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Self- Partnered

Nyaguthii - 07/Nov/2019

Celebrities say the darndest things. read

2019 Census Download

Kenya Info Hub - 04/Nov/2019

Download the 2019 Census report here. Click on the download link highlighted below. VOLUME 1 KPHC 2019 The post 2019 Census Download appeared first on Kenya Info Hub. read

Baking Soda

Kiiru Macharia - 01/Nov/2019

Taxi drivers have the best stories. They just cannot shut up and drive. Especially when traffic is a bitch and they need to pass the time with something other than changing the stereo stations. They happen to know a little bit of everything. You migh… read

Enchipai Cottages

Travel by Ray - 30/Oct/2019

The weekend is a time to rediscover senses dulled by routine demands of life and the last long one was …Continue reading →… read

10 Different Exercises for Different Parts of the Body

Modern Mom - 30/Oct/2019

In this post we shall discuss 10 different exercises each targeting a different part of the body.   1. Push ups for the chest and [...] The post 10 Different Exercises for Different Parts of the Body appeared first on Modern Mom Kenya. 10 Different… read

Personal Branding: Standing Out from the Crowd.

Arnold Musa - Incredible Series. - 22/Oct/2019

Arnold Musa | Personal branding: Standing Out from the CrowdIncredibleSeries for Self improvement. #element-2d92ca5b-582a-4f9d-8738-240853a39bca .wgtc-widget-frame { width: 100%;}#element-2d92ca5b-582a-4f9d-8738-240853a39bca .wgtc-widget-fram… read

Truthfully Daring- Joker Film Review

Filmi Very Filmi - 16/Oct/2019

This film is not only difficult to watch but painfully true about what a few are going through in their lives. We may be living in comfortable lofts or cozy townhouses and travel to work or show up at school like all is normal, but guess what things… read

Train Your Mind To Be Calm….

The Mehul Blogs - 16/Oct/2019

Good Evening Peeps…. 16/10/2019 #36 Just the other day,while driving back home, a car overtook mine. Oh! What crazy speed…it got me super furious in a jiffy. I chased that car…it turned into a mad race….! I kept tailing it only to reali… read

Victim mentality and passive-aggressive conversations.

The Diary of a Madwoman - 14/Oct/2019

I have lived in Sweden I have lived like a pauper due to poor choices in life, suffered major depression that saw me miss work for several days and job retrenchment which luckily I got a new job before the expiration date. And during this time, no on… read

Radical Plan to salvage Nairobi River and the Athi basin is urgently needed

Our Planet with Anthony Mugo - 11/Oct/2019

Since 16th August 2019 when the Daily Nationpublished the first instalment of the story about the wanton pollution of Nairobi River titled Toxic Flow, many expected the responsible authorities to urgently swing into action to address the tragic situa… read

Your Mother-In-Law Might Not Be A Witch, After All

Junior Elders - 07/Oct/2019

Knowing your partner’s blood type won’t improve the relationship between you and your mother-in-law, to be honest. You will still find a reason to treat each other with contempt. You will still have 99 problems with each other, but childbearing w… read



Art is one of the oldest pieces of happiness that human being identify with and that has evolved overtime,but when one decide to use art to solve some of the pressing issues it becomes phenomenal.Mr kelvin Omondi famously known as ohms law Montana is… read

Relax, Renew, Revive | Leadership of Self 7 of 7

Writing with your Joan Kabugu - 05/Oct/2019

A few weeks ago, I was waiting for an evening meeting somewhere in the Nairobi CBD. Outside the premises, a motorcycle roars as it comes to a stop. Our meet for the evening arrives. A gentleman comes in with a bright smile, puts his massive helmet on… read

INTERVIEW: ‘You Again’, Nick Mutuma’s First Stint at Directing

Nate's Crest - 04/Oct/2019

We’ve seen him and loved him on screen, as the boy toy Luka in Tabasamu or the conflicted heart-throb Leo in MTV’s Shuga. He’s even courted Nigerians playing Tomide in Lowladee’s romantic comedy series This Is It. But can Nick Mutuma prove hi… read

Sky Wars

Flashes of Vice - 04/Oct/2019

Planet Spyria,Spyria Year 4720,Spyria High Council meeting.The alien High Command took his seat. He looked at those present through his compound eyes, his mouth a thin line.“We are the guardians of the galaxies,” his voice boomed. “The Multiver… read

Unit 9 Assignment: Communication Through Oral Delivery of a Presentation

heritage901 - 02/Oct/2019

Reach Us via +254-706-740-970 and have this assignment done for $100 Only Unit 9 [MT217] This Assignment will assess your knowledge based on the following outcomes: GEL-1.3: Demonstrate college-level communication through the oral delivery of origina… read

Review: The Tears of the Black Man By Alain Mabanckou

Kerry's Blog - 30/Sep/2019

Author: Alain Mabanckou Translator: Dominic Thomas Publication Date: July 2018 Publisher: Indiana University Press Pages: 86 (Paperback) Genre: Essay Collection, Non-Fiction Alain Mabanckou is an author that I used to ignore when I went to the booksh… read

When the salad and the runs go together!

Ricita Chillspot - 30/Sep/2019

"That's because the chicken was hot so it burned the lettuce a bit" "Say what now?!" Eunice asked, obviously dismayed because that excuse was out of the ordinary, lol! She decided to give a comprehensive explanation as to how hot chicken can sometime… read

Livelihoods are Threatened by Rising Salinity Levels in The Tana River Delta

Scielife247's Blog - 30/Sep/2019

Sea water from the Indian Ocean is pushing further and further inland in the Tana River Delta, jeopardizing livelihoods. read

Grace Muthoni: My Journey to Self-Discovery Made Me a Teen Mom

Decent Conversations - 24/Sep/2019

“Being a petite and short girl has been one of my greatest challenges. Despite struggling to accept myself, I was bullied by others for the better part of my schooling years.” Grace outlines with great emotions. Grace Muthoni Maina is a first bor… read