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List of 20 Unique and Offbeat Accommodation in Kenya

Kenyan Backpacker - 01/Dec/2018

Have you heard about tree houses, glamping sites, Eco-lodges, tiny houses, unique campsites, homestays and cottages in Kenya? Are you interested in discovering the new form of accommodation? Unique, rustic, offbeat and experiential? If yes, read on. read

26 Pieces for 26 Years on 26th

Tharisit - 01/Dec/2018

1. Time waits for no one. If you are upset, angry or sad, feel it. Go through it. All of it. Each and every bit of it. But do not spend most of your precious time in that rut for long. Pick yourself and try again or do something completely different. read

10 Profound Treasures In The Book Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

Wendi Art IT - 30/Nov/2018

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert is an awesome, quick read with a couple hundred pages that I guarantee will hook you from the word go. Elizabeth Gilbert is best known for her memoir Eat Pray Love which happened to be on th… read

The Opportunity Cost of Doing Business for SMEs in Africa

ADVENTURE 254 - 30/Nov/2018

The African economy has gathered momentum over the years, with an estimated increase of 3.8% of the real output growth in 2017. As the largest economies gradually strengthen, the 2018/2019 performance should reach 4.1% according to the African Develo… read

Coming out of the closet

Light to Christ - 30/Nov/2018

Photo by Daian Gan from Pexels I’ve never been good with good-byes.  Especially when it comes to clothes. The reason there are not too many second-hand clothing items in the market is because of people like me. People who believe in extracting 20… read

Escape to Funzi Island

Funtravelkenya's Blog - 30/Nov/2018

Originally posted on Katy Fentress: I lie awake in the Lamu bed; outside in the darkness, the coastal night orchestra is in full swing. The cricket string quartet is competing with the monkey chorus to drown out the clashing cymbals of the night bird… read

Escape to Funzi Island

funtravelkenya's Blog - 30/Nov/2018

Originally posted on Katy Fentress: I lie awake in the Lamu bed; outside in the darkness, the coastal night orchestra is in full swing. The cricket string quartet is competing with the monkey chorus to drown out the clashing cymbals of the night bird… read


okachformusungu - 30/Nov/2018

A Novel by H. R Kulet (Sasa Sema Publishers) Plot summary The book revolves around the family of Ole Kaelo. Made of four members, the tight-knit family has to leave Nakuru for their ancestral home Nasila after Ole Kaelo is retrenched from his 22 year… read


Dennis Mukoya 'No Chills' Blog - 30/Nov/2018

From the advent of the 8-4-4 education system, each and every year Kenya has developed a tradition of lionizing and proffering a copious outpouring of publicity upon the best performers in the K.C.P.E and K.C.S.E examinations. For the former prepubes… read

How I lost my Innocence at 7 years in My Father’s House

Decent Conversations - 28/Nov/2018

Courtesy: Home is meant to be the safest space and parents the greatest protectors. At least that is what I believed till the day when my world turned upside down.  Having grown up in a typical Coastal family, having relatives at… read

The Single lady tag!

Eat,Pray,love and Live - 28/Nov/2018

Good afternoon dear family, Today i share a short video based on the single lady tag,on youtube. God bless you all richly. Much love, Ruth Nzioka.   Advertisements… read

People Always Leave

Thuo Ndung'u Jnr - 28/Nov/2018

A glassy layer of tears slowly build up in her eyes, dripping one drop after another into the already dampening pillow below her. She wanted to cry out loud, but somehow she had forgotten how to, so she let the tears cascade uncomfortably down her re… read

A Criticism on Nicholas Carr’s Article, ‘Is Google Making Us Stupid?’

The Ink Drop - 27/Nov/2018

Phones, tablets, laptops are all gadgets that have made it much easier to access crucial and less crucial information by a touch of a few buttons or touch screens. In the past, it was much harder to acquire the same information since it took lengthy… read

Makande; Juma Tutu’s ode to his hometown

Jazz Symphonic - 27/Nov/2018

Music collaborations are usually a spectacular way to meld two genres or two fans bases to yield incredible results. Earlier this year, I did a review of musicians to look… The post Makande; Juma Tutu’s ode to his hometown appeared first on Jazz… read



Is there anyone who does not love going out on dates? I know it’s usually nerve-wracking because it’s always the guys’ wallet that gets punched but a date can actually be made worth every cent and time. If there is a date I’m personally obses… read



Well well well, it’s been a while.  But oh well… Do you just sit back and really crave for a roadtrip? For me, roadtrips are therapitic especially if the drive is long and alongside fun amazing people.(So the roadtrip was to suprise our Friend d… read


Poetic Justness... Love & Life - 24/Nov/2018

We are fightingNotTo save usIt doesn’t meanI didn’t say I love youandI will miss you. read

Doreen, Timothy snatch Kasupu from Fisi

The Independent - 23/Nov/2018

You all know that our MCA and the visionary leader who have seen this side of the mountain turned to a development hub was arrested and put into custody. Besides, signs that the development leader won’t be regaining his freedom soon were evident in… read

From Girlfriend To Mistress – Part 3

The Reneeissance - 23/Nov/2018

A man stands at the center of a dance floor. Music fills every crevice of the room. He holds his newlywed bride between his arms. It’s their first dance as husband and wife. But this[...]… read

Outside the Window

Kawi Snippets - 21/Nov/2018

It’s been raining sporadically lately and I’m still trying to figure out whether I love the rain or not. Here’s a background of where my dislike for the rain might have sprung from. When my commute involved a lot walking and public transport, I… read