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Diary of a promiscuous woman – Why you couldn’t bag me!

My Thought Catalogue - 28/Dec/2017

Thur, Dec 28 People will tell you it starts with that first look. The locking of eyes, as we hold one anothers gaze. Staring deep into me as if digging into my soul and blah blah blah yada yada … They lived happily ever after (child please *rolls… read

My Top 5 Decor Picks


Take your pick… Almost a new year! I hope you all have great plans for the gorgeous and anticipated 2018. I for one haven’t stopped thinking about my top 5 decor ideas. I love trying out new stuff and trends and these definitely picked my thought… read

Counting My Blessings

Linda's World of Style - 26/Dec/2017

Gratitude turns what we have into enough ~ Melody BeattieAs the year comes to a close, what are you grateful for? Personally I have so much to thank God for; life, good health, the gift of family and friends who care; just to mention a few. Even as w… read

Divine Love: Immense Joy XXIV

Poetic Justness... Love & Life - 21/Dec/2017

Photo by Filipe Almeida on Unsplash I would be sad if I had not surrendered to your charmthe first time you smiled at me. Our families shall be oneGlorious they behold this unionnever division to be known. Come here the flame of my desire, He w… read

Mi-Fun Company

TK's 2 Cents - 20/Dec/2017

Mi-Fun is the go to company if you’re looking to have the full package of team building services. Run by young and vibrant individuals, they use fun activities to create a culture of oneness which fosters better communication, creativity and an out… read

So you are Reeeeally ready to start a Family?

Fanne Mwambi | Fanne's Files - 19/Dec/2017

It’s been quite a while and man did I miss blogging! I usually like it when I get the drive to write, lest I indulge and perhaps bore you to death with meaningless gibberish. I was having a few thoughts to myself a while back and realised many peop… read

Be careful what you wish for

Random Thoughts of a Girl in Nairobi - 19/Dec/2017

   I have been learning this recently. It’s so easy to look at the finished product of a process and not appreciate what it took to get there. To forget the cost. To assume that it was easy. In our Christian walk we often ask God to ‘mould’ u… read

Every Woman’s Script is Different. Give Her Time!

WALK WITH ME - 16/Dec/2017

We've heard of situations where aunties have had to get their 27 year old nieces husbands to prevent them from "growing old" in the homestead. The aunties intentions are always pure, but do they ever do a thorough background check to know who they ar… read



There is a cheap movement going around and its sickening me. Not that its any of business, but I have since mastered the art of poking hives containing adult worker bees. I have been indolent lately. Not poking much of beehives, rather letting them t… read

Seven reasons why Kenya banned the plastic carrier bags?

Ayub Macharia - 14/Dec/2017

Plastics were introduced in Kenya in the 1960s as a simple solution for packaging. The polythene bags use gained momentum over the years. Shoppers were supplied with excess of these bags and one could request for any number of bags so long as there w… read

**Big Boy**

Cologne. - 14/Dec/2017

For this post I had fun, am dressed in casual smart laid back but comfy. The bag carried the book where I wrote the lyrics. Be unique. read

What's in a name

Light to Christ - 13/Dec/2017

Curiosity or observation has always been a fort of mine. I guess you could say it makes up for my aversion to talking at length. I prefer being mum so as to see, look and observe. No surprises then, that one day a 'missing cat' poster grabbed my atte… read

Confessions of a Sexprenuer

Flashes of Vice - 13/Dec/2017

When other brains were discovering nuclear energy and launching revolutionary mobile money transfer systems in Kenya, I was thinking about sex. “Welcome home, dear. You are tense, and look tired,” Lilibeth observes. “Would you like a massage? read

How To Get Started As A Freelancer On The Internet

Curious.Discovery - 12/Dec/2017

If you're like most people, you use the internet for a lot of things. To communicate with friends and family, to find out what's happening around the world, to publicise your thoughts, to feed your human need to watch other people's lives unfold, to… read


Nairobi Poetry House - 11/Dec/2017

If I come to you now With all this hurt I carry All these regrets that haunt All emotions that are harsh Every pain I have held onto Could you Take care Of a broken soul If I found you now With all this pain I carry All these thoughts that follow All… read

Today’s case illustrates that boys too are protected with equal zeal.

Mtoto News - 11/Dec/2017

  By Carol Mtai There is no justification whatsoever for perpetrating any form of violence against Children whose vulnerable nature … More… read

What Drives Online Consumption in African Markets?

Waithera Kabiru - 11/Dec/2017

I was recently invited to a workshop on “Digital Usage Habits in Kenya compared to Nigeria and South Africa”, facilitated by Consumer Insights, Kenya. The host asked me to share my experience on Coke Studio Africa, an online driven TV show that i… read

#ModelCrushMonday: Bashir Aziz talks finding beauty in difference

replay254 - 11/Dec/2017

Model Bashir Aziz talks finding beauty in difference & now he's modelling his Vitiligo to the world... read

Oslo Opera House, Norway.


The Oslo Opera house is considered by many as the most iconic modern building of Scandinavia. The construction of the building is said to have cost about half a billion Euros and it resembles a glacier floating on the Oslofjord giving an illusion of… read

My precious daughter

Look what i have learnt! - 02/Dec/2017

To my darling daughterYou turn 9 today9 is a special number - i searched its meaning and indeed, some say that  since the number 9 is the largest and last digit, it shows “finality” and completeness. Well there you go, sounds special right?Yo… read