, they continued.Every blog I read gave me something to dread about climbing Mt Satima. I remember talking to my girl Kate abo… read

Conquering the third-highest mountain in Kenya

funtravelkenya's Blog - 30/Aug/2019

” It’s the toughest climb ” , they said , ”Satima will have you giving up half way,it’s tough, it’s difficult”, they continued.Every blog I read gave me something to dread about climbing Mt Satima. I remember talking to my girl Kate abo… read


okachformusungu - 27/Aug/2019

Henrik Ibsen was not your ordinary 19th-century playwright. He was a rebel in the field of theatre bringing in a new direction theatre would take hence making him one of the most recognisable Norwegian playwright. The themes discussed below deviate f… read

WordPress 20% Sales Discounts by 31st August

MMUST NEWS™- Campus Blog - 25/Aug/2019

Do you have a WordPress website or blog or do you want to own one? This August WordPress is running a sales discount of 20% off all purchases made between 23rd August 2019 and 31st August 2019. This is your perfect opportunity to own a website or blo… read


AfroMapenzi - 20/Aug/2019

It is one thing to learn to forgive and another trying to hold on to some grudges that weigh us down. This is in basis of being in a relationship. When together with someone, there are some things that this person can do that can tick the partner off… read

8 QUESTIONS TO STOP ASKING TRAVELERS- Travel etiquette series.

akenyannomad - 15/Aug/2019

Disclaimer: This is meant to be a fun, informative post. There might be some sarcasm but that shouldn’t be taken too seriously. The questions were compiled majorly through my own personal experiences but also that of other female travelers in my ci… read

I Belong to You

Thuo Ndung'u Jnr - 13/Aug/2019

“…I know I could be spending too much time with you, but time and too much, don’t belong together as we do…” Brandie Carlie’s song blasted in his left ear for the thirtieth time that evening. He usually did not listen to music on auto-rep… read

Friendships [Part 1] – because I can’t come up with a catchier title

Young kid with big dreams bursting at the seams. - 07/Aug/2019

Also, Part 1 because I’m too lazy to complete a single project (thinking about all those github projects started but never finished).   ‘Sup? Jesus, how the hell do I even begin this. I mean how do you start writing on a platform that you haven… read

Here I come…

thesocialcrazies - 03/Aug/2019

  It was a silence that lasted longer than anything else. Sam stretched his hand to squeeze her bare knee. Anna moved a fraction, leaving a small triangle plastic blue space. The light above them crackled, going off and on. Throwing a dim yellow lig… read

How to be the House Handyman and/or Handywoman

blurryface - 30/Jul/2019

First things first, an s/o to all the international readers and viewers – I have noticed A TONNE of views from the US (emphasis on the ‘ne’) which has made me feel quite powerful and vulnerable at the same time. … Continue reading →… read

Self care Sunday | Nail Care

Nimu's Lifestyle - 28/Jul/2019

There's nothing a fresh manicure can't fix. read

Depression Is Real?????

madhatterkenya - 18/Jul/2019

For the last few months there have been numerous reports of people who have died of suicide. A Advertisements… read

Divine Love: Immense Joy XXVI

Poetic Justness... Love & Life - 18/Jul/2019

pinterestEven as sometimes here we fight,though love in the actthat all the iniquity is swept away by it,and I look into thy lovin’ eyesmy duty to behold youeither by words or gesture’s signified;therein the sparkling of the love I cherish.You’… read

But at what cost?

Clarie's Ramblings - 18/Jul/2019

Once your death sits on the floor with you, it never quite leaves no matter how hard you scrub the floors. I am constantly out of breath. I will always be out of time. read



The United States has announced sanctions on Myanmar's military Commander-in-Chief Min Aung Hlaing and three other military leaders due to their role in the "ethnic cleansing" of the Rohingya minority.The State Department said on Tuesday it took acti… read