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5 Reasons to Visit Kenya Beyond Wildlife & Safaris

funtravelkenya's Blog - 21/May/2018

Kenya is a true melting pot of culture, heritage, traditions, and some of the largest treasure of natural wonders in the world. The tourism industry has taken great advantage of this, making it a multi-million dollar economic sector. With that being… read

Divine Love: Immense Joy XXV

Poetic Justness... Love & Life - 21/May/2018 Thou shalt abandon everything belovedFamily, friends: this is the arrow          which first the bow of Cupid shot forth. Thou shalt have proof how liberating it is          the union of woman and man as one   … read

A beautiful daughter


Like a few other things I know, moving out brings with it mixed reactions – both joyous and melancholic. Joyous because when moving out, we always expect… Read more "A beautiful daughter"… read

Air Pollution: a Health and Economic Disaster Waiting to Happen

Scielife247's Blog - 15/May/2018

By Geoffrey Kamadi Taking an early morning jog in the streets of Nairobi has recently opened my eyes to the very real dangers posed by the deteriorating air quality in the city. I have come to notice that the phlegm coughed out in the shower followin… read

PARIS, France

akenyannomad - 13/May/2018

It’s 2013. My classmates and I are seated in architecture studios at the university. One of my closest friends has just returned to class from a wedding she attended in Paris and she’s telling me about it; the city that is. She loved it so much,… read

On Becoming…

Tanisha Mehta - 09/May/2018

My mind goes back to lazy afternoons in primary school. A voice is being muffled by the dance of dust before by eyes, as I sit mesmerized by the sun’s rays following the dust around like a spot light. A few words linger on in my memory as they alwa… read

He’s Too Nice

thesocialcrazies - 01/May/2018

He calls when he's meant to & you never wonder about him especially in comparison to guys that go silent for days. read

When time grows wings

Momzyk - 26/Apr/2018

She's growing up too fast! read



Hello there beautiful people, was watching Patricia Bright a few minutes ago she inspired this particular intro. (I love her) Anyway, it has been a minute since I posted anything on this end but we have been taking things to greener pastures on In… read

Sober Up

Angeline Jaymz - 18/Apr/2018

That high that only you can give,Whose embers danced in my eyes,Is slowly dying to the cold wind you blow, And the showers that pour from my injured soul.So as the calls and texts that go unanswered pile up,I reluctantly sober up. It's not like you h… read

Everything you need to know about the Masterpiece Album Launch #IAMJULIANI

LaMusicJunkie - 18/Apr/2018

Guys, do you remember Juliani? The conscious Kenyan lyricist who would ocassionaly jump from the stage to your heart. The guy who made the mtaa mentality relevant to middle class folk. He even put the wild rumours to rest, finally. Mwanaume kweli sio… read

Diary of a Call Girl Pt 4

mwatuwetu - 09/Apr/2018

I watched him eat. Disgusted at this pathetic excuse of a man seated next to me. He chewed with his mouth open, talking as bits and spit flew out and landed on my face. It was all I could do not to throw up. The cow even wiped off the salt from his p… read


KENYA MORE - 08/Apr/2018

Kambe is a place where music lives and thrives, the type of music, that sips through your heart in to your feet, and irregardless of your body weight, it makes you leave your seat to dance. Every child, every man, every woman is engraved with rhythm… read


GuriixUSJourney - 07/Apr/2018

Last month I got a last minute temporary training assignment to Florida and decided on a whim to take a few days of leave en enroute. It was worth it but in hindsight I should have brought the family along. The training trip to Florida went well. Sle… read


Eat,Pray,love and Live - 16/Mar/2018

How can someone achieve their goals faster while remaining focused? Before we discuss this however we should understand the starting point which is  we need a plan, a plan that we intentionally work on daily and  as we seek to replace our bad habit… read

Teaching literacy to youth in Dadaab

eLimu - 13/Mar/2018

According to what statistics you use, Dadaab refugee camp is the fifth or sixth biggest city in Kenya. In the middle of 2017, its population was 250,000 and Norwegian Refugee Council (an international humanitarian organisation that focuses on displ… read

Political correctness malignant, let’s help

Kenyan Incarnate: Wakenya Vifane - 06/Mar/2018

It’s politically correct to respond that you are doing good or just fine when a friend asks how are you? It’s especially more correct to do so when you are exactly the opposite of that. Political correctness. This is the type of era we are living… read

Field Marshall Muthoni, the woman.

chanyado - 03/Mar/2018

When a human being spends eleven years of their lives in the forest, braving the elements and using their bodies to physically fight for the freedom of a nation, you know that this person is a real badass. Especially when she is the only woman to hav… read

Change of enforcement tact makes polythene bags very unpopular

Ayub Macharia - 02/Mar/2018

In recent weeks, there has been a change of tact on enforcement of the polythene bags ban. Several major announcements have been made recently that have lifted compliance to the polythene bags ban a notch higher. These announcements include 1. Sustai… read

Unspoken Feelings. Part 3

HumanityInMe - 25/Feb/2018

I know I can get so much murky at 3am but yes it is 2:58am and I can not just sleep. The thoughts of you are so much unending. No! This is not happening. This is not just happening. My love, you are not just gonna leave like that. Do you know how it… read