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Ships don’t sink because of the water that surrounds them; Ships sink because of the water that gets in them. Don’t let what is happening around you get inside you and weigh you down. read


andrewismme - 10/Dec/2018

Photo credit: Pinterest Circumcision is one of the most revered cultural practices in my community. It is a mark of transformation and liberation, if you may. Liberation from childhood manners and anything that demeans boyish attributes. The physical… read

TECNO Camon 11 Review – Budget Beauty - 10/Dec/2018

Looks good, but does it perform well? Here's my full final thoughts on the TECNO Camon 11 Ksh. 14,999 device I've been using for the past 3 weeks. read

When Controversy Can Make, Not Break Your Brand

The Bahatian - 10/Dec/2018

During the run up to the August 8th, 2017 General Election in Kenya, a Nakuru based radio station known as Ithaga FM attracted controversy when the current Bahati Constituency member of parliament, Kimani Ngunjiri, fought off his then fiercest chall… read

The Role of the Public Debt Management Office in Kenya

Epic Kenyan - 10/Dec/2018

Section 62 of the Public Finance Management Act (2012) establishes the Public Debt Management Office in Kenya. It is housed within the National Treasury. The Public Service Commission should recruit the Head of the Public Debt Management Office thr… read

One length? All Year Long???

AfroMapenzi - 10/Dec/2018

Before I started this natural hair journey, my hair never seemed to grow. Year in, year out it was always the same length. This is what I came to realize… Every time I would remove the protective style I had, all the length I had gathered was usual… read

Travel tips for this season

Wacha niKwambie - 09/Dec/2018

It is that time of the year when many of us the world over pack our bags and together with our loved ones travel to different destinations to enjoy the holiday season. The following are some good travel tips during this season: Safety Your safety alw… read

Barbing Chronicles

blurryface - 09/Dec/2018

Hi! It’s my birthday… read

The Rusinga Cultural Festival – Celebrating Diversity - 07/Dec/2018

Rusinga Cultural Festival will go down on the 20th and 21st December. Taking place in Rusinga Island – one of… read

Fadhili Loan App

Loans Kenya Blog - 06/Dec/2018

It's time to check out Fadhili Loan App .The lender provide loans ranging from ksh300 to ksh100000 sent to a borrower's Mpesa account  within minutes after application approval.I tried the app but I was not lucky.I never got approved for a loan. A v… read

Yet Will I Trust Him..

Paulie - 06/Dec/2018

I’ve worn contact lenses most of my life. I was fifteen years of age when my world suddenly began to get fuzzy, and eighteen when my doctor diagnosed Keratoconus, a condition that alters the shape of the cornea and causes severe short-sight. So I w… read

Let's Casually Slay, Shall We?

Linda's World of Style - 05/Dec/2018

Happy hump day… read

How To Easily Get iMessage On Your Windows PC.

WebPro Education - 05/Dec/2018

As much as I hate Apple software just because of how closed and incompatible it is with other non-Apple software, I can’t stop admiring how all their hardware is joined together by their software and how everything works so smoothly within their Ec… read


KENYA MORE - 05/Dec/2018

Dominique Alonga said, in the path of finding ourselves, we should, "follow your curiosity. It would lead you to knowledge."It was never in doing risky stuff, like jumping off a bridge or quitting your job, it was in simple things, like seeking to kn… read

Verizon and Samsung Launching 5G Phone in First Half of 2019


Qualcomm is hosting its annual Technology Summit in Maui this week, but Verizon already confirmed one very important part of the show to us. This morning, the company announced that it will launch a 5G device from Samsung in the first half of… read

Review: Stitched with Love Collection

Kerry's Blog - 03/Dec/2018

Title: Stitched with Love: 9 Historical Courtships of Lives Pieced Together with Seamless Love Author: Various Authors Publisher: Barbour Books Publication Date: 01 January 2019 Genre: Romance, Christian Stitched with Love is a collection of stories… read

How to Check Form One Selection 2019 via your Phone

Kenya Info Hub - 03/Dec/2018

To check the Form One Selection 2019 via phone. Send Index No to 20042 after announcement by the Cabinet Secretary.You can now check which high school you or your child has been selected for easily through your phone. read

Holiday Etiquette: 11 Rules of Christmas

Junior Elders - 03/Dec/2018

December is here. It’s officially time that time of the year to pretend to be rich even if you have been struggling to pay your rent all year long and have been contemplating offloading your extra kidney. For the next one month, none of us is broke… read

Knee Surgery Waiver (USAF)

GuriixUSJourney - 03/Dec/2018

I’ve noticed many searches leading to my blog for Knee surgery waivers. This mainly comes from those who are looking into joining the Uniformed Services i.e. Army, Marines, Airforce, Navy, Coast Guard. I had knee surgery in Kenya in 2010 and I didn… read

Death took our Christmas tree and more

kaniaru's son - 02/Dec/2018

Its been 11 years since a Christmas tree lit up our home and they have been long. Its not that Christmas stopped showing up or that we changed religion, its because my brother died. See,we knew Jesus’ birthday was truly upon us when he would come f… read