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AfroMapenzi - 23/Dec/2019

Loving someone means that you’ll be tried, tested and burned (not in a literal way). It means sometimes accepting and sacrificing things. Learning your partner is an everyday job that requires a lot of patience and compromise. Love is an umbrella,… read

blurryface chronicles VII

blurryface - 22/Dec/2019

one thing that has happened to me this year is getting a new pair of glasses. mind you this is after 4-5 years? with the same pair – which i was supposed to change after 1 year. i think of … Continue reading →… read

KABISA Energy Drink and Shell Petrol Stations Launch a “Don’t drink and drive” Campaign in Kenya

Kenya Info Hub - 19/Dec/2019

KABISA Energy Drink and Shell petrol stations join their forces to launch a powerful social campaign “Don’t drink and drive” in Kenya. A rapidly expanding... The post KABISA Energy Drink and Shell Petrol Stations Launch a “Don’t drink and d… read

Of dirt, and Grace Part Two

NG'ANZI - 14/Dec/2019

The decibel levels were getting higher as the night grew grey hair. Higher than Chinese loans to Africa coupled with ludicrous amount of interest rates. The tension was palpable. The night was still albeit with the ensuing melee. Gay skies making mos… read

Life always gives a second chance, only if you Believe

The Mehul Blogs - 11/Dec/2019

Good Evening Peeps…. 11/12/2019 #37 Let’s admit it – ‘Life isn’t and can’t be a bed of roses’. Ups and downs, highs and lows are part of everyone’s life and honestly, these extreme conditions are the elements that make us stron… read

Global teacher prize winner Peter Tabichi is appointed Primary Schools Hygiene ambassador

Kenyan Corporate News - 03/Dec/2019

Peter Tabichi, the Kenyan science teacher who won the US$1 million (Ksh 100million) Varkey Foundation Global Teacher Prize 2019, has been appointed as the Dettol Superhero Brand ambassador for 2020. The Dettol Soaperhero program is a student led scho… read


Slychronicles - 02/Dec/2019

It is fair to state that Lake Duluti Forest Reserve is an embodiment of Nature Therapy. From the irregular and beautiful forest, to the peaceful and relaxing lake, the experience is indeed worth your while. While at Lake Duluti Forest Reserve, expect… read

The One

#SpreadTheGospel - 01/Dec/2019

It's been a year since I #SpreadTheGospel blog was launched & there's so much to be thankful for! read

How Do You Handle A Child With Sibling Fever?

Momzyk - 13/Nov/2019

Looks like we’re at it again with self-harvested terminologies. Aren’t we all familiar with “Baby Fever”, when highly reproductive individuals envy that which others possess? The manifestation of holding a baby and drowning in the newborn sce… read

Personal Branding: Standing Out from the Crowd.

Arnold Musa - Incredible Series. - 22/Oct/2019

Arnold Musa | Personal branding: Standing Out from the CrowdIncredibleSeries for Self improvement. #element-2d92ca5b-582a-4f9d-8738-240853a39bca .wgtc-widget-frame { width: 100%;}#element-2d92ca5b-582a-4f9d-8738-240853a39bca .wgtc-widget-fram… read

Truthfully Daring- Joker Film Review

Filmi Very Filmi - 16/Oct/2019

This film is not only difficult to watch but painfully true about what a few are going through in their lives. We may be living in comfortable lofts or cozy townhouses and travel to work or show up at school like all is normal, but guess what things… read

Victim mentality and passive-aggressive conversations.

The Diary of a Madwoman - 14/Oct/2019

I have lived in Sweden I have lived like a pauper due to poor choices in life, suffered major depression that saw me miss work for several days and job retrenchment which luckily I got a new job before the expiration date. And during this time, no on… read

Radical Plan to salvage Nairobi River and the Athi basin is urgently needed

Our Planet with Anthony Mugo - 11/Oct/2019

Since 16th August 2019 when the Daily Nationpublished the first instalment of the story about the wanton pollution of Nairobi River titled Toxic Flow, many expected the responsible authorities to urgently swing into action to address the tragic situa… read



Art is one of the oldest pieces of happiness that human being identify with and that has evolved overtime,but when one decide to use art to solve some of the pressing issues it becomes phenomenal.Mr kelvin Omondi famously known as ohms law Montana is… read

Relax, Renew, Revive | Leadership of Self 7 of 7

Writing with your Joan Kabugu - 05/Oct/2019

A few weeks ago, I was waiting for an evening meeting somewhere in the Nairobi CBD. Outside the premises, a motorcycle roars as it comes to a stop. Our meet for the evening arrives. A gentleman comes in with a bright smile, puts his massive helmet on… read

INTERVIEW: ‘You Again’, Nick Mutuma’s First Stint at Directing

Nate's Crest - 04/Oct/2019

We’ve seen him and loved him on screen, as the boy toy Luka in Tabasamu or the conflicted heart-throb Leo in MTV’s Shuga. He’s even courted Nigerians playing Tomide in Lowladee’s romantic comedy series This Is It. But can Nick Mutuma prove hi… read

Sky Wars

Flashes of Vice - 04/Oct/2019

Planet Spyria,Spyria Year 4720,Spyria High Council meeting.The alien High Command took his seat. He looked at those present through his compound eyes, his mouth a thin line.“We are the guardians of the galaxies,” his voice boomed. “The Multiver… read

Unit 9 Assignment: Communication Through Oral Delivery of a Presentation

heritage901 - 02/Oct/2019

Reach Us via +254-706-740-970 and have this assignment done for $100 Only Unit 9 [MT217] This Assignment will assess your knowledge based on the following outcomes: GEL-1.3: Demonstrate college-level communication through the oral delivery of origina… read

Note to be Noted!

The Ink Drop - 27/Sep/2019

Friends, So that you know… When I call or text you, it is real. So, your prayer, should be; “I pray that he doesn’t call or text me today.” Because if I do and you don’t receive my call or text, I won’t beg because my ego doesn’t allow… read