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Bentley GT

Rugger - 18/Jul/2018


What Happened- My Book Review

Harleen Jabbal - 10/Jul/2018

    “When the votes were counted, we hoped the symbolic glass ceiling would be shattered forever. I had been thinking about what I wanted to say for a few weeks. My speechwriters Dan Schwerin and Megan Rooney had been working with Jake Sullivan a… read

Unstoppable Sanju, Sanju Film Review

Filmi Very Filmi - 07/Jul/2018

There are no misses in this film. Only those who are not Sanjay Dutt’s fans will not appreciate this incredible film. (Read More on KenyaBuzz) Sanjay Dutt is a personal icon for me and I think I have watched Khal Nayak over 100 times and can rememb… read



Hello Mobsterians. You must be wondering why the name. Well, this is what I’ll be referring to the beautiful person reading this post and to anyone who has been taking time to read my posts. First and foremost, it has been a minute on this […]… read

Shower Thoughts: Part 2 (Pensées de douche: Partie Deux) haha shower in French is douche. okay why am I still writing in the title?

blurryface - 30/Jun/2018

Hey. If you notice, this is my first ‘part 2’ of sorts. Yeah, I get irked by these details. (just google the meaning of irk i know you want to). It’s beacuse when I started this blog, I sat down … Continue reading →… read

Fluffy Pancake Sundays!

Momzyk - 24/Jun/2018

I started a family tradition in 2017, “Pancake Sundays” and surprisingly we haven’t missed a Sunday since. After so many trials and errors, I finally accomplished the fluffy consistency I was looking for. Here’s what you need: 3/4 cup milk 2… read

Beware before you share: Kenya finally enacts “revenge porn” Laws

Sheria Mtaani - 16/Jun/2018

  President Kenyatta recently assented to The Computer Misuse and Cybercrime Act 2018. The main objective of the  Act is to provide for offences relating to computer systems; to enable timely and effective detection, prohibition, prevention, :Respo… read

“Life’s Life Hacks” Ready for order

The Ideal Self - 15/Jun/2018

Well, finally … after years of writing, research and editing, I can comfortably present “Life’s Life Hacks”. A combination of simple yet most important inspirational knowledge you can’t afford to miss. The whole journey started around… read

Football meets Fashion: The ‘NAIJA’ Collection

replay254 - 13/Jun/2018

Ranked one of the most beautiful World Cup kit collections, the ‘NAIJA’ Collection hits the mark, is incredibly beautiful plus fashionable too! read

Stir Fried Veggies

Foodie Cuisine - 29/May/2018

  I cooked this last night, the beauty of this dish are the colours it had. Yet again for lazy people this is what you can make in actually no time. So here we go; Ingredients 250 gms Button mushrooms 1/2 diced Red, green and orange capsicum 1/4 cup… read

A beautiful daughter


Like a few other things I know, moving out brings with it mixed reactions – both joyous and melancholic. Joyous because when moving out, we always expect… Read more "A beautiful daughter"… read

Air Pollution: a Health and Economic Disaster Waiting to Happen

Scielife247's Blog - 15/May/2018

By Geoffrey Kamadi Taking an early morning jog in the streets of Nairobi has recently opened my eyes to the very real dangers posed by the deteriorating air quality in the city. I have come to notice that the phlegm coughed out in the shower followin… read

On Becoming…

Tanisha Mehta - 09/May/2018

My mind goes back to lazy afternoons in primary school. A voice is being muffled by the dance of dust before by eyes, as I sit mesmerized by the sun’s rays following the dust around like a spot light. A few words linger on in my memory as they alwa… read

Sober Up

Angeline Jaymz - 18/Apr/2018

That high that only you can give,Whose embers danced in my eyes,Is slowly dying to the cold wind you blow, And the showers that pour from my injured soul.So as the calls and texts that go unanswered pile up,I reluctantly sober up. It's not like you h… read

Diary of a Call Girl Pt 4

mwatuwetu - 09/Apr/2018

I watched him eat. Disgusted at this pathetic excuse of a man seated next to me. He chewed with his mouth open, talking as bits and spit flew out and landed on my face. It was all I could do not to throw up. The cow even wiped off the salt from his p… read


KENYA MORE - 08/Apr/2018

Kambe is a place where music lives and thrives, the type of music, that sips through your heart in to your feet, and irregardless of your body weight, it makes you leave your seat to dance. Every child, every man, every woman is engraved with rhythm… read