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The future belongs to those who are burning up with passion; those who are fully loaded with fuel; those who are unstoppable. Bulldog Determination by James G. Maina The organization I work for recently started giving books (read-gifts) on Women’s… read

Tribal Print, Ankara Kimono.


Woooh…She’s Finally Back and It’s gonna be big and Better…Let’start of easy. What’s your take on Ankara wear? .. a) Cliché b) Unique c) I don’t mind wearing it Well Truth be told i used to be the Cliché kind of category person. Then F… read

You’ve got to Dive In Mutoriah’s epic album launch concert

LaMusicJunkie - 15/Jul/2019

June 2019 has been a special month. especially for Kenyan music. In just four weeks, four launch parties happened in Nairobi. I attended 2 of them, and I already told you about the first one. The second one had the same musicians on stage. Because Mu… read

Honor your Parents

Ricita Chillspot - 26/Jun/2019

When we got to our school, I was more than happy to see my dad, nonetheless. I saw him and nothing else mattered, not even the fact that I learned that I came fourth in the Provincials. He didn't have any important news for me... he just wanted to se… read

Men need to be on the forefront to Stand Against Gender Based Violence.

Kenyan Incarnate: Wakenya Vifane - 25/Jun/2019

Patriarchy has and is enabling toxic masculinity. The macho men. The egoistic men. The narcissists. The pedophiles. The rapists. The murderers. The psychopaths. It’s the wrong and misleading narratives passed on by so called ancestors, elders and e… read

We Are Three!

The musings of Kajuzi! ;-) - 22/Jun/2019

Three years ago today, a colleague of mine pulled the Mrs. so and so card on me and it took a while to register that she was actually referring to me. So i politely batted my eye lids and asked her if she could refer to me with my REAL names please! read

A Dossier on Harambee Stars Heading Into AFCON 2019

THE 18 YARD JOB - 16/Jun/2019

  Harambee Stars, Kenya’s men’s football team, will be taking part in AFCON 2019, the national football competition for the 24 best African teams, from June 19th in Egypt. This is a rare occurrence, make no bones about it. Harambee stars have on… read

The Narrow Escape that Never Was

Decent Conversations - 13/Jun/2019

Courtesy: Growing up there was always something to look forward to. Do not get excited, it never was that serious but just ‘a narrow escape’. At every stage I look forward to the next available ‘escape’. I am told as a toddler, I… read

Introducing Dorcas.

Kriscalf Exposed - 06/Jun/2019

“…I don’t even know if church was the place for these kinds of ideas, but I detected a new story with this one. There had to be…” (Previously) As the service progressed, I concentrated to an extent, I am sure it was not 100%. However hard I… read

Combining climate action with agri-business key in transforming Africa

Our Planet with Anthony Mugo - 30/May/2019

An emerging school of thought about implications of climate change sheds light on a dimension of the phenomenon that is rarely given due attention - opportunities brought about by climate change. Proponents of this perspective, such as Dr Richard Mu… read


okachformusungu - 28/May/2019

Characters are created by the author to disseminate information and at the same time entertain the audience. In order to create a compelling narrative, authors always create likeable characters (protagonists) and unlikable characters (antagonists.) I… read

Sports Illustrated adorns a Kenyan flair feat. Halima Aden

replay254 - 28/May/2019

#ShatteringPerceptions Halima Aden joins the rookie class of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit and returns home to Kenya writing history again by becoming the first Burkini-wearing Model beautifully recreating a high fashion Burkini shoot... read

Gap year.

Tracy Gesare - 28/May/2019

While Malia Obama takes a gap year (rolls eyes to another dimension) I am bored out of my hair roots selling flowers. Selling flowers to people who do not give two flying hoots about anything but kale. Maybe sweet potatoes too but mostly kale. I am n… read

Is it just me?

Tharisit - 26/May/2019

Is it just me or things are just hella expensive nowadays?Recently my throat was starting to show signs and symptoms of a cold. So I remembered how the other day someone blessed me with a cup of dawa… Then it hit me. I should make my own dawa. In m… read

5 ways to Manage Generation Z in the Workplace

EDUCATION - 15/May/2019

First off, generation Z or the so called Millennial’s represent the workforce generation born between mid-1990 – 2012 Raised in a digital world and with a liking for internet, technology, freedom, and establishing social connections, these group… read

A Different Kind Of Fun: Lake Magadi

Funtravelkenya's Blog - 24/Apr/2019

Been a while. Traveling without a camera, not thinking of what to put in a post and having not to review the destinations is really lovely. But at the same time, it feels weird going round and not sharing these amazing places with the rest of you. It… read

A Different Kind Of Fun: Lake Magadi

funtravelkenya's Blog - 24/Apr/2019

Been a while. Traveling without a camera, not thinking of what to put in a post and having not to review the destinations is really lovely. But at the same time, it feels weird going round and not sharing these amazing places with the rest of you. It… read

29 thoughts about turning 29 - 18/Apr/2019

29 years ago on a Wednesday night, my sweetest mother pooped me out, am forever grateful for her intention to birth me and bring me into this world. Today being my birthday, I feel blessed to be seeing the sunset of my 20s and reflecting back on the… read

Want Comfort? Think Shift Dress

Linda's World of Style - 29/Mar/2019

The thing about shift dresses is that they are free and can be worn by women of all sizes. Apart from being very comfortable, they look super stylish especially when worn with a pair of chic heels. Perfect wedding/church outfit, if you ask me :-) … read